Complete Guide to Citi Prestige 4th Night Free

Prestige 4th Night Free

Among the Citi Prestige card’s perks is one benefit not found on any other credit card to-date: A complimentary 4th night with a minimum 4-consecutive night hotel booking.  This benefit can be used twice per year.

The way it works is simple: book a hotel stay of four nights or more and your stay will automatically be discounted by one night’s base rate (not including taxes).  The one free night is calculated as the average room rate across your entire stay.  In other words, on a four night stay, the discounted price will be 75% of the base rate (25% off) before taxes and fees.

Stacking deals for 40% off

You can stack Premier & Prestige benefits if you have the Citi Premier card pooled with your Prestige card. The Premier card’s 20% point discount on travel stacks with the Prestige card’s 4th night freeThese combine to give you up to 1.67 cents per point value, or a 40% point discount if you prefer to think of it that way.

This option is no longer available.

Poor prices

Unfortunately, Citi’s prices through the ThankYou portal are often inflated compared to the competition.  As a result, the 4th Night Free discount isn’t as good as it sounds.  Here’s a chart I put together when I investigated prices across multiple sites.  This shows that Citi’s prices average about 10% above best available prices:

For more details, click here: How bad are Citi ThankYou hotel prices?

Additional 4th Night Free Disadvantages

Here are some downsides to booking hotels through the ThankYou portal:

  • You can’t apply additional discounts.  You can’t get AAA rates, government or military rates, hotel promotional rates (unless they are available on, etc.
  • You won’t earn hotel loyalty points for your stay.
  • Your elite status (if any) most likely won’t be recognized.
  • Your receipt will show only the discounted price (this is an issue if you intend to expense the entire 4 nights)

How to Book 4th Night Free Stays

To book your stay, do the following:

  1. Log in to your Citibank account
  2. Click to view “My Points Summary
  3. Click Hotels under the Travel menu
  4. Search for your hotel with a date range spanning 4 or more nights

Q & A

  • How do I know which hotels are available and at what price?  Use the online hotel search function to find hotels and prices.
  • Will I earn hotel loyalty points and elite credits for a stay booked this way?  You most likely will not earn hotel points, elite credits, or elite recognition.
  • Are taxes and fees included in the fourth night discount?  No.  Therefore, your total savings on a 4 night stay will be less than 25%.
  • What discounts can be applied at the time of booking?  None
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I was planning on having the full amount (4-nights) show in the receipt and it seems like it’s not possible. I was hoping CITI would reimburse me later. There’s no work around for this right?

Jonathan Thompson

@Greg Any current data points on if the Premier and Prestige benefits still stack under the new fourth night free policy?


What does twice per year mean – two bookings per year, or two stays per year? In other words, if I make a booking in November 2019 for March 2020, does this count towards my 2019 or 2020 allowance?


can i as the cardholder book a hotel reservation with 4th night free for someone else?



I accidentally forgot my citi prestige at a hotel I stayed at last week (checked out yesterday) and just used an amex in wallet. Should I call the hotel and ask them if I can send my citi prestige instead?
Will I still get the 4th night free credit?


I called a hotel once and they changed the cc for me for the charges

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[…] be valuable in many instances. See: Up to 1.67 cents per point value from ThankYou points and our Complete Guide to the Citi Prestige 4th Night Free for more […]


Question: I qualified for the Citi Premier but didn’t qualify for the Prestige due to too many credit inquiries. A family member has offered to apply for the Prestige. Is there a way to combine our points and take advantage of both card’s benefits (1.25X point value on the Premier and 4th night free on the Prestige)? Not sure if being an authorized user on either end would give either of us access to the card’s benefits and/or points. Thanks!

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[…] Literally anything I know about this card is from Frequent Miler, so check out the Complete Guide To Citi Prestige 4th Night Free. […]

[…] Literally anything I know about this card is from Frequent Miler, so check out the Complete Guide To Citi Prestige 4th Night Free. […]

[…] through the portal or through the Prestige concierge via phone or email. In our Citi Prestige 4th night free complete guide, we explain why you don’t want to book these via (in short, your stay […]

Bill Lock

I would like to book 2 rooms for 4 nights. Can I make 2 separate reservations, each for 1 room, so I can get 4th night free for 2 rooms? This would be ideal.

Otherwise I will need to make 1 reservation in one hotel and another reservation in a different nearby hotel (I think this is allowed right).

Can you please advise?

Nick Reyes

You’ll only get the credit for 1 room. From the terms:

“Group reservations, or other reservations consisting of multiple rooms, only one room will qualify for one complimentary night.”

Even at separate hotels, I don’t expect this would be allowed. You could try it, but I don’t think Citi will give you credit for 2 rooms on the same calendar day.

Bill Lock

thanks, actually I called citi and I’ve confirmed that you are indeed correct. Different stays in different hotels on the same date won’t qualify for the 4th night free.


Any idea if 4th night free can be used to book in the name of another person? I could probably go the questionable route and add the second person as a guest, but is there a way to do it legitimately: book for another person and pay with my Prestige card?

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What do you think…would the 4th night free (average) work if paying partially with the Prestige, i.e., three nights with Prestige, one night with Barclay Arrival? Thank you.

Nick Reyes

That isn’t supposed to work. That’s not to say that it might not possibly work, but if it doesn’t you’ll have no recourse. Personally, I don’t think it’s probably worth it.


I saw in the thread that you applied a Marriott SNU to a reservation. I have an upcoming reservation and it shows on my Marriott account, we booked through the concierge. Can I just apply the SNU online? Is it worth it to risk the $160?


New card member here, I called the concierge, they wanted me to give me the cvc number over the phone. I find this practice strange and insecure. The concierge told me there is no way of booking without the cvc. FYI this is citibank singapore. Anyone else face the same issue and how did you resolve this?

Edit: On escalating this with citibank, I learnt that the concierge is a vendor and their system is not plugged into the citibank system, so for any bookings the customer has to divulge the cc no, expiry and cvc. Also on checking they mentioned that they are not responsible for misuse of the information that we divulge. Don’t think the one night off is worth the risk of my cc info being misused.

