Win a chance to win a seat on the MegaDO


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BoardingArea is giving away two seats on the upcoming Star MegaDO 4. The winners will get a reserved aisle or window seat next to Randy Petersen on the upcoming StarMegaDo 2012, hotel accommodations, and $250 for personal expenses!  Details of the MegaDO can be found here.

How the contest works: One person will be chosen by me based on comments made in this post. Each participating blog will have one winner. (Other BoardingArea blogs will also be giving away an entry this week.)  Two BoardingArea winners will be drawn from the individual entrants chosen on each blog.

What You Need to do: Tell me something interesting.  It can be a travel tip, a great way to get points & miles, a creative use of points, or really anything.  Whoever tells me the most interesting thing (I’ll be the judge) will have a chance to win one of two MegaDo seats.  Enter by 11:59pm Mountain time on October 7.

The Prize: A reserved aisle or window seat next to Randy Petersen on the upcoming StarMegaDo 2012, hotel accommodations, and $250 for personal expenses. There will be a total of two total winners chosen at BoardingArea.

Additional details on the contest can be found here. You must be 18 to enter and will be responsible for your own positioning flights (to San Francisco for the start of the MegaDO and back home from Chicago).

disclaimer: Some of the text for this post was copied from Gary’s contest post (because I’m lazy).

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[…] week I posted how to “Win a chance to win a seat on the MegaDO.”  That’s right, I and 29 or so other BoardingArea bloggers ran contests in which the […]


The best kept secret in all of aviation travel: if you fly on Korean Air they will make you a hot cup of Shin Ramen at any time throughout the flight!


obviously you’d find a good points deal interesting, but the thing is, I read your blog b/c you’re the one always finding the best way to maximize points through shopping! I, on the other hand, am still a noob stumbling in the dark. so I can’t think of a great deal that you wouldn’t already know about. ok, maybe i got one: just found out that if you want to return starbucks cards that you purchased on your credit card, you’ll get your refund by check. if you already knew that, then how bout this one: cats can die from eating tylenol.


Am I too late 🙂


my trick for hitting high spending limits for sign up bonuses: personally pay for reimbursable (via insurance) doctors visits, dentists, hospitals, etc. Need to have 1) good insurance and 2) some float potentially to cover in case reimbursements don’t come in time for due date. But, I’ve successfully spent a few thousand this year on me and my wife that would have been paid directly unless I asked to pay and submit the insurance myself…doctors office will love you for it too.

Michael h.

Earn em and burn em.

Erik E

You can have American Express advance you Membership Rewards points – did not know that until recently


Focus on just one


Dublin has the largest urban park in the world. Go visit using Avios on Aer Lingus!

Doreen d

Enjoying your blog! From a former michigander



Here’s a factoid that I guarantee not a single other person who commented on this post would ever be able to tell you:

The world’s longest wooden pedestrian footbridge is located in Shimada, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. If you’re trying to run across it and back, GAMBATTE!


Try to live life with no regrets. Yes, we all make mistakes, but don’t ever give up the hope on making better choices and living live to its fullest. Even if you have to do it from your chair, do what you can to explore.

Corey W

Make friends with a mile/point junkie and get their advice!

Gee K.

Ippudo NY is the most Yelp reviewed restaurant in NYC.