(EXPIRED) Use Chase Pay At ShopRite For 10% / 10X On $400


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There’s a new spending offer available when using Chase Pay at ShopRite. It started running on January 1, 2018 and goes through to February 4, 2018 – here’s how to take advantage of the deal.

Chase Pay at ShopRite

The Deal

Spend up to $400 in purchases at ShopRite during the promotional period and earn a total of 10% or 10X when paying with certain Chase cards and using Chase Pay.

Here are the promotion landing page links for each eligible card:

I’m guessing that Chase Sapphire Preferred cards are included in this promo too. I’ve not been able to find a landing page though, so there’s no guarantee it’s included.

Key Terms

With Chase Freedom, you must have this quarter’s 5% categories activated in order to earn the additional 5%.

The 10% / 10X is a cumulative total. With Chase Freedom, that means you’ll earn an additional 5%. With Chase Freedom Unlimited, you’ll earn an additional 8.5% on top of your usual 1.5%, while for Chase Sapphire and Chase Sapphire Reserve (and Chase Sapphire Preferred??), you’ll earn an additional 9X.

Quick Thoughts

It should be easy to max out this promotion with such a low spending threshold – especially with it being at a grocery store.

If you have more than one of the cards listed, you should be able to earn 10% / 10X on each one.

Don’t forget that there’s also a ShopRite Amex offer that expires on January 10. These two deals aren’t stackable, but if you’re going to ShopRite to take advantage of one of the offers, you could kill two birds with one stone.

I just wish there was a ShopRite near me right now as we have the Amex Offer on a ton of cards and both a Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire Reserve we could use for this new deal.

h/t Danny the Deal Guru

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My local Shoprite in Mt. Kisco NY allows you to charge groceries on Chase Pay. However, their wifi isn’t sufficient to get online. Unlike Apple Pay, which doesn’t require internet connection, I was unable to use Chase Pay. I was told that ATT doesn’t work in the store. Perhaps shoppers with other providers might have better luck.


I mean let’s be frank here, Chase pay stinks, the entire functionality is glitchy having used it for several dozenpurchases online and in person for various bonus promos. Personally I would never use this horribly thought out product if not for the bonus points. Masterpass is not much better, Apple clearly has a better product as far as automated payment systems. (Chase, I hope you read this)


Just called in, they saw the error with CSR though said it will take a billing cycle to show up and they had to put in for manual credit. There seems to be a problem.


I called in and after checking around for offers said he will put in for investigation. I was told it can take 1-2 billing cycles, which i know terms state.


I called Chase two days ago about my wife’s Chase Pay account, when hitting Pay in the app, nothing comes up — I tried un-enrolling her via Chase site, but even after clicking un-enroll and a message saying she’s been un-enrolled, she’s still enrolled. Going back to Chase Pay settings – nothing changes on the site, app still brings up nothing when selecting Pay. Anyway, that was a long story to simply say that Chase indicated to us that they’re having a current problem with all mobile wallets. I asked the rep to un-enroll her and she supposedly did it. Two days later, the same issue persists — still enrolled, no pay options, and cannot un-enroll via site. Hopefully they’ll get this fixed before Feb 4th!


Yes, same problem, used CP and was only credited 1x. It has bee over a week


As I’ve previously noted, and others have as well, when you go online to your Chase statement and click on the Shoprite transaction, you’ll see your bonus points. It is definitely possible to run into confusion at the store — as I also mentioned, don’t try to do this at self-checkout — but you should be able to find someone to scan your QR code and get it to work. Happy shopping!

Jay H

Used CSR and transaction shows “Sale: Chase Pay”.
Transaction was posted 1/7 but only 1x point.

Asked Chase and was told “the bonus points will be added in one to two billing cycles”.

Anyone else with same situation?


Did this get corrected for you? I am also seeing 1x only.

I wonder if its issue with CSR as I have seen bunch of people with Freedom or Freedom unlimited get the points.

Want to make sure this works before I try on my and my wife’s other cards.

Jay H

My CSR still shows 1x.
My statement is closing soon.
I will see what happens then.

10x was posted for my freedom unlimited right away.


Thanks for sharing…would love to hear after your statement closes.


Updates: statement closure did not help.
sent message to Chase and finally got points adjustment posted.