[…] A better way to take advantage of the Citi Prestige 4th Night Free benefit is to book through the Citi Concierge (either by phone or by email).  When booked this way, you will earn hotel points and elite credits.  If you book this way, you can still optionally use points after the fact to erase the credit card charge.  More here: Complete Guide to Citi Prestige 4th Night Free. […]

[…] 4th Night Free Benefit […]

[…] 4th Night Free Benefit […]

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[…] 4th night free is based on the average room rate over the first four days exclusive of taxes (See: Complete Guide to the Citi Prestige 4th Night Free), Hyatt does not break out the taxes separately on this hotel. I’ve called on this property […]

Art Fleming

I received a confirmation from Citi with the estimated statement credit for the 4th night hotel benefit. However, the hotel charged a one night deposit on the Citi card one month prior to my stay. Will that change or effect the 4th night free benefit since the final bill from the hotel will show a different total after the one night deposit is subtracted from the bill?


Been using this benefit for a while now.
I have this bookmarked and always come here for the step by step in emailing them. Thanks!

I want to allow my spouse to earn the status nights and use his gold status.
Prestige card is in my name, it’s the same last name, staying together too.

If I provide his Marriott number will it attach fine, even though it has my name?
How can we go about it?



Am I able to stack 3rd/4th-night hotel promos and still receive the Prestige partner benefits like breakfast for two, room upgrade, late check out, etc? The concierge told me I couldn’t combine free nights promo and receive the mentioned benefits. Do I need to HUCA or was she correct?


Does this work for AirBNB stays?

Nick Reyes


[…] Citibank Prestige has another great benefit called fourth night free. Basically, if you book three nights through the Citibank concierge, you get your fourth night free […]

Francisco C

does the prestige fourth night benefit work with The Four Seasonsfour fourth night free? Does it take off the average nightly rate of the four nights?

[…] Citibank Prestige has another great benefit called fourth night free. Basically, if you book three nights through the Citibank concierge, you get your fourth night free […]


Can I book 2 different hotels at the same dates to utilize the 4th night free benefit?


I am looking to book a hotel using the 4th night benefit. The hotel I am looking at charges $150 for a 4 night stay but only $100 per night if I book a 6 night stay. The rate has a specific clause that says “Waive Early Departure Fees” so I know that I can check-out early. Do you think I will run into a reimbursement problem with Citi? I plan to stay the 4 nights, just not the extra 2.


No, I’ve done that. I just called the morning of checkout and said I had to leave early so didn’t formally check out. Doubt even that was necessary, but anyways…


Although, isn’t it cheaper to do 4 nights?

4 x $150/night = $600 – $150 (fourth night free) = $450

6 x $100/night = $600 – $100 (fourth night free) = $500


Don’t forget that I would be checking out early. So, its 4 x $100 – $100 so it would be = $300 (or $75/night) since I would be checking out early.

If I did the 4x$150 the average is $112.50/night


I think you’re playing with fire. Citi is expecting the stay for six night and a charge of $600 to trigger the fourth-night-free rebate. When they see a charge for $400, it won’t match with the reservation they made for you.

Sorry, I didn’t understand what you were doing. I’ve done four nights and left after three nights, but still paid the hotel for four nights.


When I said above that I was paying with cash, i meant the Prestige Card as opposed to points.


My reply is showing up before your reply even though it was sent after, so maybe you didn’t see it.


Can I book a price from expedia or through the concierge?

Nick Reyes



Thanks. So I assume I can only book with prices from the hotel website or the thankyou points website, correct?

Nick Reyes

If you want to use ThankYou points, you have to book via However, in most scenarios, it makes more sense to book via the Prestige Concierge and then later take a statement credit with your ThankYou points.

If you don’t have the ThankYou Premier, you’ll get the same 1c per point in value whether booking through the ThankYou portal or booking with the Prestige and taking the statement credit later. The difference is that when you book through the Prestige concierge, you’ll earn hotel points, elite credit, and get elite benefits. You get none of that when booking through Additionally, since bookings through the Prestige Concierge get a 25% rebate, you’re earning hotel points and credit based on the full cost of 4 nights even though your net cost is only for 3. When you book through, you get a 25% discount on the front end and no elite benefits.

The only time it might make sense to book through is if you also hold the ThankYou Premier, you’ll get 25% more value from your points. That said, whether or not that’s better than taking the statement credit at 1cpp depends on your value of the hotel points / elite credit & benefits. Personally, I’d rather hang on to ThankYou points for more valuable transfers to airlines.

You don’t book through the hotel website to use ThankYou points. If you’re booking through the hotel website, you’d need hotel points – an entirely different animal.

That said, if you have a coupon code that works on the hotel website, the Prestige Concierge is usually able to apply that to your booking.


Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. I am buying with cash through the Concierge. But I wanted to know which websites I could look up prices and then tell the Concierge to find those prices? You already told me that I can’t tell them to go to Expedia or similar. Obviously the hotel website prices can be booked through the Concierge. Any other sites? Thank so much for your help.

Nick Reyes

Does that answer your question? If not, feel free to give me some more specifics on your situation and I’ll try to explain it more clearly.


If you book 2 separate reservations for 1 room each for 4 nights, then would Citi allow the 4th night benefit on each separate reservation?


anna astashkina


Trying to book 4 nights in Madrid. I would like to redeem 112k points and get 4rth night free. SPG is showing $650/night and Thank you points $850/night. If I manage get Concierge to match the SPG rate, can i use points to offset credit card statement from the hotel? Are hotels considered to be a valid category to offset with points? I cant find any information on Citi on what is considered a qualifying charge


You can use Thank You Points through the Citi website to book the fourth night free.

If you’re looking to use $$ to book, you’ll want to call and ask them to book it for you via the SPG rate you’re seeing. As long as it’s a public rate, they can book it for you and set up the fourth night free.

Not really sure what you mean by using the credit card points as a statement (credit?) from the hotel. You can use your Citi points for cash (1 point=1 cent) at any time.

anna astashkina

If you use Thank you points, the rate is double of the standard SPG rate. No way to adjust it.
Citi points for cash is 1 point=0.5 cents. How do you get 1 cent?


For Prestige, it’s 1 point = 1 cent.

“If you choose, you can also redeem your points for cash statement credits where each point is worth $0.01 each (i.e. 50,000 points=$500).”


This was very helpful. Thank you!

I just got my card yesterday and have been reviewing this to make sure I do it right. I sent an email just as you suggested and they told me that I had to call for the first time to give them my card number. They have to attach it to my profile, then they can do it via email in the future. They don’t want any credit card details sent via email (including the last four digits).

