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ec on

US Bank has always paid bonuses as promised, unlike some others, over the years to me.


Thank you, Tim (and rest of FM team). I took the plunge on this since this post made it seem so easy. I had a couple of hiccups (of my own making) along the way, but the bonus just posted today. The roadmap laid out here was solid. This is the content I keep coming back here to read, keep up the great work.


What triggers the DD? Does ACH push/pull or PayPal work?

Izetta Brannon

Can you open in-branch?


Thanks Tim! Any reason why I couldn’t sign my 15 year old up?


Thank you Tim!

Does anyone know which states are eligible? I couldn’t fit it.


I live in Maryland. Is that mean that I am NOT eligible ?

Ivan Y

Very confused

“We appreciate your interest in a U.S. Bank account. Based on the information you provided, we’re unable to grant your request for the following account:

U.S. Bank Easy Checking
The decision was made as a result of additional verification attempts made to protect your identity. In review of your application, there were inconsistencies in the information provided. As a result, an account cannot be opened for you at this time. Please visit a U.S. Bank branch in person to provide proper identification. We take our customer’s identity and privacy very seriously and appreciate your understanding.”

Greg Poole

Got the same. I don’t understand what that’s about.


Does US Bank pull your credit for new checking accounts? What about chex systems?

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Harley kesselman

How long do you have to keep the account open without incurring early termination fees? Thank you!

Brian C

6 months IIRC

Lone Gunman

Grab the bonus and then punt. It’s a rotten bank.