(EXPIRED) (Targeted) Earn 5k Bonus Points When Spending $5k On Chase Ink Cards

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Chase is targeting some Ink cardholders with an offer to earn 5,000 bonus points when spending $5,000. While an extra 1x might not sound like a huge bonus, it can greatly enhance your earning potential and could affect which is your best card for everyday spend.

Chase Ink spending offer

The Deal

Key Terms

  • To be eligible for this bonus offer, you must activate by 07/31/22 11:59 PM ET.
  • You will qualify for and receive your bonus if you make Purchases with your credit card that total an amount at or above the specified target amount during the promotional period.
  • Purchases posted to your account with a transaction date during the offer period are eligible for this offer. Delays by the merchant, such as shipping, could extend the transaction date beyond the offer period.
  • Please allow up to 8 weeks after qualifying for bonus points to post to your account.
  • (“Purchases” do not include balance transfers, cash advances, travelers checks, foreign currency, money orders, wire transfers or similar cash-like transactions, lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, race track wagers or similar betting transactions, any checks that access your account, interest, unauthorized or fraudulent charges, and fees of any kind, including an annual fee, if applicable.)
  • Bonus can be earned 3 times during the promotional period for a total maximum bonus points accumulation of 15,000 bonus points.
  • To qualify for this bonus offer, account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment.
  • This promotional offer is non-transferable. Eligible credit cards: Chase Ink Business Cash Card, Chase Ink Cash Card, Chase Ink Business Unlimited Card, Chase Ink Plus Card or Chase Ink Business Preferred Card.

Quick Thoughts

Reader Michael gave us a heads up about this promotion following an email he received from Chase, but it’s worth checking the link above to see if you’re targeted even if you didn’t receive an email about it. I tried registering my Ink Plus card without success, but my wife’s Ink Cash card had the offer on it despite her not receiving an email encouraging her to register for the promotion.

Now that she’s registered for it, for every $5,000 we spend on her Ink Cash card she’ll earn 5,000 bonus Ultimate Rewards. If all that spend were to be done at office supply stores, that would mean we’d be earning a total of 6x which is an incredible return, especially if it was done when Office Depot/OfficeMax and/or Staples are offering deals on Visa and Mastercard gift cards. Even better is that this offer can be done up to three times for a total of 15,000 bonus points.

This targeted deal is being offered for other Ink cards too which can result in some interesting earning potential. For example, the Ink Business Preferred earns 3x Ultimate Rewards in the following categories; spending $5,000 turns these into 4x categories:

  • Shipping purchases
  • Advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines
  • Internet, cable and phone services
  • Travel

This spending offer could also affect which card you use for everyday spend. The Ink Business Unlimited card earns 1.5x Ultimate Rewards on all spend. For every $5,000 you spend, you’re therefore earning 2.5x. Somewhat similarly, the relatively new Ink Business Premier card earns 2x Ultimate Rewards on all spend, so $5,000 spend makes that 3x. The slight downside with the Ink Business Premier though is that the Ultimate Rewards you earn can’t be transferred to travel partners.

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d *

I got the offer on the primary card, but would purchases by an AU card apply if the card numbers aren’t the same?

d *

that’s awesome, thanks for the data point. I already spent $2K for visa gift cards last week with $1K under an AU, so this week if I buy $3K with just the primary, I can see if the bonus is triggered


0 for 5 ink cards


Does the $5,000 have to be in one transaction like the Amex offer in the past?


Does it count on the specific bonus categories the card offers or spend in any category?


I got it on my Ink Cash which is great for Visa GC purchases. My wife liquidates them at the grocery store so to speak. I don’t have a good card for groceries.

I also got it on my Southwest Performance Business


I don’t see what the excitement is. It would take 25 x $200 Visa cards to hit $5,000 and then trying to liquidate them which isn’t easy. I got it on 3 Ink Cash cards, but I doubt I’ll participate.


You mean liquidating isn’t easy for you. There are many of us this does not apply to. And since we are doing it in this volume + it’s a 20% bonus for many of us to whom this applies.


Hey Allan, what state do you live in? My main source of liquidation dried up. Haven’t been able to participate in a year now.


wish i knew an easy way. My local grocery store ended that process last year.


There are no Staples in my state, only Office Depot. I buy a few when OD has a deal on the fees, but buying enough to take advantage of this deal is another matter altogether. And I’d be glad to hear how to liquidate 25 x $200 cards. The few grocery stores remaining that even allow debit to be used for a money order require a chip based card with a name and matching ID.