Preferred Hotels now bookable online with Choice points!


This is huge! Choice Privileges has long partnered with Preferred Hotels & Resorts, and it has previously been possible, but usually very, very difficult, to book participating Preferred hotels with Choice points. Not anymore! It’s now very easy! You can now book Preferred hotels online with your Choice points!


Through Choice Privileges’ partnership with Preferred Hotels, over 300 Preferred Hotels can be booked with Choice points.


  • Point prices are fixed per hotel
  • Hotel point prices range from 20,000 to 55,000 points per night
  • You can only book base level rooms (but I’ve had success in the past calling the hotel to pay for an upgrade in advance).
  • The cancellation policy is shown before you complete check-out. I just made a reservation where it showed that I can cancel for free up to 3 days before check in.
  • Unlike Choice’s own hotels, you are not limited to booking within the next 100 days. I see availability out as far as a year with some hotels.

How to Book Online (Short Version)

  1. Browse here:
    Note: this looks similar but is NOT the same site we used to use to look for Preferred Hotels availability.
  2. Log into your Choice Privileges account
  3. Click “Start Booking”
  4. Use the website’s filters to find the hotel you want
  5. If you have enough points for at least one night, you can click “Book Now” from List View to find available dates and to book the hotel.
  6. If you don’t have enough points for at least one night, switch to Map View to find your hotel and click “Book Now”. That will take you to the screen where you can find available dates.

How to Book Online (Detailed)

Step 1) Start by logging into Choice via a special page

Browse here & log in:

If you’re not already logged into Choice, you’ll see a button in the middle of the screen asking you to “Sign in to Start Booking”. Click that button to sign into your Choice Privileges account (if you don’t already have a Choice account, create one for free).

Step 2) Press “Start Booking” and then search for hotels

Once you’ve signed into Choice Privileges, the button changes to “Start Booking”:

Click “Start Booking” and after a short wait, you should see something like this:

Note: this looks similar but is NOT the same site we used to use to look for Preferred Hotels availability.

You can now use the site’s filters and sort feature to find hotels of interest to you.

Step 3) Click “Book Now” to see award availability

If you have enough points for at least one night at the hotel you’re interested in, then you should see a “Book Now” button. If you don’t have enough points, you’ll see “Buy Points” instead.

If that happens, an easy work-around is to switch to Map View and click on the hotel in the map. There you should see a “Book Now” button even if you don’t have any points:

If you don’t have enough points for at least one night and you want to see the hotel’s availability calendar, switch to Map View and click on the hotel you’re interested in. Now you should be able to click “Book Now” to get to the availability calendar.

Once you click “Book Now”, you’ll be brought to an availability calendar. Dates showing point prices (without an X through it) are probably available (but there’s one more step to confirm availability).

The final step for checking availability is to actually select dates in the calendar. Once you do, you’ll briefly see a message saying “Checking Availability with Hotel…” If the hotel is really available, that message will disappear and you can now book the hotel.

If the hotel is not really available, you’ll see something like this:

Error code 1200: We are sorry, there are no rooms available for the dates you have selected.

Step 4) Check availability without enough points

This solution was described above, but I’ll repeat it here in case you missed it. If you don’t have enough points to see the “Book Now” button, simply switch to Map View, click on the hotel you’re interested in, and click “Book Now.”

How to Get Choice Points

There are a few good ways to get Choice points quickly:

  1. Buy them when they’re on sale: check this page for current deals (there is currently a sale through April 9 2024)
  2. Transfer 1 to 2 from Citi ThankYou Rewards if you have the Citi Premier card or Citi Prestige.
  3. Transfer 1 to 2 from Wells Fargo if you have a Wells Fargo Autograph or Autograph Journey card
  4. Apply for a Choice Privileges credit card (details here)

It’s also possible to transfer 1 to 1 from Amex or Capital One to Choice but that’s usually a bad deal so I don’t recommend it.

Bottom Line

It has just become super easy to use Choice Privileges points to book Preferred Hotels! For ideas of great hotels to book, see: The worlds best Preferred Hotels bookable with Choice points (and yes, that post is a bit out of date, but I’ll work on updating it soon!).

A big thank you to reader Douglas who emailed us with the tip that these bookings are now available online!

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Does it matter what browser you are using? I am using Google Chrome. Still not able to complete the process to book Preferred hotels.


After step 2, when I click on “start booking” I get a page that says “Welcome Choice Privileges Members”. My landing page does not look like your example. There is not an option to begin a booking. I suspect it is “operator error” in that there is something that I am doing incorrect. Hope this helps. I will keep trying.


Greg – I finally found my “operator error” and can see the Preferred Hotels. Now I just have the find open dates for the hotels that I would like to book. And increase my Choice Privileges points bank.


