US Bank Now Providing Instant Credit Card Numbers For New Applications


A couple of years ago, US Bank announced that they’d be introducing the ability to obtain credit card numbers instantly for new card applications.

There seemed to be a delay in that functionality being introduced, but Doctor of Credit reports that the ability to get your new card number before the card physically arrives is now live.

To get your new card number, you apparently have to log in, click on your new card and then click on the virtual card tab.

I tried to test this out last night, but didn’t have any luck. I had a large expense that would’ve been perfect for knocking out the welcome offer on a new card, so I decided to apply for a US Bank business credit card. Unfortunately that application went to pending review which meant I wasn’t able to take screenshots of the process, nor could I confirm that the ability to view your virtual card number is available on US Bank business cards in addition to personal cards.

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