Win a chance to win a seat on the MegaDO


BoardingArea is giving away two seats on the upcoming Star MegaDO 4. The winners will get a reserved aisle or window seat next to Randy Petersen on the upcoming StarMegaDo 2012, hotel accommodations, and $250 for personal expenses!  Details of the MegaDO can be found here.

How the contest works: One person will be chosen by me based on comments made in this post. Each participating blog will have one winner. (Other BoardingArea blogs will also be giving away an entry this week.)  Two BoardingArea winners will be drawn from the individual entrants chosen on each blog.

What You Need to do: Tell me something interesting.  It can be a travel tip, a great way to get points & miles, a creative use of points, or really anything.  Whoever tells me the most interesting thing (I’ll be the judge) will have a chance to win one of two MegaDo seats.  Enter by 11:59pm Mountain time on October 7.

The Prize: A reserved aisle or window seat next to Randy Petersen on the upcoming StarMegaDo 2012, hotel accommodations, and $250 for personal expenses. There will be a total of two total winners chosen at BoardingArea.

Additional details on the contest can be found here. You must be 18 to enter and will be responsible for your own positioning flights (to San Francisco for the start of the MegaDO and back home from Chicago).

disclaimer: Some of the text for this post was copied from Gary’s contest post (because I’m lazy).

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[…] week I posted how to “Win a chance to win a seat on the MegaDO.”  That’s right, I and 29 or so other BoardingArea bloggers ran contests in which the […]


The best kept secret in all of aviation travel: if you fly on Korean Air they will make you a hot cup of Shin Ramen at any time throughout the flight!


obviously you’d find a good points deal interesting, but the thing is, I read your blog b/c you’re the one always finding the best way to maximize points through shopping! I, on the other hand, am still a noob stumbling in the dark. so I can’t think of a great deal that you wouldn’t already know about. ok, maybe i got one: just found out that if you want to return starbucks cards that you purchased on your credit card, you’ll get your refund by check. if you already knew that, then how bout this one: cats can die from eating tylenol.


Am I too late 🙂


my trick for hitting high spending limits for sign up bonuses: personally pay for reimbursable (via insurance) doctors visits, dentists, hospitals, etc. Need to have 1) good insurance and 2) some float potentially to cover in case reimbursements don’t come in time for due date. But, I’ve successfully spent a few thousand this year on me and my wife that would have been paid directly unless I asked to pay and submit the insurance myself…doctors office will love you for it too.

Michael h.

Earn em and burn em.

Erik E

You can have American Express advance you Membership Rewards points – did not know that until recently


Focus on just one


Dublin has the largest urban park in the world. Go visit using Avios on Aer Lingus!

Doreen d

Enjoying your blog! From a former michigander



Here’s a factoid that I guarantee not a single other person who commented on this post would ever be able to tell you:

The world’s longest wooden pedestrian footbridge is located in Shimada, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. If you’re trying to run across it and back, GAMBATTE!


Try to live life with no regrets. Yes, we all make mistakes, but don’t ever give up the hope on making better choices and living live to its fullest. Even if you have to do it from your chair, do what you can to explore.

Corey W

Make friends with a mile/point junkie and get their advice!

Gee K.

Ippudo NY is the most Yelp reviewed restaurant in NYC.

John B

Unless you keep track of all of your miles and where they can be moved, you are missing great opportunities.


I’ve been a Flight Attendant for 40 years!

[…] Frequent Miler […]

Andy Nguyen

Since drinking laws are state laws instad of federal law, there is no minimum drinking age on the plane. While airlines can enforce a drinking policy, it’s not against the law for <21 to drink on the plane. Even then, law/policy doesn't matter if there's no one to inforce them. I take advantage of this frequently;)

Shannon M.

“Something interesting”. OK, just kidding. In my experience the best guiding logic to getting ahead at earning points and miles is being aware of all the best sources of info are on the various programs and deals…This blog and the Boarding Area blogs being a good starting point. From credit card churning, to survey rewards, the scope of earning and redeeming is incredible!

James M

The best tip I have about travel is that being nice to people and simply asking for what you want(upgrade or whatever) is always better than being a jerk.


I will try to win this although the chance is slim.

Abrar K

If you travel for business keep moving hotels everynight to reach elite status based on stays


Just returned fron Rangon on after taking advantage of the “mistake” fare. Burma is beautiful country and highly recommend travelers check it out.