They were very helpful, answering all my newbie questions. They did confirm that with phone or email reservations, the full amount will be charged to my card and a credit issued later. Great for me, as I’m traveling on business.

Thaks for the great info!


Good luck. Just make sure, as is stated here, that you call or email to make your reservations instead of making them through the ThankYou portal. That way you’ll get your hotel (Hilton, Marriott, etc.) points and status nights.


Yeah, that is definitely a priority for me. I think the difference is when you go directly to the concierge, via email or phone, they are just picking up the phone and booking on your behalf. None of this funny portal business!


Can anyone tell me how hotel receipts are provided at checkout? Do hotels typically provide a “traditional” hotel receipt that breaks down the daily charges, and include line items for all 4 days (including the 4th night which was free)? If yes, I assume the reciept would be in local currency if traveling internationally? I am hoping this is the case as if I submit a business expense this way, I can essentially double dip and expense all 4 nights in local currency and get the statement credit without the company even being aware. Thanks in advance for the help!


The receipt from the hotel won’t have any mention of the fourth night free. That’s handled by Citi on your credit card statement. So, the hotel doesn’t “know” anything about the Citi Fourth Night Free program.

[…] each, you can get a discount of 190 Euro by booking through the Citi Prestige concierge (See our Complete Guide to the Citi Prestige 4th night free for more details on how to book over the phone). After that discount, the total comes down to 570 […]


Awesome! Thanks for the great advice and quick response. I won’t be booking for a few weeks, but will report my results.


I’m interested in booking a hyatt stay thru Citi (for 4th night perk), but want to use hyatt points to get club room upgrade, which is supposedly supposed to be done “at booking.” Does anyone know if I can book the paid stay visit citi, then contact hyatt with my reservation # and get the upgrade? (I no longer have “globalist” status–or whatever they call diamonds now.)

Thanks for this piece –it’s very helpful. I’ll add another reason to use email with the concierge: I used the phone and they ended up booking me for a MUCH higher price than I agreed to. It took almost a YEAR of repeated letters to citi to fix it and I STILL have not been reimbursed the interest and penalties they charged or had the “late payment” removed from my credit report! So, leave a paper trail, people.


I used a club room upgrade “certificate” (or whatever they call it) after Citi booked the fourth night free for me. You can even ask Citi to call Hyatt to do that (you’re supposed to make all reservation changes through the concierge so technically that’s what you’re supposed to do.)

So, when you call Citi to make the booking, I would tell them what you want done and they can likely call Hyatt on your behalf and make the reservation and apply the upgrade.

Let us know how it goes.


I need to tweak a reservation that I made through the Prestige concierge (push arrival date back by one day).
Do I have to go through Prestige concierge again or can I just contact the hotel directly (using my confirmation number)?


No any changes can screw it up if not through citi


Yes, you’ll need to go through Citi.

You can reply to Citi’s email confirmation asking them to make the change if you find that easier.


I’ve made a date change with the hotel and had to have the issue escalated twice before finally paid out. Definitely do it through the concierge.

Anish Shah

Hello. I have 3 weekend nights with hilton via Citi Hilton reserve card. Can I use those to get Friday to monday (3 nights) free on the reward certificates and use the citi prestige to then get the 4th night free?



Nick Reyes

As Daniel said, no. Those won’t work together. You’d need to make a 4-night paid reservation through the Prestige concierge to get the 4th night free benefit.




When do you receive the credit for the 4th night on your cc?


Generally at the end of the statement on which the hotel stay is charged to your credit card. Sometimes, especially if you’re pushing the end of the statement period, it will be at the end of the next statement.


Is it possible to use the 4th night benefit with sites as Leading Hotels of the World and Small Luxury Hotels?

Nick Reyes

Well, you don’t use this benefit with other “sites” — it just comes down to whether or not the hotel is bookable by the concierge. The answer is “probably”. But you’ll book through the Prestige concierge, not the Leading Hotels or Small Luxury Hotels sites. If you’re asking whether or not those programs will recognize your loyalty benefits when you book through Citi, I don’t have experience with those two. However, generally speaking, if you book via the Prestige concierge (in this case, you’re paying for 4 nights on your Prestige card and being reimbursed 1/4 the average nightly cost before taxes & fees), you’ll get your loyalty benefits. If you book online with Thank You points, you won’t. I would expect that to hold true with those two programs.


My question is similar to one above:
I am looking to book a 7-night stay at an InterContinental property.
My plan was to go 1st 4 nights via Prestige “4th night free” program, do 2 of the additional nights on IHG points and the other night on my annual IHG free night certificate.
Would that work? Am I missing a potential problem/hiccup?
I assume I can just make separate reservation(s) for the IHG points nights and free night certificate after I do the Prestige concierge booking, then have the hotel link them once I am there, correct?

Nick Reyes

Sure, that looks like it would work. The only potential problem is if you book a different room type (for example, if you book a suite through the Prestige concierge and then your IHG points nights are a standard room — in that case, they could make you move rooms). Otherwise, assuming you’re booking the same room types, it should be no issue to link up the reservations when you arrive — you may just have to get your key reprogrammed a couple of times. I’ve never been forced to actually check out and move rooms in that type of situation.

Ben K.

Do I need to pay with Citi Prestige card at checkout? Or can I use any Credit card?


Yes, same thing, they transfer me to the Thank You number and then thank you just quotes what is available on the portal. Very frustrating.


Yep – the response, “Unfortunately the concierge service does not work with Thank You points at all. To book a 4th Night stay with Thank You points, you will need to call Thank You/Connexions Travel at 1-866-951-9927. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Maybe it only works if you are going to pay and not book with points?


I keep getting messages from the Concierge that they do no book hotels, you have to go through Thank You (I have prestige and premier and want to use my points and get the 25% discount plus 4th night free). It shows up in the portal but the room type I want isn’t available there.

Nick Reyes

Have you tried calling?


Do you know if booking the rates that include breakfast or parking as a package is included in the 4th night free? or is it strictly for room rates only? I am currently looking at a holiday inn which has all 3 options.

Nick Reyes

This varies by hotel and how they code their room rates. You should call the Prestige Concierge and ask about the specific hotel and dates you’re looking for and they can look at the rooms and rates available.


Hi Greg,

Do you know if there’s a way I can use complimentary night vouchers along with the 4th night benefit?

Nick Reyes

What kind of vouchers are you talking about?

