Status match from MGM to Caesar’s Total Rewards Diamond


Last night, Doctor of Credit reported on what would be an awesome status match if it works out: from MGM’s M life Gold status to Caesar’s Total Rewards Diamond. That’s an awesome deal if you can get it as Caesar’s Diamond status comes with some great perks (like 4 free nights at Atlantis in the Bahamas, a $100 celebration dinner, etc). Note that it is possible that this is an error and/or only available in Atlantic City as the status match is usually only for MGM Platinum and Noir members. That said, I still have MGM Platinum status from a match from Hyatt Diamond before the World of Hyatt switchover. If you previously status matched to Platinum before World of Hyatt debuted, you might want to log into your MGM account to see whether or not you have been downgraded. If it does work from MGM Gold status, those who matched over from Hyatt Explorist could take advantage of this promo.

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The Deal

  • Status match from MGM M life to Caesar’s Total Rewards Diamond (possibly from M Life Gold; promotion may be limited to Caesar’s Atlantic City)

Key Terms

  • Must present your physical MGM M Life card in person at a Caesar’s property to match
  • This match definitely works from M Life Platinum status (as seen in the official Diamond Tier match terms & conditions), but a sign reported to be pictured at Caesar’s Atlantic City yesterday indicated that the match would work from MGM Gold (see this reddit thread as the original poster has a link to an image)

Quick Thoughts

This promotion may be very YMMV and it’s worth keeping an eye out for success or failure stories before you take an unplanned trip to do the match. That said, if Caesar’s is honoring it per the sign pictured on reddit, it’s an awesome deal. Caesar’s Diamond status will get you a complimentary stay at Atlantis in the Bahamas, a $100 celebration dinner, and more. Furthermore, you could status match it to Wyndham Rewards Diamond and potentially get on a merry-go-round of status matching back and forth.

That said, it’s worth tempering excitement as the official status match program states that you must have MGM Platinum or Noir status in order to match. It is possible that the sign was mistaken or that it is a property-specific promotion. I wouldn’t book a flight to Atlantic City until you see some more data points indicating whether or not it is honored.

On the other hand, if you’re nearby Atlantic City and you have your physical MGM card, it might be worth popping in to Caesar’s to see if they will honor it.

As I mentioned at the top, if you were previously a Hyatt Diamond member and you matched that status to MGM Platinum before the World of Hyatt launch, you may want to log in to your MGM account to check your current status level. I expected my status to drop to Gold this past fall, but for some reason I have maintained MGM Platinum status, which means that I should definitely be able to match to Caesar’s Diamond.

a screenshot of a card

Unfortunately, I do not have my physical card (which means I will have to go to an MGM property as Caesar’s requires the physical card and the only way to get that is to get it printed at an MGM player’s club desk), nor do I have near future plans to be near a Caesar’s casino / Caesar’s Atlantic City. However, if this promotion continues I’ll have to make sure to make an opportunity before the end of the year.

If you attempt this match (especially in Atlantic City), let us know of your success or failure in the comments.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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Does anyone know how long it takes for status match to show in online Total Rewards account. I could access it in the casino and see all the offers but the next day logging into my account it has not updated.

TJ at The Art of Travel Hacking

successfully matched from MLife Platinum to TR Diamond at Cromwell in Las Vegas.


mLife Platinum to Diamond has always worked. It’s the recent Gold to Diamond that’s questionable, and we don’t know yet if it has worked outside Atlantic City yet.


This is quite late, but was the match instant? Will I receive the Diamond benefits the same weekend I get the status match?


Successfully matched last sunday from MLife gold to TR Diamond in AC

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