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A bundle of points with our bundle of joy: Nearly 200K points earned in...

Regular readers may have noticed my absence from the blog this past month (and my sudden onslaught of posts in the past 24 hours...

Gift of College now available at regional gas station Cumberland Farms

Update: Confirming that Cumberland Farms did indeed code as a gas station with Visa. GIft of College gift cards are now available for sale at a...

Best options for buying Gift of College gift cards

Gift of College gift cards are available in-store and online. These gift cards can be a great way to earn credit card rewards while...
Staples Happy Gift Cards

(EXPIRED) Staples: 10-15% Off Some Happy Gift Cards, Possibly Profitable Gift of College Deal

Staples is currently selling three of the Happy gift card brands at a 10-15% discount on their website. That's an OK deal, but the...

Toys R Us might be reborn…will they carry Gift of College?

Earlier, we reported about how Gift of College cards are available in some Barnes & Noble stores, but lamented the fact that they are...

Gift of College cards at Barnes & Noble, but not a deal

It has been reported in other places today that Gift of College gift cards are currently available in some Barnes & Noble stores. While...

Toys R Us no longer selling gift cards

If you haven't yet heard, in light of the coming closure of all Toys R Us / Babies R Us stores, you can no longer...

Baby Rey has arrived, but is preparing for departure

A few months back, I mentioned that there was a big coming change in my life (See: Baby Reyes is on board and scheduled...
Double Dip

Double-dipping college rewards

My son will be starting college in a few weeks, and I've been busy thinking about how to turn this event into more opportunities...

Gift of College gift cards appearing in more stores

For those saving for college, helping others save for college, or paying off student loans, Gift of College gift cards are a way to...
pay student loan

Pay student loans or 529 plans with a credit card!

Gift of College gift cards are now available nationwide. This is great news for those saving for college or paying off college. Thanks to...
fund college savings

Update: Wait till November 7th to fund college savings with a credit card

UPDATE: Please find updated information here: Pay student loans or 529 plans with a credit card! That didn't last long.  Yesterday I posted "How to...

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