I am an engineer that make Weather Satellite. I also love to travel all over the world.

the fifth amendment

enjoy the process as much as the result, and remember “the grass is browner on the other side”


I have not done a lot of reading but I hope United use 787 to Europe and/or Asia. Yes, I am very excited about this!!! Count me in!!!

Yana K

Travel is not to learn about other, it is to learn more about yourself.

[…] Frequent Miler […]


Pay attention to how the various merchants are coded with the credit card company in order to ensure that you are using the right credit card for the appropriate bonus. ie: (in Canada at least), Costco doesn’t count as grocery spending. So rather than use the Amex Gold card and expext 2x the points when you will only get 1x, you should use the Platinum card and get 1.25. Other expenses that you might not think would code as travel, like my time share annual fee’s, and should be paid with the Amex Gold card in order to maximize points.


Swimming with great white sharks is a must do on any trip to South Africa. Wild!!!

Susan N

Helicopter pilots do not have to have a license to fly an airplane first

Jeanne M

I got into the point mileage game after seeing “Lost in Translation”. I wanted to stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo so badly that I began researching economical ways to make my dream come true. I have stayed there and I now have enough Hyatt points to stay 20 nights with Diamond status. I can also fly first class several times to Tokyo. My life changed 3 years ago. All things are possible.

Mark The Shark

The current Hyatt promotion (5 nights is 5,000 Hyatt points, and every 5 nights afterwards is 10,000 Hyatt points) is truly phenomenal, and when combined with other promotions, such as the Freedom card’s 5 points per dollar on airline or hotel spend, and Platinum or Diamond status, it can be quite lucrative!


I am addicted to all kinds of points – 10% return at Corner Bakery, free popcorn at the movies, Cookies and Coffee at Panera but am still torn at the best points redemption – the J ticket to NZ for a month? the fantastic safari in SA on SAA in J? the SHOES at Nordstrom, the P&C at the W in Santiago where Richard Branson came into breakfast? everything is memorable and exciting – a great myriad of points opportunities to compliment a great life


u can do it all


You can book hotel rooms via Harrah’s Total Rewards and get some pretty sweet deals in many cities across the country.


Apply for every bonus!

Kathy H.

Pipe cleaners keep kids from 5-21 busy and quiet on planes!!! They can make mobiles, trap in their sleeping parents, and have contest w/other kids. Oriental Trading Co is a great source. For younger travelers-babies and toddlers an air actived hot pack like handwarmers for skiing or thermacare and an air activated cold pack the kind kids use for soccer injuries are GREAT weigh nothing additions to your carry on. Babies with ear aches typically feel better with one or the other. Happy travels!


DON’T DELAY – I should have been collecting miles/points for years but never realized the JACKPOT it can be. I started only about a year ago and have almost 350,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points, 125,000 United points, etc. I could have had MILLIONS by now if I hadn’t procrastinated – DON’T WAIT. Get going now. And it’s actually fun =)


I am a frequent flyer terrified of flying.

Nancy H

Each time this year that I have checked in online with Delta and asked for a Mobile Boarding pass to be sent to my phone, I have received Sky Priority status for the security line and boarding (and I have no status with Delta).
Maybe they are rewarding customers who go the “electronic route”?
I’ve never questioned it, but I sure appreciate it!

[…] Frequent Miler […]

Justin S

TSA pre check lane at dis will get you ahead of clear card holders even if you don’t have pre check or don’t get three beeps good shortcut for all at an airport with enormous lines.

Y. Jiang

The current Freedom 5x airline purchase bonus seems to be able to be combined with the travelocity UR portal bonus. Here is the email from one of the Chase reps:

Dear Y.Jiang,

I have received your e-mail regarding the 5% cash back

After activating, rewards are calculated from the start of
the offer time period. It may take our rewards processing
a few days after purchases are posted to include them on
your monthly statement. When you make a purchase during
the last few days of this credit cards monthly statement,
it may not be credited into your 5% bonus until the next
statement closes. Therefore, we advise all of our
cardmembers to wait 6-8 weeks for all of your rewards
points to appear on your account; because we want to make
sure you receive all points that you’ve earned for your

The bonus rebates on the United Air charge for $345.60
dated 10/04/2012 will post on the 11/04/2012 statement.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

Rendell Fernandes
Customer Service Specialist


Account is owned by Chase Bank USA, N.A. and may be
serviced by its affiliates.

