Two ways to book (Nordic) hotels with Choice points


Now that Preferred Hotels & Resorts are bookable online with Choice points (see this post for details), it’s worth pointing out that there are a handful of hotels that can be booked with Choice points in two different ways: they can be booked either through Choice Privileges directly or through Preferred Hotels. I think that this situation is limited to select Strawberry Hotels (previously known as Nordic Choice hotels) that also participate in the Preferred Hotels program, but it’s possible that there are other hotels around the world where this happens too. It’s especially likely with Choice’s Ascend Collection hotels since these are independent hotels that may be free to participate in both programs: Choice Privileges and Preferred Hotels & Resorts. This theory is somewhat reinforced by the fact that the website for booking Preferred Hotels with Choice points includes “/ascend/” in the URL path. Please let me know if you find dual participating hotels other than those listed below.

Villa Copenhagen is one of several hotels that can be booked with Choice points either through Choice Privileges’ website (top) or through Preferred Hotels (bottom)


There are two ways to book hotels online with Choice Privileges points:

  1. Book Choice hotels at
  2. Book Preferred Hotels with Choice points at (after logging into your Choice account and clicking “Book Here” you’ll be redirected to the Preferred Hotels website)

The vast majority of hotels through these two channels are completely separate. There are, however, a number of hotels that appear in both websites. Here are the ones I’ve identified so far:

  • Oslo, Norway
    • Amerikalinjen
  • Stockholm, Sweden
    • Nordic Light Hotel
    • At Six
    • Hotel C Stockholm
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Villa Copenhagen
  • Helsinki, Finland
    • Klaus K Hotel
    • Hotel Lilla Roberts
    • Hotel Haven

As you’ll see in the following sections, it does matter which way you book these hotels. There are material differences in point prices, availability, room types, and more…

Point Prices Vary

Among dual-available hotels identified so far, only one (THE THIEF) has the same point price in both channels (20K points either way). Usually, booking directly through Choice is cheaper, but in one case I found booking through Preferred Hotels was cheaper (Klaus K Hotel in Helsinki). Here are the details:

  • Oslo, Norway
    • Amerikalinjen (20K Choice, 45K Preferred)
    • THE THIEF (20K Choice, 20K Preferred)
  • Stockholm, Sweden
    • Nordic Light Hotel (20K Choice, 35K Preferred)
    • At Six (20K Choice, 45K Preferred)
    • Hotel C Stockholm (16K Choice, 25K Preferred)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Villa Copenhagen (40K Choice, 45K Preferred)
  • Helsinki, Finland
    • Klaus K Hotel (30K Choice, 25K Preferred)
    • Hotel Lilla Roberts (30K Choice, 35K Preferred)
    • Hotel Haven (30K Choice, 45K Preferred)

Availability Varies

I haven’t seen big differences in room availability, but there are some differences. For example, when trying to book THE THIEF through Choice’s website, you can see that June 26-29 is not available:

But when trying to book the same hotel through Preferred Hotels, THE THIEF is available for those same dates (June 26-29):

Preferred Offers Much Bigger Booking Window

When booking hotels with points through Choice’s website, you’re limited to booking stays within the next 100 days. With Preferred Hotels, though, you can generally book much farther out. I’ve seen hotels available as far out as a year, but not all go that far into the future.

Here you can see that the Klaus K Hotel in Helsinki is only available through July 1st (100 days from the date of writing this post) via Choice’s website:

But by booking through Preferred Hotels, it’s possible to book the same hotel a full year in advance:

Cancellation Policies Vary

Sometimes the cancellation policies are the same regardless of whether you book through Choice or through Preferred Hotels, but sometimes they’re different. Here’s an example of where they’re different…

Through Choice’s website, Villa Copenhagen offers free cancellation until 6pm on the day of check-in:

Through Preferred Hotels, Villa Copenhagen offers free cancellation until 4pm the day before arrival:

Room Types Vary

One of the biggest advantages of booking through Choice is that you can often pick from multiple room types for the same award price. When booking through Preferred Hotels, I believe that you are always limited to their cheapest room type.

For example, when booking the Villa Copenhagen via Choice, you get to choose from several room types:

When booking the same hotel through Preferred Hotels, you get whatever they assign you. In this case it’s a Standard Queen Room.

Which way is best to book?

In general, when hotels are available to book either way, booking through Choice is usually better. You’ll usually be charged fewer points and may have the ability to pick from a number of different room types. The one place where the advice is flipped on its head is when booking far in advance. Only Preferred Hotels allows booking with points more than 100 days in advance of the reservation. Of course, it may be possible to have your cake and eat it too: Book initially through Preferred Hotels, but once you are within 100 days of your stay, check to see if the hotel is available through Choice for your preferred dates. If so, cancel with Preferred Hotels and rebook through Choice.

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Ty M

You might mention that you can also book “Nordic Choice” hotels with Strawberry’s own loyalty program. If you happen by some of their points, the rates are especially low at some place like the Comfort Hotel Solna. It’s a reasonable commute to Stockholm city center, includes breakfast and is adjacent to both a mall and a really nice park system with ponds.


I stumbled on a third way to book preferred hotels for the NOMO SOHO hotel in NYC and it is not a good deal at all.
NOMO SOHO in New York City is showing as 45,0000 points when booking from
While using, the same hotel booking is 75,000 points. These are called ‘I Preferred Points’ which I assume are not Choice points.
Are ‘I Points’ another type of award currency?

Thanks, Randy


Thanks, Greg. I thought this was the Choice Points price when I was checking if purchasing Choice Points at 50% off was a good deal. Thankfully, 75k points was not the Choice Points.


Very timely as I’m looking to book in two of these cities for later this year but award space is not yet available through the Choice portal. One of the frustrating things about some of these nicer hotels is that they don’t have rooms with more than one bed. I’m traveling with good friends who are fine sharing a room but we’ve all reached the point where we want our own beds.


I actually was able to do that at a Kimpton in Amsterdam where we were able to get 2 beds at check-in.

But I just checked with The Thief and they don’t even have any rooms with 2 beds.

It’s frustrating too that nobody anywhere seems to offer suites with anything but a king. When traveling with just 2 others it would be great if we could get two beds and a sofa or something but I guess the demand for that kind of thing is just not there.


I stayed at Amerikalinjen a couple years ago. Great hotel, breakfast was awesome, and most would prefer the location over the Thief. The rooms are quite small, and I think through Choice only the double bed room is available.

Ty M

I’ve stayed multiple times at the Amerikalinjen. It has a well-earned reputation as one of the best city hotels in the world. The rooms are a little small, but the breakfast is fantastic.


Great write up!


Very nice. This has given me some great options for my orphan Choice points from the Radisson days. As a matter of fact I’m interested in gathering more Choice points. Any suggestion or perhaps a future post on best ways to accumulate them?


Transfers are 1:2 from Citi TYP CCs and Wells Fargo Autograph Journey (1000 points become 2000 Choice points) and there is a few Choice credit cards from Wells Fargo too.


Also, when you book through preferred hotels you do not earn elite qualifying nights unless something has changed in the last year while booking these properties through Choice directly would earn you elite qualifying nights. For someone looking to earn elite status with Choice it would be preferable to book through Choice.


Thanks. Very good info