[…] you book through Citi concierge, you can get 25% off four-night stays excluding taxes and fees (see this post for more details). This can represent a great discount as long as the rate you book through Citi […]


Does the rebate get posted as statement credit?

Also, I just got my card and want to book a trip in November. I haven’t hit the 7.5k minimum yet in 3 months but will by November. Does that mean I shouldn’t book until then?

Thanks in advance!




Nick Reyes

Sorry for the slow response. Yes, as Daniel said, it comes as the statement credit. There’s no reason to wait until you’ve hit the minimum spend to make a booking. That has nothing to do with the 4th night free benefit.

Nashville Robert

New card member here, I had a trip to Ascuncion Paraguay, and was staying 11 nights. Decided to book two hotels (via the Thank You website) and get the 4th night free benefit twice. The first hotel was an independent that I have no loyalty standing with. Everything worked fine, pre-paid so just paid for incidentals when I left.

The second hotel was the Sheraton where I am a Platinum member. First the reservation never showed up on my account even though I had added my loyalty number on my profile on the Thank You site. Second the lady said because my reservation was booked through “Expedia” I wasn’t eligible to earn points. This is kind of a big deal, as a Platinum member with over 75 nights I typically earn 4 pts per dollar. This was a $1100+ booking so I lost over 5K points there as well.

I am not sure if this is typical, but I thought the rates came directly off of the SPG site. If not, then this card is not gonna be staying in my wallet past this first year. The booking itself was ~$20 more than the hotel website which was fine cause I was going to get $155 back. Also it says on the website Fourth Night Free applied on my reservation, that kind of scared me. Did it mean it already deducted the fourth night from the bill and the price I paid was the full price minus the fourth night? If so then I was screwed because the two hotels were charging me very close to the price for all four nights on the hotel website.

Any way, I travel 120 – 200 nights a year usually 2 or 3 weeks at a time internationally. This card could be a huge boon to me if it works like described in this article. If I lose out on points then it is useless to me and I will cut it up and cancel it after this year.

Next trip I will try the concierge and talk them through the booking, not going to use the Thank You site again.


I would definitely recommend you call the concierge for bookings at locations where you’re going to earn points/care about status (like the Sheraton).

I believe Citi has said you will earn points if booked online, but I was always skeptical and your experience has confirmed that skepticism.

I found the card extremely useful for the fourth-night-free benefit and considering the amount of travel you do, it could prove extremely valuable to you; but just if you book via phone.

In my experience, when you call in, they are making your booking via the hotel’s website (I can generally tell because the order of what they’re doing and saying matches the online booking process I’m used to).

Good luck with the program in future.

Nashville Robert

I just now was doing my expense report, and anyone who plans on paying full price and expensing that should not use the Thankyou portal. You get a terrible receipt that says 4th Night Free applied all over it and shows the Thank You Points as well.

Also they build that into the price, so even though I could have booked cheaper on SPG website (it was ~$20 more for one hotel and ~$7 more for the other). The portal supposedly gave me the 4th night free built into the cost I paid up front. So I will not be getting a statement credit and I wound up paying more for my (4 nights w/ 4th night free) than if I just booked straight 4 nights on the hotel website.

I will give it one more shot, but this card is not impressing me so far.


If I book a hotel with points and later cancel the booking, would I get the points back in my account?

[…] be able to use the Hyatt promo code through I called the Prestige Concierge (see our Complete Guide to Citi Prestige 4th Night Free for more on doing […]


Amazing guide. Couple quick questions:

-Do you receive hotel points and stay credits for only 3 nights, or all 4?
-Do you earn Citi points for 3 nights, or all 4?
-Do you still pay taxes on the fourth night even though you get the base rate free?


Thank You! For both the reply and the guide you posted. It’s the best one I’ve been able to find online thus far.


I already have a reservation booked at my corporate rate, which is no longer available at the hotel. Is it possible for the concierge to transfer my existing reservation (or something similar) as if they booked it in order to qualify for the 4th night free?

Nick Reyes

I’m don’t know the answer to this, but suspect this would be totally YMMV. I’d call and ask. If the first rep says no, you can try to HUCA a couple of times. I would imagine that this would be a challenge at best.

Amit Gupta

Do you know if we can we do hotel nights at Marriott Vacation Club with the 4th night free benefit?

Nick Reyes

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to this. If they show up on Marriott’s website, I would think the answer is almost definitely yes. If it’s not on the Marriott website, I think you’d just have to call the Prestige concierge and ask.

[…] the 4th Night Free on 4 night or longer stays booked through the Citi Prestige Concierge.  See Complete Guide to Citi Prestige 4th Night Free. By booking four nights this way, you can then apply your 3rd Night Free certificate in order to […]

Jaq Trompette

Some info, based on a recent experience with this benefit:

1) The concierge service will book the hotel room using the hotel’s web site and the rates advertised there.

What this means is that:
– prior to calling the concierge, you need to connect to the hotel’s website and figure out what room type and rate you want, so you can tell the concierge the exact details
– if you find a better price elsewhere (e.g. Expedia) you won’t be able to take advantage of it, AFAIK
– sometimes, the hotels offer slightly better benefits if you book directly

2) As mentioned by somebody else here, if the same room type is offered at slightly different rates, the concierge may not let you choose the one you want.

More specifically, you can choose the room *type* you want (e.g. king bed vs two queen beds) or the rate (advanced purchase vs. flexible/refundable). But other variations may not be acceptable – for instance I couldn’t book the rate that included the breakfast, the concierge only allowed for the cheapest option.

3) Until July/23/2017 the fourth night credit includes the taxes. However, note that “taxes” are different from “fees” . For instance, if the hotel wants to charge for a rollaway bed this will be excluded from the credit.

[…] made through the Citi Prestige concierge qualify for the 4th night free. See our Complete Guide to Citi Prestige 4th Night Free for complete details on this valuable benefit. The short story: utilizing the 4th night free […]


I’ve been able to book a conference rate and received the 4th night free. The concierge called the hotel directly and handled the reservation through them. This was in August 2016.


Hey guys, another update to my experience…it turned out that the hotel I was staying has the pool closed until April, so I called the concierge 2 days before the trip to cancel and rebook at another hotel. She checked the cancellation policy and told me I might get charged a deposit so she called the hotel for me. After about 10 mins, she came back to tell me she was transferred 3 times until she got a hotel rep. to cancel and verify that I wouldn’t be charged!!! The previous reps were stating the charge would be applied so it made me feel good that the concierge at 11PM EST was doing this for me. Also, I noticed the refund will be the average and include the taxes…I will confirm once I get the final bill and refund.


