$120 back on $300 at Delta with new Amex Offer out tonight


For years, most Amex Offers have come out in the very early morning hours. However, over the past few days we have seen some offers getting released in the evening hours, with the targeted Amex spending offers we posted earlier having been released last night sometime after I had updated our Current Amex Offers page at around 4:30pm Eastern. Tonight Miles Talk reports another evening offer that I found on the Amex Gold card that’s good for $120 back on $300 at Delta. While I know many readers aren’t traveling right now, that’s a great deal if you’re thinking about booking any travel into next year. I recommend syncing it sooner rather than later.

The Deal

  • A new targeted Amex Offer is good for $120 back on $300+ spent at Delta Airlines

Key Terms

  • Valid for purchases directly from Delta
  • Flights must originate in the US and be charged in US dollars
  • Valid on airfare, upgrades, seat selection, baggage, standby fees, and Delta SkyClub memberships
  • See offer for full terms

Quick Thoughts

This offer is pretty highly targeted. I only saw it on the Amex Gold card, which is also the card on which Miles Talk found it. Offers this good often tend to fill up quickly. so if you see it and you are interested I would recommend syncing it rather than waiting as it may disappear.

Note that Delta has change fee waivers on travel booked through the end of this year, so you could theoretically book a ticket with plans to change down the road and use the credit for 2021 travel.

H/T: Miles Talk

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Has anyone had luck buying gift cards with this offer?

Jo Jo

Got this about a month ago. Not sure what to do with it because I’m not flying for a long time and gift cards are excluded. I’ve read DPs that they’re working but u know Amex and their clawbacks. I’d probably be buying the gift card for resale and it doesn’t seem worth the risk.


can the travel credit be used with a CP (i.e. pay for primary passenger)?

Buy a t ticket wait the cancel for travel credit to be used next year with CP?



Wish I had a Gold card. Nothing on my Platinum or Delta Gold. I’ll check again in the morning.


nothing on my platinum or other Amex cards either. Don’t have the Gold.