Ugh…no more money orders at the post office


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UPDATE: A few days after this was originally posted, USPS post office registers were updated nationwide so that they no longer accept gift cards as debit cards for money order purchases.

In bad news for those who use gift cards to purchase money orders at the post office, Miles Per Day is reporting that a memo has gone out regionally to USPS locations advising them to stop accepting gift cards for money orders. Based on the copy of the memo posted at Miles Per Day, it sounds like this is not yet hard-coded into register, but that is on the docket in the not-so-distant future. In the meantime, clerks are being advised to stop the sale when they notice someone is paying with gift cards. Again, this memo is reported to be regional thus far, but it sounds like the end is near for using gift cards to purchase money orders at the USPS. See the post at Miles Per Day for full text of the memo.

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Anyone have a new method to liquidate gift cards or to manufactured spend?

I’m having manufactured spending withdrawals!!


UGH this royally sucks! I just went to my local PO in NJ and its not working.

FH – Any alternative advice to liquidate the GC?




A lot of Post Offices in the DC area already have not been working for money orders for at least a few months now.




The picture in that “memo” is Meta…those are hardcoded not to be accepted already at POs….


I keep wondering when this will all end at the big store.
At least, it will free up some time when that happens!


After seeing this mid afternoon West Coast time I realized I had 2 cards I needed to deal with. Ran out and got them both done. The wave may not have hit out this far just yet.


Is Handbook F-101 (October 2013) still current? If so, the graphic in Miles Per Day is misleading as five options are shown, including American Express gift checks payable in U.S. dollars. What the hell is USPS thinking – that MS folk are not going to read their rule book?


Okay, I have to say it. The quality of the writing on this memo is 5th grade level. Good grief!


Not quite fifth grade but close. Doctor of Credit’s writing level is similar to that memo, but when someone complains about it, they get the riot act.




Damn. That was my last relatively easy liquidation method.