Just tried to book a stay at a hotel using a rate that included breakfast. Rep put me on hold, checked with her manager, then came back to tell me that I could only book the rate that did not include breakfast (there was a choice between two rates, one without breakfast, and one with, for a slightly higher price). I declined. I’ll most likely call back in and try again as I think this was an anomaly. But, just something to be aware of if you have a choice between two rates for the same room.


They will book it IF the rate is the cheapest, or will reimburse you only the rate + taxes of the lowest rate, with you covering the difference of the package.


I had a totally different experience than you guys…I booked at a holiday Inn for a stay in the middle of March and I had no problem booking it…I even got the reimbursement before I even stayed and it included breakfast. I was really nice to the gentleman, he was actually going to look for places for me but I told him I already decided. He also asked if I needed any places to eat for him to find and I told him I could do that myself.


Is it possible to combine a hyatt points+cash stay with a citi prestige 4th night benefit? Or is that just asking for trouble?

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When does the 4th night free hit my account?


I got mine already and I haven’t even stayed at the hotel…I had a great rep.


I do not advise using it for booking government rates.

Example: I found the government rate of a Hilton on Hilton’s website for $91 (The government per diem rate where I was travelling to). When I called Citi, they quoted me $141 as the government rate. That’s $50 more per night. More so, the standard rate (non-government) was $121. Not sure what’s going on at Citi.


I asked the rep how it works and he said they see exactly what we see online, there’s no backdoor website of any sort.


Greg, Citi Concierge is saying that if you use points to upgrade a rate booked through them, that when they call to verify the stay with Hyatt the fact you used points to upgrade the room (3,000pts to a Club room or 6000 to a suite) will invalidate the 4th night free benefit. Have you heard this or has anyone actually experienced this?

[…] 4th Night Free benefit (details here) will no longer be based on the 4th night’s rate.  Instead, it will be based on the average […]


Can I book the 4th night free with my Citi Prestige and ask the Citi Concierge to add my husband’s name and his Hyatt loyalty number to the reservation so that the stay points would go to his account instead of mine? Or should I ask Hyatt to add my husband’s info after the reservation is made by Citi? I would like to try to earn bonus points from Hyatt’s recent promotion (5000 bonus points for 5 nights), and my husband already had 2 nights in his account. But I am the card holder of Citi Prestige. Any advice? Thank you.


Thank you for sharing your experience, Greg! Does it make a difference to use Twitter to message Hyatt Concierge for suite upgrade vs. calling the Diamond line directly?


Hi Greg,

Did you check the reservation on the Hyatt site to see if they look like the way you wanted it to be–The reservation is under your name but linked to your wife’s GP #?
I followed the same steps that you did and gave the Citi Concierge my husband’s GP # in my reservation. But when I looked up the reservation in Hyatt’s system, my GP# showed up instead of my husband’s. I tweeted Hyatt Concierge to apply a suite upgrade from my husband’s account and the Hyatt Concierge did that and upgrade us to a one-bedroom suite. But now when I checked the reservation under my name, the four night rates for the one-bedroom suite were all zeros, and when I checked the same reservation under my husband’s name, the AAA rates that I booked showed up for the four nights. Does this sound normal or similar to your experience because of the upgrade change? Thank you.

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Can I book w 4th night free with my Citi Prestige and add my mom to the reservation and have her stay there and get the benefit?

[…] night free benefit is probably the only area where the Prestige clearly comes out on top. If you book your hotel through the Citi Prestige concierge service then you’re given the fourth night free for a consecutive 4 night or longer stay and this […]


I do not have the card, but the benefit seems very intriguing. Has there been any issues with receiving hotel points through Hilton, Marriott, or IHG when booking though the concierge travel agent? I don’t want to miss out on points for my hotel stays. Also most of my travel is for work, which is reimbursed. Does anyone have any experience on what you should do related to this card benefit? Do you get reimbursed for the whole stay (4+ nights) and then since you are getting a statement credit of 1 night you end up ahead by 1 night? Seems a little sketchy to me, but what would be best practice? This would be a personal card that I pay the annual fee on, so it might be okay to call it a smart way to spend my money. Thanks for the help!


Thanks Greg! I am of the same opinion in regards to my first question. And it is good that points are still awarded for these stays cause I think that might have been a deal breaker for me. But in the end I think, i’ll apply for the card, try it out and if its not working I can get rid of it and only lost a little money.


Hi JV & Greg,

I’m curious in this cases of business travel, what will you see on the folio given out on the time you checkout ? Will that indicates the stays of the forth night is free ?
i.e, what is the amount looks like ? Are they charged you full amount and then credit back on your credit card statement or directly on the folio ?


Can i Use this 4th night benefit by booking 2 Rooms at same time? example, i need 2 rooms for same date example January 1-4 , can i get benefit on 2 rooms for 1 night?

or if i have additional user, shall i book on additional user name and avail the free night?


Has anyone had problems getting the free internet promised by hotels for booking on their site, if using the citi booking process instead?

[…] and then Citi pays you back the cost of the fourth night including taxes, but not resort fees. Per, TheFrequentMiler, conference rates aren’t bookable this way, but most others are. Be sure to check online […]


Anyone had any luck with overlapping bookings? Such as:
Booking 1: Hotel A, Sunday, Mon, Tues, Weds nights
Booking 2: Hotel B, Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat nights?

We’ll be in Vegas for 7 nights. I figured why not book both places Wednesday and get hotel points. Otherwise, we’ll just book 3 nights at Hotel A.


Has there been success in using the Costco discount with Hyatt bookings?


Hi Greg,

Do you have any experience booking with Citi and then use Hyatt DSU? I was wondering whether I can do this or not? Any thoughts? Thank you!