– Gain instant access to view and download your credit
card information.
– See and pay your bill online
– Transfer balances
– Change your address and much more….


Original Message Follows:

I checked my Oct 4th statement and noticed that I received
no Oct Dec 5percent bonus. But there is a United Air
charge of 346 dollars there is another of 326 dollars but
that one is refunded , so I wonder why.


when picking up friends at Newark Airport have them meet you at depatures instead of arrivals so you do not get a ticket.


Well, just using Miles for F tickets IS already the best deal. Can’t get better than that 🙂

[…] Frequent Miler […]


In the Denver Airport outside the window of the end of the main terminal (by the 4 US Airways gates) there is a soccer ball on the roof. There are no windows or doors anywhere near, so the question lies in how did it get there. I hope someone else has seen it, but every time to fly through, I run to the end of United Terminal and check and still there. Gates ~10-20 or so.


At BWI Gate D, use the Crew entrance if you’re a premium traveler. It’s not well marked but you can use it.


I’d post my hint for bypassing the humongous queue for re-entry at PHL when arriving from TATL (when you have to go back through security) but if I did then everyone would know and do it….then I’d still be stuck in a long line 😉 Keeping that one to myself….unless we chat in person, that is.

[…] Frequent Miler […]


enjoy everywhere you go and do some research before you leave home

[…] Delta Points Points, Miles and Martinis Unroadwarrior DealsWeLike Tmtravelworld Mommy Points Frequent Miler Pearls of Travel Wisdom Live from a Lounge AAdvantageGeek The Skeptical Traveler Miles from Blighty […]

[…] Frequent Miler […]


Alot of my friends and family do not understand my love for collecting and learning about miles and points….Although I am a rookie, I enjoy reading the logs as well as the comments. Many people express that they don’t have time to follow them. I teach high schoolers, have taken over my fathers cattle operation after he suffer a massive attack and stroke, have two children and still manage to make time to follow the blogs. Traveling was something I didn’t get to experience as a child and I want my children to have that opportunity! Thanks so much bloggers for helping us all learn how to make travel a possibility (especially on a teachers salary). We ALL can do it!!


My name is Bonnie and I am addicted to hunting down points and miles.


I think it’s interesting that “pilot” is posting on every boarding area blog why he’s excited about the United 787 (Gary’s question).


The Alaska Airlines Board Room lounge in Seattle still serves hot pancakes for breakfast. And their bartenders donate all tips to charity.

Tim J

I redeemed 50k+ of Ultimate Rewards for cash during college, before I every had any clue what an airline mile was.


I dont fit in most coach seats due to my height

Nancy O

Just occurred to me that I won’t be able to afford RT airfare for my family to Europe next summer, so am now on a mission to read all mileage blogs, cash in on deals presented, enter all sweeps, or do whatever it takes within 7 months so we can get ourselves to Europe on points instead of spending $1400/ticket!!!!!


Concorde Room at LHR has insane amounts of top-shelf champagne. Great use of Avios to fly BA First out of LHR.

meriaten long

I’m impressed with Brian and many others…wish I could say I knew how to leverage as well…


Second in a row…one for the practical. Earned 150,000 Club Carlson points last summer (family friendly bed runs, Hat Tip to the BA community:-) Was redeeming in Norway…had booked three consecutive nights at a total cost of 132,000 points – then on a whim checked those same nights individually and two could be had at saver rates of 22,000 per night – cancelled and booked same exact three nights individually for a total of 88,000 points (savings of 44,000 points). A quirk of their system, don’t know…but it was very user friendly and seemed “crazy” to me but it worked and was easy…and as a final related note – the Club Carlson online booking system is very good, user friendly…and their footprint and service is more than adequate for Europe (not so sure elsewhere?). Cheers, BT.


Take the guidance and insight of BA bloggers (plus a few others)…add in my own pluck, initiative and individual circumstances and I was able to leverage $30,000 of spend over 6 months into 5-6 international business class tickets, a house full of new appliances (fridge, oven, dishwasher, washer/dryer) and $30,000 of profit (I’m a reseller with a wasabi twist – hint#1). And all of that was before I came upon you – Frequent Miler, a man after my own heart:-) So to you and all the others, thank you…or as my peeps like to say…Domo Arigato Mr Robato (hint#2). Seriously, thanks for all you do!


