Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at SFO joining Priority Pass (limited hours)


The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at San Francisco International Airport will be accessible with Priority Pass during limited hours beginning on Tuesday, December 16, 2019.

a screenshot of a website

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse will admit Priority Pass holders between 6am and 2:15pm daily. The lounge is located in the international terminal. While this will be of limited use, it is always great to see Priority Pass acceptance expand.

H/T: Deals Points via DoC

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I think you meant 6am and 12:15pm daily.


If the amenities offered are similar to the LAX Virgin Clubhouse during their limited Priority Pass hours, this is nothing to get excited about. Toast, cereal and some fruit are the only food items. Canister-dispensed coffee, u-pour juices and milk, soft drinks and one selection of wine are the drink offerings.

The only saving grace is there are outlets and wifi.


There’s free wifi in the whole airport, practically everywhere but at the border anyway…


Use ur phone as a Hotspot or use Skyroam anywhere . I bypass all BS when going international turn on Sky as soon as I get out of the UBER then turn off before boarding ANYWHERE ..They dropped the rates $6mb per month and they have a VPN and I have a VPN too on all my stuff .
Free isn’t worth the Hassle .