Would this work at Fairmont too? Thinking about booking 6 nights total. Booking 4 nights via Citi concierge, then calling Fairmont to apply a 3rd night free certificate, and using 2 free night certificates from the CC signup for night 5 and 6. And also using the room/suite upgrade certificates on entire 6 night stay. Would this work? Would the suite upgrade “mess up” the citi prestige 4th night free benefit in any way? Thanks

Aidan McNamara

Hi Greg – The Houstonian in TX offers the third night free if paying with a Mastercard and then breaks down the rate to the third night as $0 rather than an average;
Room Type Concierge King Bed Rate Type Mastercard Offer
Thursday, December 08, 2016 USD 379.00
Friday, December 09, 2016 USD 249.00
Saturday, December 10, 2016 USD 0.00
Sunday, December 11, 2016 USD 379.00
Room Total USD 1,007.00
Taxes and Fees
Occupancy Tax USD 171.19
Total USD 1,178.19

Since the rate lists the 4th night at full rack rate could I combine the 3rd and 4th night free offer by paying with mt Citi Prestige Mastercard?
Thanks for your time!

[…] have done an excellent of summarizing the product, such as this resource from Frequent Flier: Complete Guide to Citi Prestige 4th Night Free, so I won’t focus on the “what”. Since I haven’t used the 4th night free benefit until now, […]


Have been trying to use this benefit for a stay at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, but the phone agents are saying the hotel doesn’t qualify because all of its rooms are standalone “villas and bungalows.” What gives? It’s clearly a hotel; any way I can make them see the light?

Joshua K Brown

I am consultant and travel a lot. The idea of the 4th night free seems nice. A few questions:
1. If i want a hotel booked say on the Hilton website and the room i want has multiple price points (B and B, Free wifi, 2x honors points etc.) Do i just tell the Concierge to book the 2x points and not the B and B option at such and such hotel or do they just book a room at the hotel i need without picking that option?
2. If i need to modify or cancel a room how easy is it to do this? in the consulting world things change fast.

[…] Complete Guide to Citi Prestige 4th Night Free […]


My work travel uses CWT Corporate Online Booking Tool. Will Citi 4th night free apply?

Are there different CWTs?

I also noticed that once I am logged into Citi’s Thank You site, hotel booking option is also available. Do I actually need to call up the agent to book? Will online booking thru Thank You site qualify?


Has anyone had any luck using 4th night free with a Best Rate Guarantee type situation? Or does the fact that you’re using citi concierge conflict with “booking directly”?


Does the card owner have to be on the reservation? If yes, does it work to change it later calling the hotel if he’s not actually staying but will pay with the card beforehand?

[…] Complete Guide to Citi Prestige 4th Night Free […]


Tried to book a 4th night free in Bora Bora, and was told no Bungalows or villlas.


More specifically nothing in Bora Bora.


Anyone HUCA or ask where that appears in the terms?


It sounded like the initial woman I was talking to was asking someone else for help. So I didn’t think hanging up and calling back would do me any good at that time. I did end up calling back the next morning and the next person I spoke to told me I could definitely book an over the water bungalow in Bora Bora. I was able to book the hotel and the rep kept searching till they found the rate that was appearing on my screen when I was on the SPG site.
4th night Free Bora Bora: Confirmed!

Don’t give up everyone. You might have just gotten a bad rep. Also if you are seeing a lower price on a hotel’s site and the rep isn’t seeing it. Make sure they keep trying or call the hotel. It took 2 – 50 + minute phone calls, but finally done. Definitely worth it. Frustrating experience but worth it.


I am looking to stay at a hotel that offers a regular room rate and an all-inclusive package. I was hoping to book the all-inclusive package, but was denied by the agent and was told I had to book the cheapest room available for any given type of room. Since the non all-inclusive was cheaper for the same physical room, there would be no way to book the all-inclusive deal and receive the free night.

Is this correct or did I get bad information? Anyone have experience with this?

[…] Fourth night free when booking hotels […]

Andrew Zarenski

An additional experience.

I just booked 6 nights at the Vana Belle in Koh Samui using Z3R (buy 2 get 1 night free). Paid for nights 1,2,4,5 at the SPG BAR. Nights 3, 6 were free per the SPG promo, and Citi refunded night 4 (~$700).

Not a bad deal!


Is there a way to see a list of all Z3R eligible hotels?


I’m not sure about the list of Z3R eligible hotels.

As an added datapoint, Citi actually refunded the full BAR for the 4th evening, per the SPG folio. Therefore:

Night 1,2: Paid
Night 3: Free, per ZR3
Night 4: Paid, refunded via Citi
Night 5: Paid
Night 6: Free, per ZR3

The BAR was $1123. Citi already sent email confirmation that $1123 was refunded, and NOT the blended rate across all 6 nights.


This is incredible. I have wondered if a Buy 2 Get the 3rd Free would work in combination with the 4th night free benefit.

Did you book separate reservations or is this B2G1 apply for a single reservation?


I’m interested in an SPG property running a 4th night free at checkout. However, the rate is $30 more than the “regular member” rate. I recently wasn’t able to book a rate that included breakfast because it was more than the lowest available rate for that particular room type. I was told its all based on the room- and if there are multiple rates available, then you only can reserve the standard rate. Anyone with similar experience? Because, otherwise, it seems that it’s possible to get two of the four nights free?


How would you break up the spend to take advantage of both card offers?

Irvine nugent

Just got off the phone and book three hotels. I had a great experience. I try and stay at hilltons. I priced out the three hotels I wanted. I called them up and got the same rate (two were government employee rates and one AAA rate). Going to save $750.


Waste of time and money. I called Citi concierge and they offered me the hotel rack rate price, which was twice the normal rate I pay available everywhere on the internet. They said they only offer their “service” booking directly from hotel. I booked for less than 1/2 their rate at Agoda.


I’ve a 7 week stay in London (official trip). In order to maximise this benefit, can I book multiple 4-night stays at the same hotel with 1 night between each booked using another card ? (Hoping that the hotel can combine all the reservations based on loyalty number & let me use the same room). If I were to do this, will it become ‘abuse’ of the benefit ? terms clearly say ‘There’s no limit to the number of times you can use this benefit’ but still wanted to take your thoughts.


Was finally able to use this benefit for a stay in Barcelona. Not as impressive as some others, but saved $152 with a 30 minute phone call. One more use of this benefit and the annual fee is already paid for!


This is a great post! One quick question: do you know if I can get 4th night free on two rooms (as opposed to one room) booked through Citi Concierge and paid with a Citi Prestige card? I’m planning to book two rooms for four nights (I will pay nightly rate x 2 rooms x 4 nights) for our summer vacation. Thank you.


For Hyatt stays, can I book the reservation paying cash+points? My guess is I would book at the Hyatt daily rate, giving them my HGP number, then after the reservation is made, call Hyatt to change it to c+p and apply a dsu. Is that the process? Thanks!