Yeah, I know we’re all obsessed with flying here, but every now and then a road trip just fits the bill. Have you ever looked at Road Side America? That will give you some ideas that will get you strapped into a car seat!


I’m a flight attendant on a private jet but you can’t use miles to get on my plane!


I have a way to earn 750pts for $0 out of pocket (buying/selling electronics through portal/Amazon), but does take a little time and effort.


Swiss is cancelling the tickets issued on their stock from the latest mistake fare out of RGN.


Here is my MR itinerary from this last weekend…all for 318!!



The average human head weighs 8 pounds.


Joining the Mile High Club is easier in Denver!


Every year LH runs some sort of promo to double or triple status miles. If you can find a cheap ticket of any type, it’s a good way to earn SA Gold.


I love upgrades! and it should be a lot of Fun!


Interesting factoid: France used to (don’t know if it’s still true) have no in-bound drug customs. So when I attended the Cannes film festival (in 2001), you had tons of American producers flying in with lots of coke and flooding the city with it. The other interesting part was that (obviously) whatever was brought with you had to be done in France, as you could not bring it back to the States. Which led to some interesting parties in the waning days of the festival indeed!


What’s a pirate’s favorite letter of the alphabet?

Most people would erroneously answer “R” for obvious reasons. Little known tidbit – the correct letter is in fact, the “C” 🙂


Please pick me!!!

Elizabeth W.

Learning to fly cheap with miles and points is way cheaper then getting your own pilot’s license and flying yourself. I’m learning this first-hand. 😛

carwag25 - carol

Paypal now has a mobile payment service called Paypal Here. It is comparable to Square with the same merchant fees. Signed up but haven’t tried it yet.


I am an x B727 pilot , and would love to fly the B787 and take a look at the cockpit to see how much things changed.

Megan Z

The longest word in the English language, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, is made up of 45 letters and was coined to serve as the longest word in English. That’s interesting. You can’t deny it. 😉

Rongbiao Fu

I use airfare watchdogs to monitor all the good deals of flights currently going on =)

[…] Frequent Miler […]


3 years in a row we have made great use of USAirways envoy class during non peak times to travel to Europe….Paris, Rome, 55K miles ! WoW, especially when earned from Grand Slam….


Using miles for hotel awards can often be quite valuable; I’ve never had to pay any cash/resort surcharges (unlike rental cars, which mostly require you to pay the taxes/fees in cash), and have gotten either hotel rooms in expensive cities for a cheap amount of miles (London), or hotel rooms in amazing resorts for a reasonable amount of miles (Ritz Carlton Singapore).

Adam G

In the spirit of relevant news: The Presidential Election Campaign Fund provide $17.7 million to each major party to help pay for their Conventions, even more lax restrictions likely mean it’s paid for a 6 figure bill at a Ritz Carlton. Oh – It’s paid for by a voluntary checkoff on individual tax returns. But you didn’t see it last year!


Arica, in northern Chile is at sea level, and is blessed with a climate that is permanently spring. You can take a taxi from the town to Lake Chungará, nearly 15,000 feet above sea level in the Andean Altiplano, and back in an easy and fascinating day trip.


If you want to try the new upperclass suites on Virgin Atlantic – they are only available on VS23 and VS24 LHR-JFK, i found that out the hardway LHR-LAX…


Just read your most recent post about being downsized. I also just found out I am being downsized and needed immediate inspiration on what to do next and how to move forward. Your posting really was the bright spot of my day so thank you.


This is my first year collecting miles by credit card churning and the various other avenues I’ve come to learn about by reading your blog. I’ve been wildly successful because of it. Two recent examples of my new hobby:

1) I volunteered to pay for my roommates flight to Europe on my Sapphire Preferred using Travelocity via the UR mall. Cha-ching!

2) I just finished paying for my sisters’ wedding on the same Sapphire Preferred card. Yes, my dad is paying me back. Genius!

I…just…can’t…stop! (Thanks!)

phill gold

like many, i travel on a tight budget and often i am only able to bec of work travel. so i set up layovers along the way so i can get out and see the city, while on te company dime 🙂

Susan B

Lounge Access of course


People obsessing about the availability of VanillaReload cards should note that the $500 prepaid Visa cards are readily available at Office Depot and are nearly as good a deal. The greater acceptance of Visa may nearly offset the usefulness of being able to reload a registered AMEX prepaid card.


Don’t let your points expire!

