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Tumi is offering its annual spring sale, which offers a wide range of ways to stack at the many various retailers that stock Tumi products. While Tumi is expensive, getting in on one of these deals sure beats paying full price.

TopCashBack is currently offering 26% back on Tumi purchases at eBags. That makes for a nice stack with the current semi-annual sale, which offers 20% off on select models. You might even do better elsewhere depending on your situation.

a close up of a bag

The Deal

  • Get 26% cash back on Tumi products at eBags.com
  • Stack with Tumi sale with select items at 20% off (priced as shown on the site)
  • Direct link to the deal
  • Also see the Quick Thoughts section for other ways to stack at Sak’s, Bloomingdale’s, etc

Key Details

  • 26% back on Tumi products, 18% back on other purchases
  • Using a promotional/coupon code not posted and approved by TopCashback may void your cash back.
  • Electronics are not eligible for cash back.
  • Orders deemed by eBags to be used for reselling purposes are ineligible.
  • Gift certificates, monogramming, luggage locator services, and the following brands (Fujifilm, Briggs & Riley) are excluded from cash back.
  • Only purchases made on eBags’s US site are eligible for cash back

Quick Thoughts

Every spring, an increased cash back rate via TopCashBack coincides with this Tumi sale. While you’ll find Tumi products on sale at the many retailers that carry them, the best deal has often come via a cash back portal & eBags. In years past, this has also overlapped with an Amex Offer, which sometimes creates an additional opportunity to stack a bit more back. Unfortunately, there is not a current eBags offer and furthermore eBags stopped allowing customers to combine gift cards purchased with an Amex Offer (perhaps stopped allowing you to combine altogether?). That unfortunate development has diluted the deal some. There have also been occasional Chase Offers for eBags, so it’s worth checking your Chase app to see if you have any such offers before buying.

Still, this does still make for a solid deal if you are looking for Tumi luggage (it certainly beats paying full price!). I’ve even bought and resold bags profitably through these deals in the past (albeit with stacking of multiple Amex Offers, which is no longer an option). I really liked some of the bags I bought and sold and had been tempted to keep one in the past.

Note that those with the Amex Platinum card (consumer version) might want to also check out Sak’s Fifth Avenue. Take this carry-on bag for example:

a black luggage with wheels

Since one of the benefits of the Platinum card is a biannual $50 credit at Sak’s, you could stack with 11% portal cash and a current Sak’s promotion as follows:

  1. Go through ShopAtHome for 11% back
  2. Order something like this Alpha 2 International Expandable bag for $500
  3. Use promo code MARCH2019
  4. Get $55 back from Shop at Home
  5. Get $50 from your Amex Platinum card if you have not yet used the benefit this year
  6. Get a $75 Sak’s “promo gift card” (note: this is more like a $75 off coupon that’s only good for a few weeks — “Gift cards valid from 3/23/19 through 4/27/19 and are redeemable in Saks Fifth Avenue stores and on saks.com”)
  7. Pay a net $395 (plus $7.50 shipping?) to get the bag & $75 worth of other stuff

a screenshot of a online order

That bag is a previous model (it’s one I’ve sold and really liked). The closest model eBags has is this Alpha 3 International Expandable Carry-on for $580 (though note the eBags model is 2-wheeled and the Sak’s model is 4-wheeled). After 26% cash back, you’d pay a net $429.20 for the bag from eBags. Whether or not you’re OK with the previous model for $20 or $30 less (plus the $75 promo gift card) is likely a matter of personal preference (your wheel preference is also important there).

Those willing to buy discounted gift cards might also consider Bloomingdale’s, which is offering rewards points (which are usually valid longer than the Sak’s card). A $500+ bag would get you $125 in Bloomingdale’s rewards points and portal cash is a couple percent higher. Combine that with a discounted gift card (I see them available as high as 12% off face value) for a deal that’s potentially even better (albeit without the $50 off from Sak’s). For example, Bloomingdale’s has the Alpha 3 (newer model) 2-wheel for $580 or the 4-wheel version for $600. Let’s say you want the 4-wheel version:

  1. Go through ShopAtHome for 13% cash back (Lemoney is offering 15%, but I’ve heard a lot of negative reports about that portal, so I hesitate to recommend it)
  2. Buy the $600 Tumi Alpha 3 International Expandable 4-wheel carry-on
  3. Pay with a gift card purchased for 12% off face value ($528 net cost)
  4. Earn $78 in cash back from ShopAtHome ($528 – $78 = $450 net cost)
  5. Earn enough Bloomingdale’s rewards points for a $125 reward card
  6. Total cost = $450 for the newer model bag + $125 Bloomingdale’s rewards card (plus tax, YMMV there)

In other words, there are many ways to stack this one. Which way works best for you is a matter of preference.

All that said, I won’t be buying a Tumi bag in this sale. I have a Tumi backpack I bought secondhand and love, but I’m buying a new carry-on from a different brand in another sale today (for significantly less) that I’ll cover in a separate post in just a bit.

H/T: Running with Miles for the TopCashBack / eBags deal

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Tumi is owned by Samsonite. At the time I bought my T-Tech bags the warranty was only one year, and it’s apparently 5 now.
These bags don’t represent a good value at any price IMHO and I am using one on a trip now. The carry on handle “poles” (not sure what they would be called) came out of one of the bags and they were attached with plastic clips and cheap wood dowels. They are out of warranty
Get something with a lifetime warranty like Briggs and Riley. I’m partial to them because the shoe repair store that does the warranty work for Briggs in my city is only 2 miles away. They told ne they are limited to $20 repairs , otherwise you have to send the bag in. The have been able to repair a busted zipper twice in 4 years .

Because I think consultants like McKinsey don’t really know anything , the fact they all use Tumi makes me want to use something else…..and that’s only sort of a joke.