The 45 best uses for the great big pile of Ultimate Rewards points you’ll get by signing up for limited time Chase Ink offers


If you’ve looked at any blogs recently (or even opened your web browser once or twice), then you’ve probably seen that Chase has improved signup offer offers for the Chase Ink cards through Saturday June 22.  Lucky for you, I’ve compiled the 45 best uses for those points.  OK, actually, I didn’t.  Instead, I simply listed posts from some other bloggers who listed the best uses of Ultimate Rewards points, and I added up their bullet points.  Expect a lot of overlap:

Total: 45


My take

  • Yes, Ultimate Rewards points are awesome.  Lots of great stuff can be done with them, and you can get amazing value from them.
  • Yes, Chase Ink cards are super awesome.  5X office supplies!  5X telecom & internet & cable!  Awesome signup bonuses!
  • No, you do not have to drop everything to sign up for this deal.  See my post, “Pondering limited time credit card signup offers,” for my perspective.
  • If you decide to sign-up anyway, please see my post “How to sign up for the Ink Bold (or Ink Plus).”  The same instructions also work for the Ink Cash and Ink Classic.
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@Greg, I had my mother apply for the BofA Virgin Atlantic and Alaska Airlines CC links through your site. I’m not sure those are your affiliate links, but wanted to say thank you anyways.


Grant: Thanks. No, I’m not anywhere exotic this week. I’m with family in NJ and NY.


@Greg, I sent you an email and got your vacation auto-reply, what tropical island are you at this week? 🙂


Great Post. Many of the other blogs are just ridiculous when trying to promote CCs. As usual, those who don’t capture my attention.


Hardik: I think that the important thing is that, regardless of what card you use, you never miss any payments and keep a low utilization ratio. By putting spend on the Ink Plus, your utilization ratio will stay low since that spend is not accounted for.


I am considering making Ink Plus my primary card for all purchases. Will it improve my Personal credit score If i did so? Or should i stick to making all my purchases with a Personal Credit card?


@HikerT LOL! Love it!


@ Grant: Wow, you certainly have no problem continually trying to whore yourself all over the travel-blogging internet, eh, looking for search-engine manipulation back to your site? Multiple times in the comments of one post, even. Cheap whore, too, eh? Constantly.

@Hiker T: Wow, honestly, how I do love your perspective and reference checking in this realm (after a LONG time reading your wonderful input on FT and the blogs’ comments, please keep it up). Seriously, such a breath of fresh air in this VERY CORRUPT area, where banksters who have committed crime after crime after crime continue to do their deeds (NOT referring to you, FM, you have also been a wonderful breath of fresh air)! Thank you!


How to Remove Ultimate Rewards From Your Carpet

Step 1
Take a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Freedom to carefully scoop up as much of the Ultimate Rewards as possible (do not use a Chase Ink for this purpose as it may permanently stain your carpet).

Step 2
Mix 1/4 teaspoon Vanilla with 4 cups of cold water. Stir with AMEX or Visa gift cards. Wet a towel in the solution and wring it out until it’s damp.

Step 3
Use the towel to blot the Ultimate Rewards, working from the outside edge toward the center. Don’t scrub, just gently blot. Continue blotting until no more of the Ultimate Rewards comes up.

Step 4
Using a spritzer with 2% TCB solution, rinse and then thoroughly blot the area.

Step 5
Lay a dry towel over the spot. Lay as many Chase Ink cards as possible over the towel and then place a heavy weight on top. Let it sit for about eight hours so the Chase Ink cards can soak up any remaining Ultimate Rewards.



@Gloreglabert: which one?


@MilesAbound, since the sign up offer is larger, I think the payout to affiliates is higher too. But I don’t think you will see that post, unless MMS has a post about him taking his big check to the bank with Emily holding the check


I am still waiting for the blogger who will post “Here are the Top 10 things I plan on doing with all the money I made from you suckers falling for this Chase offer”. Anybody???


This is the only post on the 60k deal that hasn’t made me gag even a little bit.


There’s no shame when it comes to money.


Where are the 45 reasons? What kind of flimflam op are you running here, mister?