Bill H

Five years is a long time. But, pessimisim aside, we are all going to keep finding ways to travel the world through incredible deals. Especially by communicating great finds instantly throughout our unique, if diverse and sometimes fragmented, community. Its always going to be too hard for the average traveller to follow this fastinating pursuit.


Pick me cuz I’ve never been to chicago

Joe N

Official national passports didn’t become required documentation until World War I.


I’m obsessed with the miles and points game. From the time I get home from work until time for bed. Does that make me weird?

Frequent Miler

OK, Hal W, I’ll bite. How do you do that?


There is no spoon.


Always make sure you carry a spare debit card. On the 3rd day of my recent 2 month trip, an ATM machine in Marrakech decided it fancied my ATM card. I would have been screwed had it not been for my second card. I guarded that thing like my life depended on it after that.


I had my best quarter ever in my job that puts food on my table. But I still fantasize about being a blogger and deducting all my travel expenses:-)

Susan Lucas

A person from Bellingham is called a Bellinghamster!

Hal W

I am 1k on United for a 2nd year and only fly about 40,000 miles per year!. Go ahead ask me!

Southern travel girl

It’s not doing the things we like to do but liking the things we have to do that make life blessed. Goethe


Some tips about seeing Scandinavian countries in winter. Taking the overnight train saves on hotel costs and keeps airfare down. Using status to get early check in and late check out also helps. From Copenhagen to Stockholm and back I used up one award night at Hilton Slussen and got to stay there practically from Sat 6 AM to 10 PM on Sunday night. Managed to see the Vasa, most of the other downtown sights and a few hotspots mentioned in the Dragon Tattoo trilogy:-)

Bill n DC

Great interesting comments esp like the Waldorf Hilton in London’s Billiard Room – very nice. Iowa is more than Flyover country, especially for bike riding, and not only is the Beoing plant the largest – it has the largest mural in the world on the doors,

and here may be interesting answer to Gary’s ??
Yes I am excited about the United 787. More excited than I was to Meet Randy – which was a lot! Growing up and living in Iowa, United was my way out so I have a long love of United (My husband & I flew Global First to AMS this spring to see the Tulips)

And very excited for the 787. After following the development since the Sonic Cruiser morphed into the 787, we toured the factory in July this year, in August I won a contest at IAD to welcome the 1st 787 commercial flight where we got to get up close and personal with Ethiopian Airline’s new 787 (I can send pics of me in front of the engine and enjoying champagne in the business class seat as well as the beautiful wing) BTW knocking my knuckle on the fuselage does sound like plastic.

UNITED 787: I’m booked for a December weekend RT in BusinessFirst EWR-IAH-SFO-IAH-DEN 14 hours worth of Flying.

And I have 787 squeeze toys for all the contest judges


[…] Points, Miles and Martinis Unroadwarrior FrequentlyFlying DealsWeLike Tmtravelworld Mommy Points Frequent Miler Pearls of Travel Wisdom Live from a Lounge AAdvantageGeek The Skeptical Traveler Plane ‘n Simple […]

Ryan B

I really, REALLY want to sit next to Randy! This coming from a guy who has never had a seatmate that I wanted to talk to!


I met more FTers in RGN than anywhere else.


Even if you never plan to fly to Alaska, Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan is a great program for domestic travelers. You get full RDMs and EQMs and some reciprocal elite benefits flying Alaska, American, and Delta, giving you more domestic airline options than any other U.S.-based program, and they also have varying levels of relationships with a growing number of international carriers for mileage earning and redemption.


Just enjoy your trip rather than trying to save some money or meet your “budget.” Life is too short. Thanks.


FM, you really want me to share the secret two scoops of Vanilla 10 points per $ on everything technique for an entry into a raffle that is then an entry into a raffle? 😉


A store bought debit card with $0 balance can be used for any in-flight purchase as there is no mid-air authentication. That said, you shouldn’t do it, except maybe for the movie.

Lewis F.

If you need to top off United EQMs you can buy them, when you fly, but they are expensive. Look for the prompt to buy miles, once you click on buying miles another screen lets you purchase EQMs, but you have to pay for both types in order to get the EQMs.


Iowa is more than flyover country.


Make your travel – on the ground – even more interesting with Download the iPad app to schedule “phone calls” that will give you an excuse to leave if you find a point of interest is, er…uninteresting!! We take it everywhere and have found the Statue of Liberty in the middle of a river in Pennsylvania, original arcade Pong games, the tree where gold was first found in California, and the scene of a Star Trek battle!


