(EXPIRED) Star Alliance Gold match via ANA Mileage Club (match Delta Gold, AA Platinum Pro)

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ANA Mileage Club is offering a status match for the first time in my recollection. Through this match opportunity, you can potentially match all the way up to ANA Platinum, which is Star Alliance Gold. That can be a great deal because Star Alliance Gold from a foreign carrier is good for benefits like United lounge access even when flying domestically in the US. I submitted for a match yesterday and a still waiting for it to be finalized. I recommend taking advantage of this sooner rather than later.

The Deal

  • ANA Mileage Club is offering a status match to those who have airline elite status with competing (non-Star Alliance) airlines. This appears to mostly be targeted at elite members from American, Delta, and Japan Airlines, but the existance of an “other” option means that you may be able to match from other airlines as well.
  • Direct link to status match promotion
  • Direct link to status match application survey

ANA offers this chart to show how status will match to ANA Mileage Club (AMC on the right)

Key Terms

  • Must be a legal resident of North America (United States of the Americas, Mexico, or Canada; residents of Quebec Canada excluded).
  • Updated status will be reflected within 14 days if accepted
  • No confirmation email will be sent (you can check your status in the ANA Mileage Club app (which is separate from the ANA Airlines app) or on the web interface)
  • Status Match application and all required documentation must be submitted no later than September 28, 2022. 23:59 PST. Any application posted after this date will not be considered.
  • Premium Status obtained through the ANA Campaign will not include the following benefits generally offered to AMC Premium members:
    • a) ANA Upgrade Points
    • b) Lifestyle magazine
    • c) Option to apply for the ANA Super Flyer Card
    • d) ANA Desktop Calendar / Desk Diary Gift
    • e) Voucher for ANA Suite Lounge exclusively for Members with 80,000+ premium points.
    • f) Status Card Kit
  • Promotional status through this campaign will expire 3/31/23

Quick Thoughts

This deal is scheduled to be available through September and it appears to be aimed at North American travelers. That said, no matter when you receive your match, it will end at the end of March 2023. There is therefore little incentive to wait as you never know if the promo may get pulled early.

Given the reduced paths to status that we saw last year and the easy path to American Airlines status for those playing the Loyalty Points game, I imagine that quite a few readers may have a qualifying status level for this promotion. Note that ANA makes it clear that they will not match status from another Star Alliance airline, but they do have a drop-down menu item for “other” airline, so even if your status is with an airline other than those in the chart it may still be worth submitting for a match. I’d probably even take a swing at this with a Southwest Companion Pass.

Part of the reason for my enthusiasm here is that I don’t think we’ve ever seen an ANA status match. I have no crystal ball to know whether or not they will offer a match again in future years, but based on the track record they’ve had — i.e. I don’t recall any previous match offers — I wouldn’t count on a future offer. For the same reason, I wouldn’t be afraid of costing myself a future opportunity. Some airlines only allow for a status match to be done one time. I don’t know ANA’s official policy on that, but since I don’t think we’ve seen them offer it before I wouldn’t be terribly concerned about using up the opportunity.

I’m also kind of excited by this for the prospect of parlaying ANA status into something else next year when I am more likely to utilize status benefits. Still, even if I only fly United a couple of times this year, this should come in handy since I wouldn’t otherwise have access to United’s domestic lounges. Other benefits like priority check-in, priority baggage handling, and additional baggage allowance certainly may come in handy as well.

The process of submitting for the match was incredibly easy. I just submitting a screen shot of my Delta Gold card from the Delta app, which shows my name and expiration. I thought it was a little weird that they were using a Survey Monkey survey to collect info for the match, and I didn’t receive any confirmation email from ANA but rather just a confirmation page that my info was submitted at the end of the process. Still, I feel pretty confident that I’ll be good to go here.

H/T: Loyalty Lobby

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Advice for accessing my account, please. I submitted my Delta Gold for match a month ago; haven’t heard anything and I’m unable to login…wrong password. Yet, resetting your password on ANA Mileage Club is not straight-forward: (1) Input member number, (2) month & date of birth (3) your email. ANA will, “e-mail with a website address (URL) reserved for setting up a new password…For those who have not registered their e-mail address, a postcard with the password will be sent to your registered mailing address.” Well to my surprise and disappointment, i do not get an email to reset…even tho I have old ANA Mileage Club emails. So I figure that there is a post card coming(from Japan!)…one month later nada. Thank you


Hey nick! Thanks for the update! Fingers crossed my status should update to platinum on Monday! I will report back


How does the gold status get recognized by partner airlines? Is it automatic, or do I need to do something else to link ANA to star alliance?

Mauro valenzuela

I just got an email over night saying welcome to ANA after 10 days,

I downloaded the ANA mileage app and I can’t figure out if I was march to ANA gold or not. Anyone else got an email today?


I got that email right about the 7-8 day mark. No status yet but base on nicks comment I should get status by Monday morning.


Has anyone received the upgrade with ANA yet? I submitted my AA platinum match 2 weeks ago and still waiting.


I just took a swing at a match using Companion Pass. Will report back what I hear.


Looks as though my Frontier 100K DID NOT work for an ANA match


Did the SW companion pass work?




Bummer, but good to know! Thank you!


Does anybody have a good way to prove old American status? I was Platinum in 2021, but lost it and will only make it to Gold this year. I did get ITA status-matched to Platinum, so I could also try using that status, but not sure if it will flame out…


What ended up happening with ita?


I tried with ITA and it still hasn’t updated to *G, but they also did tell me I was denied.


If u were based in HNL ANA points would be better the AA points ??

Dave Hanson

I did the status match, hit “submit”, but then ignored the SurveyMonkey screen that popped up after that. I thought it was an add-on or customer satisfaction survey.

Nick, I take it you saw completion of that survey as necessary to have the status match fully process?

In that case, perhaps I need to complete it again…


Ditto. Thought it was asking to click here if I wanted to create a survey. Doh


I just did my status match and disregard that and I see this comment, did I had to click on the survey monkey too?


I redid it just incase and did the suvey. Hopefully they wont disqualify me for entering it twice.


Would it be worth trying to status match from Alaska MVP status?


“f) Status Card Kit”
Real shame. I kind of want one.

P.s. are there other airlines that still give these things out? Got SQ gold but that didn’t come with a luggage tag.


If I matched into Platinum and was flying United domestically, would I need to put my ANA FF number on the United reservation to gain lounge access?




Can’t seem to find my status on the ANA website. Directions appreciated. Thanks.


That’s not what was asked Nick. Eddy wanted to know where we can find what our current status is on the ANA website.


Any reason to do this for people who took advantage of the Singapore offer in January? Personally can’t think of any, but perhaps I am missing something.

Daniel Berning

Hmm. I’m AA Gold right now through the LP game but that won’t status match to much with ANA/Star Alliance.

Do I wait another month or two until I am AA Platinum (I’m about 20k LP away) or take a swing now with SW Companion Pass?

Ed Bastian

I am gold also. I personally would probably wait until I am Platinum. ANA Bronze (Star Alliance Silver) is nothing special and a waste of a match in my opinion. For me it would be worth the risk of the match getting pulled until I reach Platinum over getting matched to Bronze via SW Companion Pass.


I cannot get past the part of how to submit my card for the match to my AA platinum – help please. I just keep seeing the survey page