(EXPIRED) [Targeted] Amex spending offers (some great, some boring)

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This morning I found a targeted spending offer on a Business Platinum card. My offer was a snoozer. Then we found that Miles to Memories had reportedmuch better offer last night. That wasn’t surprising given that Amex typically has a variety of targeted offers when spending offers like this one come out. It’s worth logging in to check for offers. These spending offers appear to only be showing up on business cards at the moment.

The Deal

  • Amex is out with targeted spending offers found in the Amex Offers section of your account. Offers we have found or seen reported include:
    • Spend $10,500, get 10,500 bonus points (up to 3 times)
    • Spend $11,500+, get 3,000 bonus points (up to 3 times)
    • Spend $5500+, get 1,500 bonus points (up to 3 times)

Key Terms

  • Purchase requirements can be met in one or more purchases
  • Payment of annual fees and foreign exchange fees

Quick Thoughts

Depending on your offer, this can certainly be worthwhile — or it could be a total snoozefest.

In my case, I saw the offer above on a Business Platinum card. Getting 1500 bonus points on $5500 spend is like an extra 0.27 points per dollar — that is certainly not enough to entice me to get spendy (nor would the offer for 3K bonus points on $11.5K spend).

On the other hand, Danny the Deal Guru at Miles to Memories shows an offer on the Blue Business Plus to spend $10,500 and get 10,500 bonus points. Given that the Blue Business Plus earns 2x on all spend on up to $50K in purchases per year (then 1x), that offer essentially makes the card a 3x-everywhere card if you’re under the cap. That’s an awesome offer if you can meet $10.5K spend in 3 months.

I expect there are likely other spending offers available (I would guess that this latest round is only on business cards that earn Membership Rewards points, but I’m not positive). Share your offers in the comments.

Personally, I’ll be passing on this one given the really weak offer for us, but it’s worth looking to see if you have something better.



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BBP $3500 for 5k MR 3x. I managed to do it twice. 24k bonus points total for me.


My offer is $5K spend for 1500 MR on BBP. Since tuition is due this month (with a 2.75% fee) and the other Amex offer is giving me $25 back on each $500 spend (up to 10 times), I did manage to meet this offer once but only “accidentally”.


P1 BB+: 3 x 17k MR / $8.5k
P2 BB+: 3 x 3k MR / $2k
Thanks for the heads up!

Jan W

Blue Biz spend $2000 get 2500 MR, up to 3 times


DETAILSGet 61,500 Membership Rewards® Membership Rewards® points by using your enrolled Business Card to spend a minimum of $245,500+ in one or more eligible transactions, up to 3 times during the offer term. Once you add the offer to your eligible Card, you will have 90 days to spend $245,500 or more. See terms for exclusions.


that was on our buss platinum


Mine was – Spend $4,500, get 1,500 MRs. Weak. Won’t be doing it.

[…] over the past few days we have seen some offers getting released in the evening hours, with the targeted Amex spending offers we posted earlier having been released last night sometime after I had updated our Current Amex […]

Harlan V.

BBP – Spend $3K, get 4,500 MR points, up to 3 times. Pretty good!!!


I got Spend $3k get 5,500 MR on BB+ up to 3 times. I might do it. Comes to 3.83 points per dollar. 9k spend for just under 35,000 MR.

We shall see what my spending needs are in January. Right now i have 2 freedoms Q4 bonus, +3 Amex referral, and a Chase Boundless 5FN bonus I’m working on.

Last edited 1 year ago by Adam

Spend $27,000+, get 7,000 Membership Rewards® points, up to 3 times.


On biz plat. Nothing on BBP.


I received the same offer as Nick, though my spend was $4500 for 1500 points (up to 3x) on my Blue Business Plus


Datapoints all over the place. Mine is $5K get 5K MR 3X. That $8K for 12K MR is the best I’ve seen. But most people’s postings I’ve seen have been less than 1 cpp.


Blue business plus – Spend $7K get 2K MR (up to 3 times). No thanks


Spend $15k, get 4k MR on Blue Business Plus 🙁


Spend 8500 get 4500 pts on personal gold. Really meh. But i will do it without trying since i get 3x bonus/3 mos for referring p2.


$5500 for 8500 MR on Blue for Business. Barely use the card today.


Spend $8k, get 2k points on Blue Business Plus

Tonei Glavinic

My biz plat has a ridiculously poor offer: spend $17,500 and get 4500 MR >.<


I got spend $8k get 12k MR points on the Blue Business Plus card. Is it worth it?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, that’s a great offer. Since that card earns 2X automatically, it means that you’ll earn 3.5X on $8K of spend.