The Club at Charlotte International Airport (CLT): Bottom Line Review


My wife and I recently flew out of the Charlotte airport (CLT).  We had a few minutes to stop for lunch before our flight and so we used my Priority Pass card to access the brand new The Club lounge for free.  It was excellent.

a group of people sitting in a room with a large window

The Club at CLT is a beautiful lounge with a unique food approach.  Unlike most other lounges that offer self serve buffets, this one offers automated menu service.  Simply scan the QR code on any table near you in order to bring up the menu, pick what you want, and order for free.  In a few minutes a server will come with your food!  That was great!

If I had to be picky, I’d say that they could use more food options: the menu was very limited.  And they should probably warn you that portions are extremely small so you should order more than one of each if you’re hungry.  Also, they don’t yet have a liquor license and so if you’re hoping to drink alcohol you’ll be disappointed.  Despite those nitpicks, I thought the lounge was great.

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The video above shows the lounge and the food ordering process.

a plate of food on a table
Food ordered via QR code / smart phone.  Clockwise from left: Fried Green Tomato Slider (“Large Plate”), Avocado Hummus, Crudité with Ranch Dressing, Chicken Gumbo & Rice (“Large Plate”), gummy bears from self serve area.  In the middle: cheese cup.  The food wasn’t particularly impressive, but we enjoyed it.
a table with bowls of food on it
Self serve snacks.
a group of people sitting at tables in a room with large windows
Dining area
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Been twice, once shortly after opening and once last week. It’s nice to have a lounge finally with minute suites the only useless option before, but food quality has gone way down and service was much slower. Staff was pleasant and nice though and overall it seems clean, so it’s still better than no lounge and you at least have food and drink options if not in a rush, but disappointed at how fast quality has fallen off.


We are flying AA from the West Coast on a redeye, arriving in CLT around 7AM and have a two+ hr layover. Is the lounge an short walk from AA terminals?

Does this lounge get crowed around that time? And how is the air ventilation (covid consideration) ?


The Club is almost always busy since the main Admiral’s Club is currently closed until probably late July 2022.

HVAC goes thru the standard MERV 13 filters.


CLT definitely needs this PP lounge. What a zoo the Amex lounge is (the whole airport, really) because non AA flyers have no other options, less an hour in a minute suite.

Tommy Rock

Checked it out myself a few days ago after a Vegas red eye on Spirit, and I was equally pleased. It was just what I needed to refresh for a 2-hour drive home.. well, that, and a Bojangles Cajun Filet biscuit in Gastonia, but I digress.


Good to know, now CLT has a PP lounge that I can use; I will check it out next time. Thanks.

Retired Gambler

CLT also has 2 Minute Suites and you get an hour free with Priority Pass so if you are ever there with time to kill and don’t want to spend it all in the lounge you can use Minute Suites to take a quick nap, get away from everyone or simply take the mask off (hopefully that won’t be an issue much longer).


Can you believe they have closed the admirals club between CND, for renovations? This is ridiculous because the club is closed during Covid and under used for two years. Now they’ve closed again at peak travel.

Retired Gambler

Wasn’t AA’s decision. Airport authority required it to be closed for infrastructure renovations (not renovations to Admirals Club so don’t expect much change when it reopens). BTW, Agree AA needs at least 1 more Admirals Club at CLT especially since they added flights out of Terminal A. I’d suggest one near D/E intersection around area of Centurion Lounge. AA has one in all the terminals (as I recall) at DFW and DL does the same for ATL so no real reason AA can’t have more Admirals Clubs at their 2nd busiest airport.

Randy B

Cool stuff. We didn’t used to have a PP lounge in CLT and I was skeptical whether this would be any good.

Retired Gambler

I’m sure it will get crowded but my feeling is any lounge is better than none. I typically spend my time in the Centurion Lounge but when flying out of Terminal A I will hit it. Also, assume you know you can book Minute Suites at CLT for an hour free with Priority Pass

Jan W

Thanks, Gambler. I’ve been using Centurion since the Plat SUBs (and the great retention offers!), but that may not last forever. Is Terminal A designated for domestic or international flights (or is it even done that way)?

Retired Gambler

The way CLT is laid out all the airlines EXCEPT AA use terminal A (and AA has some gates in terminal A now also). Most AA international flights have historically gone out of terminal D but that also can vary. Basically there isn’t a true international terminal at CLT but terminal A is almost exclusively domestic flights (except for maybe Air Canada to Toronto). As you probably know you can walk to about any gate at CLT in around 10 minutes. Even if going out of terminal D or E it would not be a difficult walk from the new club to your gate and if you are flying anyone but AA it will be very convenient. BTW terminal A is split between the “old” gates (A1-A13) and the new addition (gates A21-A29). To get to the Club CLT follow the signs to gates A21-A29 and it will be on your left in the long hallway before you get to the actual gate area.

Randy B

Yep. We used to use Admirals Club when an employer would pay for it. I live in Charlotte so the Minute Suites just had pretty limited appeal to me.