(EXPIRED) Week 2 Of Daily Getaways: Choice Points Sale, 20% Off Marriott Gift Cards & More

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Reminder: Today’s Daily Getaways deal is 20% off Marriott gift cards (Wednesday, 7/27/22). This deal goes live at 1pm Eastern time. Set a reminder as they may sell out quickly.

Week 2 of the Daily Getaways for 2022 is almost upon us and although there are a few deals that will either be impossible to get or of no interest whatsoever, there are a couple of decent offers coming up that could be worth taking advantage of.

Daily Getaways 2022 Week 2

The Deals

  • Daily Getaways will be offering the following deals this coming week:
    • Monday July 25
      • Universal Orlando 3 Day tickets for two people – $742
      • Universal Orlando Resort VIP Experience – $1,953
      • Universal Orlando Vacation Package for 4 – $3,549
    • Tuesday July 26
      • 14,000 Choice Privileges points – $84
      • 28,000 Choice Privileges points – $155
      • 42,000 Choice Privileges points – $220
      • 55,000 Choice Privileges points – $285
    • Wednesday July 27
      • $100 Marriott gift cards – $80
      • $250 Marriott gift cards – $200
      • $500 Marriott gift cards – $400
    • Thursday July 28
      • 3 nights in a Grand King Suite at The Venetian in Las Vegas – $850
      • 3 nights in a Grand One Bedroom Suite at The Venetian in Las Vegas – $950
    • Friday July 29
      • 30,000 World of Hyatt points – $396
      • 50,000 World of Hyatt points – $660
      • 80,000 World of Hyatt points – $960

Key Terms

  • Deals go live at 1pm ET each day.
  • Various quantities & limits per package.

Quick Thoughts

The World of Hyatt points packages on Friday can pretty much be ignored. They represent a great way to buy Hyatt points relatively cheaply, ranging from 1.2cpp for the 80,000 point package to 1.32cpp for the other two packages. The reason these packages can be ignored though is because you have zero chance of getting one of them unless you have some kind of bot or sniping tool that can beat other bots or sniping tools because there are only 16 packages total for these Hyatt points deals.

The packages for Universal Orlando and The Venetian are also unlikely to be of interest for anyone apart from those who were already planning on booking a stay for that exact type of package.

Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s deals could be of more interest though. The Choice Privileges points packages cost anything from 0.52cpp to 0.6cpp. That’s cheaper than their Reasonable Redemption Value, so it wouldn’t be hard to get good value by redeeming those points for Choice stays or at Preferred Hotels. These packages might have slightly less appeal than in previous years seeing as Citi ThankYou points can now be transferred to Choice on a 1:2 basis. However, that could be good for anyone wanting to buy these packages because it might mean there’s less competition for them this year. Having said that, from what I can remember of last year’s Daily Getaways some of the Choice points packages remained available for several days anyway.

Finally, on Wednesday you have the opportunity to buy Marriott gift cards for 20% off. That’s a decent deal and so these will likely sell out fairly quickly. If you do miss out on them, there are three Marriott Amex Offers (see here and here) which also give you a way of buying Marriott gift cards for 20% off provided you can find a property selling them.

Something worth being aware of is that there are different limits for each of the packages. For example, with the Marriott gift cards you can only buy one $500 card per email address, but you can buy two $250 cards and three $100 cards. With the Choice points offers on the other hand, you can buy four packages for each of the four package types. Provided they don’t sell out before you have a chance to complete the transaction, you could potentially buy 556,000 Choice points for $2,976, an average cost of 0.535cpp.

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As a data point, I decided to try for a $100 Marriott gift card. The website never even loaded for me. I pretty much got the internet spinning wheel for five to ten minutes. I checked maybe 20 minutes later, and they were all sold out. Don’t even bother next year!


no link?


“ which also give you a way of buying Marriott gift cards for 20% off provided you can find a property selling them.”

Could you elaborate on this?


Aaannddd this is why I love you guys. Thanks!


Just curious, any readers here actually land just one of the Marriott cards? (Sounds like yet another citi style non-event, where nobody but the bots get any….) Almost glad I missed the frustration of the likely waste of time) Sour grapes.


I was able to snag a $100 GC, but it took ages – website crashed for the first 10 minutes and kept telling me that “inventory was being held for something else.” Kept refreshing and trying until it took me to the payment page


I was able to grab one $100 Marriott card. I almost gave up when the page keep still trying to load and then finally the buy now button showed, I clicked it right away and then thought it crashed but after more minutes, finally loaded page with payment info.


Could not get in even at 1pm exactly


Yeah…the site crashed for like 10 minutes right at 1pm ET. Kept getting a “inventory held for someone else” message and only managed to get the $100 GC


are the marriott GCs sold directly by marriott ? so if i buy with my Marriott amex do i get the purchase multiplier ?


According to the comment from Stephen below, “Payment for the gift cards isn’t processed by Marriott.” So you will not get the multiplier.


All of the Choice packages are still available as of 1 pm Pacific. I bought 4x the 55,000 point package, since I don’t currently have a Citi card. Lots of potential with the Preferred Hotels.

Several years ago I used Choice points purchased from Daily Getaways to stay at some seriously nice Nordic Choice hotels in Norway, including The Thief in Oslo. It was a fabulous trip and an amazing deal.


Mary, which of the Nordic Choice hotels do you recommend in Oslo?


Definitely The Thief, if you can find availability. It’s a high-end hotel and the only place we stayed in Oslo. However, we stayed at a variety of Nordic Choice hotels all over Norway on that trip, and while they varied a lot, they were all nice, all had a great breakfast buffet, and some had afternoon snacks or even a light dinner included. The value was excellent. So I’m confident that other NC hotels in Oslo will be very acceptable as well.


How do the Marriott GCs redemption work? I have a reservation at a Marriott property in Thailand for January – do I just show up and ask them to use my GC instead of charging to my credit card?

Last edited 1 year ago by Sacha

Shouldn’t be an issue but I would get confirmation from the hotel first.

gregory diamond

Do you know if the Marriott cards will count towards Ambassador status? Because of a recent vacation and other things, I am about 8K shy of the 20K spend needed for Ambassador status. Just wondering if these purchases would count? Also if I use a Marriott CC will I get the bonus?


For future reference, this coded as “Civic, Social, and Fraternal Associations” on my CSP, so I earned 1x. But at least I was able to buy the gift cards – it was looking dicey for several minutes.


You have any word if they are going to put up another two weeks worth of “stuff” after this week? They’ve typically had 4 or 5 weeks worth of offers.


I assume no way to double dip the Marriott gc with the Amex offer?


Tempted to buy Choice points because for the last week Citi TY transfers to Choice don’t work and their IT department is allegedly trying to fix it.


From my experience last year to buy the Marriott GCs at 20% off:
Try the lower denominations ($100 mainly and with some luck $250s). The bots will target $500s. Due to a much higher number of $100s being available, that’s your best shot. It should all be gone within 20 seconds IIRC.