First, I was not correctly following your instructions. I was not using the “sign in to start booking” per your screen shot, but rather Choice hotels sign in which also showed on the webpage. For some unknown reason I cannot access via my iPad, but I can access on my laptop. I hope the above explanation makes sense.

[…] In the old days, we had the Club Carlson hotel loyalty program. Where for a little while we could get a free night for every night we burned points for an award, it was glorious while it lasted. Then my memory gets a little foggy but somehow Radisson came into the picture. And burning these points for Radisson Blu stays was not bad until those too were devalued. And then Choice Hotels bought it and I have been trying to burn these hotel points ever since! To burn Choice points you can not book awards more than 100 days in advance which just blows. Anyway, maybe there is a chance to use these points now: Preferred Hotels now bookable online with Choice points! […]

John Doe

They already changed the pricing on the Ajwa Sultanahmet from 35k to 55k


Can you make a Preferred Hotels booking for someone else using your Choice points? It’s an international booking, so I likely can’t do my usual “book for myself then call to add another guest”


This is a mess. Hotels randomly popping up depending on what landing page you have. I don’t have points in Choice so I can’t see availability for a certain hotel. When I go to the “check availability” link, it’s gone, but there are a bunch of other hotels that weren’t on the original page. Unsure how to lock in a date search. Seems like the page for that is broken?

[…] opportunity for redemption, but often a headache in actually executing it. It was well spotted by Frequent Miler that this now online. WAHOO! This is fantastic news and adds value to the following currencies […]


What am I missing? I went on the preferred hotels website and filtered by “Preferred Hotels & Resorts” brands to see all of their hotels. I then clicked the link above and logged into my Choice Hotels profile and searched every city from the PH&R list. I can’t find a single website bookable with choice points. The only non-motels I’m seeing are accends and cambria’s. What am I missing??


Does using Choice points for Preferred Hotels include taxes and fees or do we have to pay for those after the fact?


Looks like at least the Resort Fees are extra on a couple hotels that I pulled up. I assume taxes are included though like they are with all other programs.


Greg and Nick, as you noted on this week’s On The Air, the new Wells Fargo Autograph will transfer at 2X. For some, it will provide a good alternative to Citi.


I just poked around a little bit in the Cancun area since we are going this week… I noticed that only one Fiesta Americana populated – so evidently only a few are owned by Choice ( Or Preferred hotels) and the others remained at Fiesta American a resorts & hotels…. that won’t be confusing at all! lol


For a hotel I am looking at, there is JUST a Buy Points button, there doesn’t seem to be ANY way to check availability?!


Many of the hotels don’t show up on the check availability link at all, and ONLY on the booking link, but without points in the account, you can’t book? This seems like a very poorly done IT job.


Thanks. This obviously makes access to the Preferred Hotels more plausible for Choice members. Do these properties provide any perks — like breakfast — to Choice guests? I scrolled through the online hotels and saw some interesting properties, but not a ton of value at current point values. Boutique hotels overseas tend to cost less than they do in the United States, and if you have to spend 35,000 Choice points (which would cost about $200 if you acquired them cheaply) you will do better in most cases just shopping around for a decent hotel you’d like to stay at and save your Choice points for good deals at Choice hotels.


It’s not hard to get a penny-a-point value redeeming at Choice’s own properties and sometimes much more than that. Frankly, I would not consider redeeming for less than 1 cent value. With that in mind, can anyone identify particularly good value Preferred hotels? Like to redeem 35,000 points, you’d want to be getting a $350 room. I stay at a lot of nice foreign hotels, but rarely do the rooms sell for more than $350/night (I think the USA now has among the highest hotel costs in the world).


im not doing the groundwork for you son…


Yeah, you wouldn’t want to kill the deal for that great use of 35,000 Choice points in Ulaanbaatar. Thanks for your post.

John Doe

You are overvaluing them at 1cpp. They are worth 0.5cpp given the transfer rate from TYP and now WF Autograph.


I’m not “overvaluing” them if 1 cent is a common redemption (and it is). Who would preferentially redeem for the “bad deal’ hotels? Personally, I’m a buyer of Choice points at .5 cents, and not at .8 cents (because I only hold script that I can use for material profit). To make it worthwhile to book Preferred hotels, I’d want a 35,000 point Preferred hotel to otherwise cost at least $350 — and preferably more. Otherwise, unless I’m just trying to unload my Choice points, why would I bother?

[…] For those looking to redeem points, there’s fortunately one pretty exciting redemption opportunity, and that’s the ability to redeem at Preferred Hotels & Resorts properties, thanks to a partnership. Historically the process of booking these properties has a pain, though that has just become much easier, as flagged by Frequent Miler. […]