I like using the Citi ThankYou Card to pay the small miscellaneous fees for tickets — both for award tickets, and even for the service fees or minimal fees when redeeming ThankYou points. That way I get full FlightPoints purchases on those tickets for a miniscule amount of spending.


I keep the FT forums as RSS feeds in Google Reader to keep up with deals.


This has nothing to do with travel, but I learned the other day that the word ‘decal’ is actually short for ‘decalcomania’! I had no idea ‘decal’ was short for anything…


I was on Kennedy Space Center media grounds for Space Shuttle Atlantis’ last two mission lift-offs November 2009 and May 2010, thanks to NASA and Twitter.

In 10 days, I will see Space Shuttle Endeavour roll the streets of LA, thanks to B6’s generous coupon code promos and Club Carlson’s Big Nights…

and I swear I’m not even a space geek.

marathon man

OK Let’s say you are finding your OD has NO Vanillas. You need to buy more Vanillas, right? Well HERE is zee plan:

1) Go to Walgreens.

2) There on the GC rack you shall see plenty Vanilla reload cards. Each store should have AT LEAST 5, maybe more.

3) Walgreens sadly does NOT take CCs to load these. (Well, I have heard from one user there IS at least one that does, so it could be regional specific. The one that supposedly did is way too far from me and I’ll only reveal its location for, well, miles, points or a WIN in this contest. hehe.

4) Anyway what you need to do is ‘liberate’ the WG store rack of its Vanillas. To do this, first have your iphone on with the Jane’s Addiction tune, “Been Caught Stealin'” on and then just check out the GC rack and bend down, grab em and casually stuff ’em in your pocket as though you really weren’t even thinking about it, and as you browse through the other store isles. Then go buy some Halloween candy or something. Do this part SO THAT you appear completely fine seeing as how any real thief would never actually go up and also buy something using a CC or anything, would he?

Your move to scoff these blank GCs is an innocent one and you have to go through it as if it actually is–seeing as how these things have NO value anyway until you buy/load ’em, so you could play dumb if asked and then tout that true fact if needed. I mean this would like taking some of the old folded cardboard boxes such stores often stack by the dumpster out back, if looked it in one manner. That all depends on your store and on you. In fact in some cases I’ll bet if you asked WG the store would let you take an unloaded blank or 5 anyway.

Do not judge me for thinking this up. A person CAN think things up whether they actually do them or not, right? If you negatively judge me for thinking this up, I suggest FM kicks you out of this contest because that would be geeky and bad.

5) Now bring your new Vanillas into OD and pretend you found a few on the rack… or if asked how you have them, say that your friend who is in the military couldn’t use the ones his store had so his store manager gave them to him to give to a close friend or something, and now you have them. (Mention things like Military, etc and you get a sort of free pass in some circles–that’s sort of like how if you want to get a cash advance off some prepaid cards at a bank but they have the word DEBIT on them so some tellers balk at the attempt… well, what you do is get one of those small US flag stickers that sometimes come with those free address labels you get in the mail and cut the flag out and stick it over the word DEBIT. Now, who is going to mess with the flag, right? Oh wait that’s almost another tip! But the point is you need to play int the minds of those working in businesses with whom you transact to make anything work.)

Well, with your new set of ODs, if you are able to now buy and load these at OD with success, you are back in bitness! You have a new stash! And so does everyone here who just read this–the ones who will quietly do it, the ones who will yell at me for saying all this–the ones who will yell at me because they think I gave up a tip (but I invented this tip so wtf?) and so on. But unless Vanillas are store coded, there’s no reason it should not work.

I thought of this a couple weeks ago and since there’s no OD in my area, I cant even really partake. Instead, for me, I have actually had my brother in another state do my INK for me. Chase INK lets you assign any new ’employee’ without having to add an SSN (There’s a field for that but it’s not required) so I sent him a card and he’s got 4 fully loaded OD where he lives/works so I can tell you I personally have not even enacted my own idea yet, but have heard from several happy INKsters that it works!

Again, I will get both flack and praise for this but I would argue that creatively speaking it is pretty far up there if I say so myself. It’s controversial and new, and completely out of the box, which I argue IS exactly the thing being looked for here.

