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5/24 status

Free Credit Scores, Reports, and Monitoring: Complete guide.

If you often apply for credit cards in order to earn welcome bonuses, then you've probably realized that managing your credit is important. And...
a laptop and phone with a screen showing a credit card

Chase 5/24 Rule: How to Count Your Status – 3 Easy Ways

With most Chase credit cards, Chase will not approve a new card application if you have opened 5 or more cards, with any bank,...
Free Experian App

Free Experian credit monitoring for iPhone and Android users

I recently wrote about an opportunity for most AAA customers to get free Experian credit monitoring.  Now, it turns out that you don’t even...
Experian Credit Monitoring

Free Experian Credit Monitoring with AAA membership (for many)

You’re probably aware that many credit card companies provide credit scores to their members for free.  And, recently, Discover has begun offering free FICO credit...
a close-up of a logo

A case study of a 470,000 point application spree

In mid August, my wife applied for 8 credit cards across three banks.  After a few phone calls, all 8 cards were approved.  You...

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