New Chase Offers: 20% back at Home Depot, Best Buy, Staples and more


Chase came out with some nice deals in their most recent additions to the Chase Offers section in online Chase accounts. Unlike Amex Offers, Chase allows you to get the same offer on more than one card, which can allow you to redeem an offer multiple times (particularly useful in 2-player mode). My wife and I have the Home Depot offer on 9 cards between us.

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The Deals

  • New Chase Offers are out, including the following:
    • 20% back at Best Buy (up to $10 back)
    • 20% back at Home Depot (up to $10 back)
    • 20% back at Staples (up to $10 back)
    • 10% back at Staples (up to $10 back)

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Quick Thoughts

I often ignore Chase Offers with low caps, but this round will be useful for many. They seem to be targeted to multiple cards per person, so you could split payments at the register between several cards and trigger multiple offers.

To find Chase Offers on your account, sign-in to Chase online and then look in the bottom right corner. Once you see the Chase Offers box, select “see all offers” you’ll be taken to a page where you can toggle between all of your cards, see the Chase offers on each one and easily activate them.

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Also check out this post from Stephen about the Q3 5-7x Chase spending bonuses. Combined with these current Chase Offers, there are some nice stacking opportunities out there.

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Anyone get the Staples one to post? I bot $200 VGC on 8/14 and split the charge between two cards with the offer and haven’t got the email notification yet.


Can anyone confirm you can lock in Macy’s 20% offer by buying Macy’s GC online?


Note that the BestBuy offer language indicates that it works for multiple purchases… very unusual for Chase offers.


I have 20% back for Macy’s on CSP ($10 max) . 10% back for Macy’s on Freedom and Boundless ($10).


I have 5 personal and 3 business Chase credit cards. None of these offers around.

I only have a couple of cards with 10% back at Office Max / Depot (up to $8 back).


Any hacks for being able to use these online?


I’ve got multiple HD, Bestbuy, Staples, Gamestop, both 10% and 20% on all of those. Bestbuy goes up to $20, others up to $10. On personal cards only, nothing on business, except Office Depot 10% off.


Do Home Depot and Best Buy sell gift cards?


Best Buy does sell all sorts of stuff (not Visa’s anymore), like amazon for example. Home Depot, at least the last time I checked the one near me, did not have Visa’s or amazon, but they had some other random stuff which may be useful to some.


HD by me has $50 and $100 VGCs


Unless someone has a better data point, I’m guessing this is business cards only, since none of these showed up on any of my eight personal cards.


its on several of my personal cards


My loss!!!! Checked again this morning and although a few new offers, none of the good stuff.