Oh sure some may say it’s not in the spirit of this or that blah blah but I think it very much is!

Let’s see what happens.



My travel tip, as an Australian, is to buy a dozen small “clip-on” koala toys (like a giant badge or brooch) and give them to kids you meet on planes.

It’s an easier way to keep them quiet than to moan at the parents, or complain to the cabin staff, or to whinge about them on social media.

Michael W Travels

I’ve been to 6/7 continents with Antarctica being the only one I am missing. I am dying to go but I get really bad seasickness. After a bit of research I found out that you could pay to fly to Antarctica and avoid the roller coaster of a boat ride. However it is a ton of money for a short visit.
One of these days, maybe years I will get there to complete my goal of visiting every continent.
For now I’d love a shot at experiencing a DO. Please help me out!


1) In CA, merchant gift cards must be refunded if they have $10 or less. I’ve seen $10 gift cards to many merchants at office supply stores.
2) Delta is given more flak than they deserve. You can open-jaw between regions, unlike US Airways, and get a free international one-way in some cases. Their routing rules are actually pretty decent (you can do USA to Southeast Asia via Europe or USA to Oz via Asia, unlike AA). There are some great ways to get value out of Skypesos, but the fact that they make it difficult upsets a lot of us.

Abhishek Duggal

US passports are generally issued with 24 visa pages. However, upon request, passports can be issued with 48 visa pages instead!


Collecting points & miles will always be my hobby. It takes me to places real quick through smart route. Btw I collected 375K airline points in 60 days (<0.9 cent a piece). I am making hay while the sun is shining and I hope to find a way or other in future as well. Thanks to you and Boarding Area.


You can fly Colombo to the United States in 3-cabin First Class for around $2k on numerous carriers and it’s not a mistake fare.

Rich A

Duh — churn credit cards for miles, points and cash backs!

Michael H.(oldfox)

Simple…….just read all the great blogs like frequentmiler in and then follow the great advice on how to accumulate miles and points for travel and hotels. I’m retired and have been doing just that for several years. Just got back from a month in the Ukraine and on Monday I will leave for a month in FRU……..that’s Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. I will, however, be back in the US in time for the MegaDO! The blogs offer simple, doable strategies that make travel to exotic places possible even for retirees like me!

Leighton Ratkey

When renting a car in Zagrab Croatia always rent the GPS there and don’t down load the maps for one of your personal GPS. The Croatia alphabet has several different letters in it and they have to be on the key board screen in order to operate. The big 5 rental car companies in the US don’t tell you that and can’t guarantee one in your reservation. But the rental car agency at the air port will get one from another agency for you when you get there.


The Boeing plant in Everett, Washington is the largest enclosed volume in the world.


Wherever you go, there you are


So you have probably heard that Southern California is one of the few places that you can snowboard and surf in the same day. Throw a few miles into the mix and that statement becomes way more awesome. Think of the possibilities…

Wayne T.

A honeypot ant’s abdomen is transparent so the color of whatever it eats is visible from the outside, including colored sugar water.

Jing Li

There’s this type of shrimp called a pistol shrimp. It hunts prey by snapping its claw super fast and hard. The pressure causes the water around the claw to come to boiling point, and the wave of pressure knocks out its prey.

Mark S.

The executive lounge at The Waldorf Hilton in London was originally a men-only billiards room.


I buy group sales discounts for theater events in the city I used to live in and sell them to friends. And then I use a credit card requiring a minimum spend for a sign up bonus and use other people’s money to get the bonus.

Frequent Miler

Steve: no, we are not required to post this. No, I’m not going on the mega do. It conflicts with my son’s birthday.


To go beyond just it’s GDP, the country of Bhutan measures quality of life through the assessment of gross national happiness… Bhutan’s GNI brings new meaning to 🙂


read mileage runs to earn easy status and eqm!!


What excites me the most about travel whether it’s by car, air, sea or with my own 2 feet is the learning journey along the way. The people I meet, cultures, food, scenery, architectures, the air that I breath, it doesn’t really matter where I am but what I take in and reflect.


The trick to understanding the “Trick It” flyertalk thread is to read every other page and create a dictionary of terms for reference.


So, all you bloggers are required to post about this?
And are you going to the MegaDO?