Not the original poster, but I tried this and they were on to it. Said specifically you couldn’t use cash and points with the fourth night free. Oh well, it was worth a try.


Although that is definitely true, you can not book with cash and points to use the prestige 4th night free benefit, you don’t use any form of fairmont points when you book this stay with Citi. You just book a 4 night cash stay but with the 3rd night free promo from fairmont with citi. This is why you should call fairmont first. To make sure that this is how the ovations certificates work. When you get to the property you give them the ovations certificates and they remove the cost of those nights from your final bill. You don’t have to have the certificates until the day you get there. Chase mails them to you. And then you call Fairmont after you already made the booking. I think lol. It’s been awhile. In fact, I don’t think you even need to call fairmont, just show up at the property with the certificates.


Can I get fourth night free twice for staying at same hotel with gap of 3 nights?
Week1 : Check-in on Sunday, Check-out on Friday
Week2 : Check-in on Monday, Check-out on Saturday

Nathan S.

When booking through the Citi concierge are you able to utilize hotel points/rewards to book the reservation in combination with the 4th night free? Thanks


FrequentMiler: I just returned from a $2,500 stay at Hyatt Ziva Cancun using this benefit. 5 days later, I emailed hyatt about my points not posting. I was expecting a lot of points since I also get the diamond bonus. They emailed me back to tell me that it was an ineligible rate so I won’t get any points. The rates were the same on the hyatt site as the rate that I booked under the citi concierge. It was a hyatt promotion – buy 4 nights, get the 5th free. I can’t believe that if I booked it with hyatt that I wouldn’t have received points. Have you seen this before? Thanks!

Jamar Cox

It’s a shame that you have to deal with CitiPrestige concierge to do anything for the benefits of this card. They are total clowns and just an absolute joke. Need to be replaced given the $450 annual fee.


I’m looking at a hotel booking where the rate for the fourth night is more than the first three nights combined. Will I actually get a refund for that entire amount (Citi would basically be paying me to stay at the hotel for four nights).


Fyi book it on confirm you get from Citi says right on it your refund so you’ll know exactly the day you book.


Can I use the 4th night free in tandem with applying 6,000 Hyatt points for a suite upgrade? Or do you have to book through the Hyatt website in order to do that?

The site looks like it has no stipulations about booking from an outside source, in this case CW. Whaddaya think?


I booked a 4 night stay through Citi concierge. I arrived at the hotel today, the lady at the front desk was doing me a favor and reduced the price for 2nd night (I didn’t ask and she also upgraded me the room type). Will this invalidate 4th night? The total rate will change although the 4th night rate is the same before taxes.

I also ask as I plan to cancel the card by June 22nd. Not sure if this is just enough time to post the 4th night benefit before I cancel it. Thoughts? Thx.


I will, thanks. So, I don’t have to call concierge to confirm at this time, correct? I will be checking out tomorrow.


I just got this card and would like to know I can book a hotel room for my partner who will travel for business and has elite status at Hyatt. We’ll check in together but the room should be under my partner’s name for travel reimbursement. Would that be possible?


About to have Fairmont Premier; anybody have experience combing the Prestige 4th night with the Fairmont 3rd night free benefit? Thinking you could call Citi and book four nights then call Fairmont with your reservation details and apply their 3rd night free certificate (as well as a suite upgrade certificate 😉 )


I know it’s been awhile since your post, but I successfully did what you’re talking about. Citi Prestige called The Fairmont phone number and set it up so that I was able to apply my third night free and suite upgrade. I had 2 Ovation award certificates for free nights also. and the way those work is you pay for the hotel in advance, which citi prestige did, and then when you get there you hand them The Ovations rewards certificates. At the end of your stay the property deduct the cost of those two nights. I did not know if I would still get my 4th night free, but it was worth it anyway. I did end up getting it the 4th night credit from citi on my next bill. They ovations rewards also count as actual paid nights towards the “pay for 2 nights, get the 3rd night free” promo. Then I booked my two free nights from signing up for the Fairmont credit card on a separate reservation and when I got to the hotel asked to stay in the same room for all six nights which they did. I stayed at the Fairmont for 6 nights, in a suite for $0. Actually, I got paid 50 bucks for the stay because of my 2 $25 dining certificates. And when you use your use Ovations award certificates you get free breakfast. I’ve put together some good hustles in the past, but I think that was my masterpiece lol


Hey Greg sorry for the delay on the reply I was out of town.

No problem from me on writing an article. Like many of us, I am happy to brag about my move lol.

Here’s how it went down:

1. Yes I called prestige and gave them my fairmont loyalty account number and played naïve so that the lady was happy, excited really, to help me try to make all this work. I told her that I had a third night free promotion and asked if I could use it with the prestige fourth night free. Even though I already knew that it was at least a possibility in this scenario. She had to bring Fairmont on the line so that I could give them permission to talk with her but then it was no problem to do a four night booking where I got the third night for free from Fairmont certificate and paid for the first two nights and the fourth night, and later be reimbursed for the fourth night by citi.

2. Citi was OK with the third night free cert. It wasn’t a point booking or using free nights from the credit card sign-up bonus. So as far as they were concerned, it was a promotion from the Fairmont where I buy two nights and get the third night free. At least that’s how the rep made it work. YMMV.

I believe that I did the suite upgrade at the same time, but I might’ve called back to do that. Either way, that part was easy. Since the certificate is for a free suite upgrade from the Fairmont, you only pay for a regular room. It didn’t change the price so it doesn’t affect what citi’s cost is for the fourth night whether it’s a regular room or a free suite upgrade.

