Top 10 Current Bonuses. Liquidating Small Denomination Gift Cards, Rocking Expiring Amex Offers & More!


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Welcome to the Frequent Miler Week In Review series. Every weekend we recap what you might have missed from Frequent Miler during the week.

This Week From Frequent Miler

How I’m rocking the soon-to-expire awesome Amex Offers – How to best take advantage of the numerous Amex Offers that expire at the end of the month.

How to liquidate small denomination debit gift cards – Don’t let those small balances go to waste. There are ways to liquidate these cards.

Amex Platinum and PRG Airline Fee Reimbursements. What still works December 2016? – Some of you may be hurrying to claim your travel credits. Find out which methods for triggering the credits still work and which ones have gone away.

The Top 10+ Current Signup Bonuses Unbiased Listing December 2016 – Which current card offers are best according to our unbiased formula.

Quick Tip: Portals no longer working for Sears gift card reloads – An unfortunate change given the availability of an Amex Offer.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Updates on Bulk Fares, Amex Due Dates, and more – In his final column for Frequent Miler, Julian updates you on some of his past Bet You Didn’t Know articles.

Have a great weekend!

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