What did Nick do with his bags during his 3C3C layover jaunts? | Ask Us Anything Ep 47


Before the 3 Cards, 3 Continents challenge fully kicked off (though Nick had actually already made it all the way to Egypt!), the team took some time for an Ask Us Anything episode.

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6:30 – Do you have any details about the Chicago seminar that you can share?

7:57 – Nick, envious of your pyramid tour … how did you find a reputable guide? Also, is Egypt just a stopover (not spending the night)? If yes, what did you do with your bag(s)?

12:04 – Nick, did you ever have problems with putting more than $6k into a Roth IRA with the Schwab platinum?

14:22 – What’s your favorite credit card? (Not going by features. Just by how it looks, the design, the feel). And least favorite?

16:59 – Favorite lounge in Atlanta

19:33 – Speaking of the Curve Card, did it ever show up on your credit report?

20:21 – Is Pepper’s accent fake?

21:10 – This may be a strange question—but have any of you run across people who accompany/transport pets on planes for a living?

22:08 – Carrie- you know everyone’s itinerary. Which trip would you choose to stow away on?

24:37 – How do you guys balance redeeming airline/hotel vs. transferable points? Do you try to first spend down airline/hotel points before touching transferable points?

27:43 – What’s the best way for miles (and small taxes/fees) to get to Italy? I am in the Chase silo and never been in the Amex silo. Any recommendations for an Amex first timer?

29:50 – If you ask AmEx for a retention offer, will they consider if you’ve already asked for and received retention offers on other AmEx cards?

30:47 – How will readers vote for the winner of the trip, and can you please remind us of the things each of you did somewhat(?) outside of the rules? I recall that Stephen resold a GC for cash and Nick used incremental bonus points for a booking.

38:11 – PS the Italy trip was planned based upon Nick’s recommendation of the Hyatt hotel in Lake Como….multi night availability in June 2023

38:33 – I know there are services for booking flight award tickets. Is there a similar service for booking hotel awards? Or a full-service provider who plans out the entire trip based on points?

40:07 – Do any of the personal Plat versions allow a second card?

41:40 – Any best practices for upgrading a work paid economy ticket to biz on my own points/dime?

45:02 – Retention Offers: For Amex – should one bother to request them for no-annual fee cards? For Chase cards – Chase Sapphire Preferred doesn’t offer retention offers anymore, is that true?

46:15 – If I get arrested while wearing a Frequent Miler T-shirt in Paris and it appears in my mug shot, how much will my royalty check be?

46:59 – I would love to have an idea of the number of hours each person spent on planning their trip (though it might be too late to have this for this challenge).

51:58 – How are the “co-pilots” helping out on your trips? I’m not totally tracking what they are doing for Greg / Nick / Stephen …

54:55 – Nick, are you going to have any room for all your amenities kits and pyjamas in that little backpack?

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