Still slow rolling: recent targeted Amex offers spreading


Amex Offers used to be pretty consistent in that when they showed up for anyone, they showed up for everyone — either you were targeted or you weren’t. However, over the last couple of years, it has become increasingly common for Amex to slow-roll offers to targeted recipients in batches, and recent reports and experience indicate that this is happening with a number of recent offers. If you see an offer that interests you and you aren’t initially targeted, keep your eye out for a few days and see. Here are a couple of recent examples.

Delta: Spend $300+, get $60 back

a screenshot of a card

The Offer: Spend $300 or more in one or more transactions directly with Delta and get $60 back.

Quick thoughts: I saw this offer reported a few days ago, but none of the members of Team Frequent Miler (including FM spouses) were targeted. Then, this evening, we noticed it on one of my wife’s cards. If you were looking for this one, take another look.

15% back at supermarkets (up to $10 back)

tomatoes in boxes on a shelf in a grocery store

The Offer: Get 15% back on purchases at US based supermarkets by 12/31/18 with a limit of $10 in statement credits.

Quick Thoughts: We haven’t seen this offer on the cards in my household, but it would be a nice stack with the targeted Hilton supermarkets spending offer. This only gives you 15% back on up to $66.66 in purchases, but ten bucks in your pocket beats ten bucks in the cash register.

Bottom line

Continue to monitor your cards for desirable offers. We constantly update our Current Amex Offers database with new offers we’ve found. If you see one that appeals to you, don’t give up if you don’t see it on Day 1. There were several shopping offers last holiday season that popped up late for me also, so be on the lookout.

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Should buying a Delta gift card trigger the offer?


On my Hilton honors i got a refund from when I shopped at walmart. Not sure what that is for.

Joe Giorgianni

I did too. $87.35 on groceries and other items. Don’t know why.


I got $12.25 last night on a PRG. Super confusing. $87.35 sounds a lot better to me though 🙂 A dozen reports in today’s reddit churning discussion thread, one as high as $132 .


What is a prg?


Was that from walmart as well?

Joe Giorgianni

They took it back.


I’ve read reports online that each Amex card can only show 100 offers at once, even if you are targeted for more. So if you want to see the newest offers, you have to activate some of the offers so that the remainder show up