3. The third and most important part, is that I called the Fairmont FIRST and asked them exactly how using the ovations reward certificates worked. I had read that the way that worked was that you booked the room just like a cash booking. So I was curious if central reservations considered it a cash reservation for the third night free cert. As far as Fairmont’s reservation system was concerned, you didn’t have any ovations certificates. You presented a paper certificate to the hotel when you got there and they deducted the price of that night from your overall price. I asked the girl on the phone if I could use them with my third night free certificate and she said she wasn’t sure and would have to check. She put me on hold, and came back sounding very confident like she had talk to someone who done this before who said that it was no problem. I think that’s because the ovations rewards certificates are a separate system from Fairmont points. My (pure speculation) opinion is that as far as Fairmont is concerned, it is a cash booking and they’re getting reimbursed for from Chase. She did tell me that the third night free would not work with a booking using Fairmont’s proprietary points for the first two nights. She sitting pretty excited that I had figured this all out lol

4. I didn’t know if any of this would work. YMMV. I was assured from both ends that it would, but that’s no guarantee. I wrote down who I talked to, the call times, and the dates just in case. I knew that the two nights ovations rewards would at least work, and I was going to stay at that Fairmont property for 6 nights, even if I didn’t get the third and fourth night free. I then used my two free nights from the Fairmont sign up and added them as the fifth and six night at the regular room price. When I got to the hotel I asked them if they could keep me in the same room the whole week. They said as long as that room is still available that that was no problem but did warn me that I might have to be moved. I said that was fine and I ended up staying in the room the whole week.

5. For anybody who signed up since that April 15 cut off or whatever it was, they will have their Chase annual night free for spending $6000 in six months within 8 to 10 weeks after August 15. So they will be in the unique position of having a few months to be able to get seven nights for free, instead of just six nights like I did. And I believe people who signed up 11 months ago and didn’t finish their final spending until the last minute will also have a couple months to make that move.

6. Since the ovations rewards certs are not really a great value, but you do have to do spend 12k for the annual cert. someone might want to consider just spending that, using those 12 K points for $120 (you can use Fairmont points to pay for flights and one cent per point, and you don’t usually get much more valuable than one cent per point with all the spending you have to do to get an ovation reward certificate) on flights, or now I guess letting them become Chase Sapphire points, and paying cash for the first two nights so they don’t have to do 60 or $80,000 In spend in a year.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

-Zack, aka the Chase Fairmont G.O.A.T.!


Folks, the info here is now wrong. as of Feb 2016 they will only book the hotel thru the Hotel web site.


Would we be able to combing this with a hotel specific 4th night free promotion?

For example, the Four Seasons Nevis currently has a 4th night free promotion. Can this be combined with the Prestige offer to get 2 free nights?

Jon B

CITI rebates whatever the fourth night prices out as . . .

For instance, if the rate was $125, and the hotel was offering a fourth night free in the form of a 25% discount off each night, then you would receive a rebate for the fourth night in the amount of $100.

Day 1: $100
Day 2: $100
Day 3: $100
Day 4: $100

However, if the hotel is offering a fourth night free promotion that prices out with the fourth night free, there would be no rebate.

Day 1: $125
Day 2: $125
Day 3: $125
Day 4: fourth night free


I’m booking now for a stay that will occur after my annual fee is due for the 2nd year. I wasn’t planning on paying that (instead was planning on cancelling the card). Do you think this will still work?


If I’m planning a stay of only 3 nights, is there a downside to getting the 4th night free? Do I earn hotel points/night credits, and more importantly Citi Thankyou points for all 4 nights, before seeing the value of the 4th night refunded? Seems like a way to earn 3X Thankyou points for not spending any money.


@Mikey – I’ve done this a few times. Sometimes you even save money as the cost per night for a 4 night stay can be significantly less than for a 3 night stay. But even if not, the bonus points from the credit card and hotel chain and elite night credits are great.

[…] up to $250) and already paying for four nights in the same hotel (they’ll reimburse for the fourth night) and will spend $3,000 in the first three months of having the card (they’ll give you 50,000 […]


FYI – booking Hyatt through Citi Prestige, they were able to use the COSTCO rate; a good option that seems to be roughly be equivalent to the AAA


I have saved over $3k this year alone with this benefit.


Do you have any insight on “rate abuse”? By that, I’m referring to situations in which you can make a booking where the fourth night has a rate so high that it negates or even out does the cost of the previous three nights. I’m sure that in situations where the first, second, and third nights are all $200 each, but the fourth night is $300, it’s just a “hey, good for you”-type situation. But I could currently book the Bellagio in Las Vegas for Memorial Day weekend at Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night rates of $159, $159, and $299, but with the fourth night, Saturday, being $949. Citibank would effectively pay me $332 to make that booking. While I would love to do this all the time, it wouldn’t be worth losing the benefit, or even my Citibank accounts, for abusing the perk in this way.


Nevermind. I’m an idiot. I forgot you still have to pay for the night. Hah.


Agreed – you don’t “make money” on it, but it’s a great way to get a single very expensive night.

Think NYC Times Square for New Years – you pay for 12/28-12/31, they pay for 12/31-1/1. You may be cheaper paying for 12/28-12/31 than just 12/31-1/1, AND you’ll earn hotel on all four nights.


If I book eight nights on the same hotel, will citi prestige pay for the 4th and 8th night? Or do I have to make a two separate 4 nights reservation to get credited on 4th and 8th night?


Im looking at the Hyatt Ziva los Cabos and they rates on are $66/night higher than every OTA. Its been like this for months. So, can Citi get the rates that are listed on Priceline, Expedia etc? Or is there any way to use a Best rate guarantee along with the 4th night free?

Julien Pierre

That’s the opposite of my experience. They will only use the hotel web site’s rate for the purpose of 4th night free.

Jenkins Fung

Does anyone know if you only gonna stay 8 nights? Since we know we can’t stay at the same hotel for 8 nights straight, Can we just simply switch hotels? Do I need to call them twice ( make 2 booking in two separate order, hope CWT doesn’t aware I have another booking already.)

thanks much


Thank you and just made my bookings!! thank you for your reply!!


Last week I applied for the Prestige card through the FM link and was instantly approved. I received the card two days ago. I have a trip planned for Spain in May and I have already booked refundable hotels. I thought I would give the 4th night benefit a try. I had previously booked 6 nights at a hotel in Seville, Spain for $1967.00 USD. Not only did the Aspire concierge service beat that price for the same class of room and breakfast at $1789.00 USD but they confirmed that I would be rebated a card credit for $324.00 USD for the 4th night. A total savings of $502.00 and I have had the card only two days. I am impressed.

Harry @ RSG

I’m going to call in tmw to book 4th night free for an upcoming stay in Hong Kong. I want to book a deluxe harbor view room at the HK IC for $360/night for 4 nights.

If I also purchase IHG ambassador status for $200 which would entitle me to a guaranteed room upgrade (to a suite), would I be able to apply that to my reservation made through prestige?


how about if i use a bank corporate rate like ubs/bnp for a hyatt chain? will it work?


@alan Does it show as pending? If so, just give it some more time