Toys R Us no longer selling gift cards


If you haven’t yet heard, in light of the coming closure of all Toys R Us / Babies R Us stores, you can no longer buy gift cards at Toys R Us. As we reported yesterday, you can still redeem Toys R Us gift cards through April 13th (See: 30 days to use Toys R Us Gift Cards), but you can no longer buy new cards of any type. Unfortunately, this includes Gift of College gift cards.

a gift card with text and a couple of books

As noted in our guide to the Best Options for buying Gift of College gift cards, Toys R Us was a great option because of the low purchase fee ($5.95) and near nationwide availability. This change means it is now only possible to buy the $500 cards with a $5.95 fee regionally at HEB Texas Grocery and Fred’s Pharmacy. If you have neither of those options in your area, you will be limited to buying online (with a higher fee) or waiting until Gift of College expands availability into other stores. Gift of College has no update on availability, but we’re hopeful that they will eventually be found in another nationwide retailer.

For more on buying Gift of College gift cards, see: Best options for buying Gift of College gift cards.

H/T: Reader Jatan

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Some reports that Gift of College cards is now available in about 46 Barnes and Nobles stores – Not sure which ones, I believe this would be available across all B&N stores starting mid/late oct. The denominations however seem to be upto $200 only


Whatever happened to Best Buy getting these cards? The rumor has been saying that for a while.


So where can I buy these damn cards now? It was great funding my kids college education this way meeting the minimum spend.


Very limited options from geographic perspective