Chase Freedom 5% at Wholesale Clubs through the end of the Year


chase freedom wholesale clubs

Recently Chase announced that Wholesale Clubs are included in the grocery store bonus in the 2nd quarter and now they have extended it through the rest of the year.

The Offer

Chase Freedom cardholders earn 5% cash back each quarter on up to $1,500 in combined purchases from Wholesale Clubs, including Costco®, BJ’s® and Sam’s Club®, and other additional rotating quarterly categories.


Chase has confirmed that wholesale clubs will share the same $1,500 quarterly limit as the rotating categories for that quarter.

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[…] Chase Freedom 5% at Wholesale Clubs through the end of the Year […]

[…] Chase Freedom 5% at Wholesale Clubs through the end of the Year […]

[…] Chase Freedom 5% at Wholesale Clubs through the end of the Year […]

[…] to the $1,500 per account quarterly cap, along with the previously announced categories). Chase has confirmed to marketing partners such as FrequentMiler that this will be through the end of year, even though […]

Brad Meyer

Anyone know if CostCo sells Visa/MC giftcards? If so, can you buy them with a credit card?


No, they don’t.


I’m pretty sure Sam’s club does though.


Awesome! Easy 90k MR points for us. My wife and I each have 2 Freedoms and we spend a ton of money at Costco for our business.


Good info, thanks. Looking to buy some mattresses at Costco in the near future.


Do you have to register for the warehouse bonus each quarter?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes you always have to register for the quarterly 5x offers

[…] though they announced (covered first on Frequent Miler) the following expansion of their bonus categories for the rest of the […]


Will this include gasoline purchases?

Brad Meyer

IF nothing else, I guess you can buy a gift card inside and use it at the pump??


Interesting to see if codes properly as warehouse store for the bonus. Does anyone know?


Yes. I bought $1500 this quarter already and it posted as 5x

Greg The Frequent Miler

Excellent. Thanks.

Brad Meyer

Sweet! No way I can spend $1500 alone in fast food next quarter, but this offer will help me max it out if I can successfully buy Visa/MC cards from Sam’s on credit.


Does this work for Costco Cash cards bought online at

Harlan V.

Yes, it works. Can confirm as I’ve done just that this quarter.


Does this mean $1,500 limit 3rd quarter + $1,500 limit 4th quarter? Please clarify. Thanks.

Greg The Frequent Miler

The quarterly 5X limits haven’t changed. What has changed is that Wholesale Clubs will be part of the 3rd and 4th quarter categories. So, yes, $1500 limit 3rd quarter and $1500 limit 4th quarter.

Dan's the Man

So the quarterly $1.500 limit will remain? Meaning this only benefits me if I don’t already spend the $1,500 at groceries or wholesale clubs during Q2? Please clarify!


Most folks already hit the cap for this qtr; this news is very much for upcoming qtrs.


I presume you don’t have trouble hitting the limit at Supermarkets, so Q2 isn’t really that interesting. But since its extended through the end of the year, it might be especially interesting in Q3 which is otherwise difficult with just restaurants.