Staples Plus Membership: $24.50 for 1 year


Staples is offering a Staples Plus membership for one year for $24.50. That could be a solid deal if you’ll utilize the benefits.

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Available for a limites time only
  • Can be canceled within 30 days for a full refund
  • Note that membership may be set to auto-renewal

Quick Thoughts

Staples Plus comes with a few key benefits:

  • Free next-day delivery, no minimum.
  • $27.49 paper every day.
  • 10% back in rewards on ink & toner.
  • Guaranteed lowest prices on your 5 favorites (basically you pick 5 items they will price match – you can order up to 20 units of each item per month and change your items every 90 days)
  • Double the limit (20) of recycled cartridges per month. Receive $2 for every eligible ink cartridge recycled.

As gift card processing and shipment doesn’t come directly from Staples, I don’t expect the free next-day delivery to apply to gift cards. That said, if you regularly buy stuff from Staples, that free next day delivery could be useful. The increased recycled cartridge limit could also be a nice benefit to those so inclined. Personally, I never got into the recycled cartridges game, but that could obviously make this more interesting. For $24.50, I’m almost tempted to take a flyer on this one. Almost.

This won’t be a deal for everyone as there isn’t much benefit beyond the increased recycling limits and next-day delivery (which is probably only a big deal for those with businesses who order from Staples often). On the other hand, I know that some people pay for this membership already, so getting it for half price sounds better than paying full price. Note that there have occasionally been deals supposedly limited to Staples Plus members that have worked for everyone. I don’t know how common those things come around that are actually only available for members.

I assume that buying your Membership will code as an office supply purchase, so you’ll want to use a credit card that earns one of the best category bonuses at office supply stores to pay.

Note that at least one person in the Slickdeals thread noted that their membership was recently auto-renewed at full price, so if you decide to join you may want to either hunt around in your online account for a way to turn that off or set a phone reminder for a year from now to remind yourself to evaluate whether to keep or cancel your membership.

H/T: Slickdeals

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My membership was up for renewal at the end of the month. Just cancelled it (since this is an option for some reason). Tried to grab a new membership and it says I’m still a plus member. Probably just on a delay, I think there was a message about it but honestly I didn’t read it.


Same here. Actually I voluntarily cancelled my plus membership and received an cancellation email. All there were done in 24 hours ago. Now I still got the error, “Your account already has a Staples Plus membership. Please remove the membership from your cart to proceeddismiss”. But I think this deal will at least last until BF, so I still have time to wait.


Worked for me now 🙂


Thanks. Was about to update that after waiting 24~48hrs, the staple system finally recognize correctly that I am no longer a Plus member and allowed me to proceed the check-out. Nothing you need to do but wait for system update. I think the deal will last a while, so don’t worry. Should be able to re-enroll in 1-2 days even if you cancel now.

James Sullivan

Kyle how did you cancel it cause they won’t let me

Andrew C

Also means you can use your ink recycling coupons online, versus the minor inconvenience of going in-store (this was a recent downgrade for non-Plus members)