Wife just tried to check out and pay with Chase Pay at the Hatfield PA. The cashier had no idea what to do with the QR code. I wonder if the scanner will read the QR code after choosing Credit as payment option.

Has anybody in PA had any luck getting the Chase Pay payment to go through?

Nick Reyes

I haven’t used Chase Pay at Shop Rite, but I have used it at Best Buy and Starbucks. In both instances, the cashier looked at me like I have eight heads when I wanted them to scan the QR code on my phone. They both insisted that I tap the phone to the payment terminal. Not wanting Android Pay to activate, I held firm. The Best Buy cashier just used the same scanner gun they use to scan items you’re buying and was surprised when it went through. The Starbucks clerk really didn’t seem to like me trying to scan my phone as though I was paying with the Starbucks app, but I insisted for her to let me just try it. It worked and I got the same surprised shrug from her.

So I’m not speaking from Shop Rite experience on this one, but I would bet that if you get the cashier to scan the QR code with their scanner gun it’ll work.

[…] Use Chase Pay At ShopRite For 10% / 10X On $400 (Expires 2/4/18) […]


How do you use Chase pay offline?


So what enterprising BoardingArea reader is going to figure out how to buy gift cards on behalf of those of us that don’t have ShopRite’s in our area?


I am very new to this fantastic credit card/miles/points community so, please pardon my amateur questions. (1) I have a Chase Freedom card that I have already hit this quarters maximum redemption on ($1500 via Apple Pay). Is this shop-rite bonus code considered a separate bonus that will track differently than the quarterly bonus? (2) Can I purchase Visa/Amex/Mastercard gift cards or a Home Depot gift card at shoprite with a credit card?
Thank you in advance for your help 🙂
– Jessica


Would this work with ordering online?


according to the instructions, yes:

Shop at your nearest ShopRite store or at ShopRite.com.


Where is the Chase Pay button on the shoprite .com order/ pay page?

Nick Reyes

I’m not sure, but if you go to shoprite.com and mouse over “shop” and click “Shop Rite from Home” you will probably see an add for this promo. You have to choose a store from which to order. You should see what looks like a Chase logo during checkout at some point.


Shoprite — which has always been a good store to buy reasonably-priced groceries at — has suddenly become a good store to play financial games at. A few of my AMEX cards were targeted for the 2000 Membership Rewards points for spending $75 — which I was allowed to earn twice per card. Of course, I went out and bought $75 Shoprite gift cards for future use.

But now we also have this extremely generous Chase Pay deal. I tried it at my local Shoprite this week and it does work (but not at the self-checkout line — you have to go to a regular register). For some reason, it’s even more generous that advertised! On my Chase Freedom unlimited card, I earned this for my $20.38 purchase:

+ 3.5% Chase Pay ShopRite bonus 71.33
+ 8.5% Chase Pay ShopRite bonus 173.23
+1.5% (1.5 Pts)/$1 earned on all purchases 30.57
Total rewards 275.13 Points

I have 2 Chase accounts that qualify for this promo, so I could earn these bonus points on $800 of Shoprite spending. My “problem” though is that with all my recent AMEX Offer-inspired gift card purchases, I don’t really need more Shoprite gift cards. What I’d like to do is buy MC or Visa gift cards. But it seems like the only ones my store sells are $200 cards with a $6.95 fee — nothing like my Giant supermarkets which sell $500 cards for $5.95. Is this true at all Shoprite stores? I guess I should still do it to max out the $800, but it doesn’t “feel right”. Also, I’m wondering if the store with feel comfortable selling me Visa gift cards with Chase Pay.

Nick Reyes

On my last trip to ShopRite, the largest cards they had were $200 (and they needed a manager’s override to sell me that one, and she needed to see my license). That said, if you’re getting 10x, it certainly beats the activation fee still.


Yeah, about a year and a half ago, I did buy a $500 MC gift card at a Shoprite, but those cards seem to be gone. I stopped at a second Shoprite and it was the same $200 limit on the Visas and MCs. Odd that what I consider a “value” supermarket is offering really bad Visa/MC gift cards, but that seems to be the strategy. Obviously, paying 3 1/2 to earn 12% or better UR points is still a very good deal. I might hold off a few weeks to see if they offer any gift card promos that can be stacked with this. I personally don’t buy merchant GCs with less than a 20% discount (I’d make an exception for Amazon if I were running low).