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The road not taken: Greg’s abandoned plans for 3 Cards 3, Continents

Here's a piece of hard-earned advice: If an ANA rep tells you that they don't need your credit card security code to finalize an...

Rolling the dice on Round the World award space

In order to improve my Round the World award plans, I took a chance... I cancelled an award with the hopes that available award...

Round the World Award Booked! Lessons learned.

Yesterday I booked an around the world business class award for two!  It wasn't easy, but it's done!  But... I made a few mistakes...

Tips for booking ANA’s Round the World award (Updated)

For the 3 Cards, 3 Continents Challenge, I've been busy finding and pricing various ANA Round the World awards.  As a result, I've learned...

Gambling on Qatar’s 40% transfer bonus #3Cards3Continents

Ever since Draft Day, I've been madly working on plans for my 3 Cards 3 Continents challenge trip.  As a reminder, Nick, Stephen, and...

Best uses for Virgin Atlantic points (Sweet Spot Spotlight)

Virgin Atlantic points are super easy to get.  For example, you can sign up for the Virgin Atlantic credit card (which often has a...

Star Alliance Gold match via ANA Mileage Club (match Delta Gold, AA Platinum Pro)

ANA Mileage Club is offering a status match for the first time in my recollection. Through this match opportunity, you can potentially match all...

My Round the World Reprieve [ANA miles extended thru March 2023]

Yesterday, my wife and I were discussing options for shoehorning an around the world trip into our crowded schedules.  You see, I had 269,000...

Wide open United Airlines business class availability to Japan through 2022.

United Airlines currently has oodles of Business Class Saver Award availability through the end of 2022.  Flights are available out of Los Angeles, San...

My most anticipated award flights

Yesterday, I posted my 10 most anticipated award stays.  This was a list of the top 10 hotels and resorts in the world bookable...

ANA extending mile expiration to March 31, 2022

If you have ANA miles that are set to expire on or before February 28, 2022 you're in luck.  ANA is once again incrementally...

ANA Mileage Club sweet spots for award travel (economy or business class)

ANA Mileage Club sweet spots make ANA the most valuable American Express Membership Rewards transfer partner if you value international travel on Star Alliance...

One-Way ANA Awards Now Bookable With Virgin Atlantic Points

It's an Easter miracle! Rather than making another unannounced instant devaluation, Virgin Atlantic has made their sweetest of sweet spots even sweeter than a...

My Round the World business class adventure (exploring hacks, and testing limits)

Planning for my Round the World adventure continues!  In a previous post, I explained that I have 269,000 ANA miles that will expire in...

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