No, Prestige 4th night free isn’t dead yet


Last night, I felt a sudden wave of panic when I read this headline from View from the Wing, “Citi Prestige Limits Access to Good Hotel Rates for 4th Night Free Over Two Months Early. Thankfully, this was a case of mistaken identity as it sounds like the readers reporting this problem simply called the wrong number. If you call the number on the back of your card and say you want to book travel, you’ll end up speaking with a ThankYou travel agent. Those agents can only book (inflated) rates as you’d seem them on However, if you book via the Prestige Concierge / Aspire Lifestyles, you’ll still have access to normal direct hotel rates / AAA / some corporate codes, hotel special rates, etc. Those Prestige Concierge agents maintain that you will continue to be able to book via the Prestige Concierge until September 1, 2019 as we had previously been told with no imminent or early change.

As a reminder, you can find direct contact information (to book via phone or email) for the Prestige Concierge along will the answers to all of your other questions about this benefit in our complete guide. See that guide here:

Complete Guide to the Citi Prestige 4th Night Free.


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If i book a 4th night now for September but downgrade my card in october, will i still be reimbursed? In the past i was being reimbursed within a month but now its taking almost 3 months.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Good question. I don’t know.

[…] There was some back and forth this week about the fourth-night free benefit from the Citi Prestige card. While the benefit is supposed to last in its present form until September, some websites were saying it has already changed. Nick from Frequent Miler reports that the problem is with how the people were making the booking with Citi. […]


I appreciate your thoughtful response, Nick. And even though this benefit, program, & TYPs are already pretty much dead to me, Greg’s posting today doesn’t sound too favorable, either!

“When booking hotels through the Citi ThankYou portal, you can expect to pay, on average, almost 10% more than you would when booking through other online travel agencies. This diminishes the value of ThankYou points when applied to hotel stays. Chase and, meanwhile, seem to offer competitive pricing in most cases.”

I book hotels thru the Chase portal when I don’t like what’s on Hyatt, Hilton, or Marriott or only need 4 nights. And their rates are usually discounted for Chase program members (beyond the 33% discount for having my CSR). And it’s easy & straightforward. Why go thru convoluted Citi transactions when you simply don’t have to?!

Timothy P

My understanding is that reservations made through the Prestige Concierge, until September 1st, will still qualify for the 4th night rebate. When do you think the furthest date out would be for this reimbursement?


If our community goal is to travel for free, how good really was/is for a ltd time, this benefit anyway? TY points for that matter are inferior to URs unless you fly constantly on obscure airlines or are Greg who knows (& isn’t fully posting because he acknowledges the complexity & changes in doing so) how to use them elsewhere. I guess Citi & its “premium” offerings are doable for avg credit scores but using them as an anchor with excellent scores is short sighted. I mean, Garuda Airlines…really??!