Eric W

Ray: Did you know that the human head weighs 8 pounds?
Jerry Maguire: Did you know that Troy Aikman, in only six years, has passed for 16,303 yards?
Ray: Did you know that bees and dogs can smell fear?
Jerry Maguire: Did you know that the career record for hits is 4,256 by Pete Rose who is NOT in the Hall of Fame?
Ray: Did you know that my next door neighbor has three rabbits?
Jerry Maguire: I… I can’t compete with that!


Just booked a night at a local Radisson and will use the free night with their buy one get one free in NYC or San Francisco in the Spring.

Jon B

Thanks to FM and buddies I will be going to Cambodia January 2013 on a short term missions trip and have very little out of pocket transportation costs. The $1500 saved on economy tickets will be put to use on the ground, and I won’t be nearly as beat up after 24 hours flying since I’ll have my lie flat bed 🙂

Steven W

Take jars of peanut butter and jelly to Europe with you, grab fresh bread at a bakery and have cheap picnics. I was able to save ~10 euros/day and had picnics in St. Marc’s Square, the vatican, and others!

LIH Prem

I had a hard time finding Vanilla Reload cards last month. I’m afraid the party may be over for the VR/Ink Bold play. I was only buying one $500 reload card per month (or less, because I didn’t travel some months and there is no Office Depot on Maui.)

There were reports from the managers that people were buying up every single card they had, and inventory searches of the 6 nearest stores showed none available.

I think some people are being very greedy.



Only a clown would support AA’s blocking of AwardWallet. I’d say there is a striking resemblance.

Crying Baby On Board

An almost “scary” application of the Amex PPDs from OD is to pay one reward card, effectively with another reward card and postpone indefinately paying a certain balance, by regularly “milking” multiple Amex PPDs at an overall cost of ~1.05% ….while earning miles ! You can do that as long as you value the miles earned at much more than 1.05% ($4+$4+$1.25+$1.25=$10.50 per each $1,000) ….and of course the deal is alive !

Other than Ink Bold/Plus cards, other cards that could qualify for this multi-card scheme, could by British Airways (1.25 miles per dollar) or Virgin Atlantic (effectively 3 Hilton points per dollar).

Mike Stuben

Hot dogs are a type of sausage, but sausage dogs are neither sausages or hot dogs.


I throw Bounce dryer sheets in my luggage when flying…makes my clothes smell fresh when I arrive, regardless of how many miles I’ve logged.


Why go to Great Britain? Vacation in Nebraska and see Carhenge, a replica of Stonehenge made entirely of used cars!


Sometimes I don’t share my best tips with others!

George Smart

In the mileage game, pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. The science of free travel is doing the math around value/mile and mile to mile converstions. The art of free travel is to know when to stop being greedy so that a deal lasts longer. Otherwise, we’re all like trawlers overfishing a reef.


did you know that Mauna Kea is actually the tallest mountain in the world if measured from the sea floor? AND you can ski and surf the same day in Hawaii! Hawaii is alot more than Hawaii 5-0 and Magnum for sure!


The 747 fleet has logged more than 42 billion nautical miles (77.8 billion kilometers), equivalent to 101,500 trips from the Earth to the moon and back.

The 747 fleet has flown 3.5 billion people – the equivalent of more than half of the world’s population.

The 747-400 passenger interior is equivalent to more than three houses each measuring 1,500 square feet (135 square meters).

The 747-400 has a redesigned “flexible” cabin interior that allows airlines to rearrange seats and class configuration overnight (in eight hours). They also permit 48-hour conversion times for changes in galley and lavatory locations.

Source: Boeing


The US Bank Cash+ Visa card will give up to 6.25% cash back. They give purchases from their 5% cash back category but when $100 in cash back is requested, they give an additional $25 bonus in cash back.


@FM, I’d rather have you win and tell us all about your experience 🙂

Scott C

You can use an Amex blue to accumulate membership rewards express points with no annual fee over time, by putting none bonused spend on the card, and benefiting from amex promos. When you are planing a big redemption, apply for a Amex card that rewards true membership rewards points and all the points you have accumulate double or more than double in value depending on the redemption. If you have flexibility wait for a transfer bonus like the latest BA 40% bonus and you can make those non bonused points stretch really far.


“to travel is to live”…


you can’t do it all…


I like turtles…


You can swim with whalesharks and not get killed!!

Todd R

Read daily

Paul W

Fidelity (BofA) offers Amex cards with no annual fee that earn two “worldpoints” per dollar spent. Worldpoints convert 1:1 to Aeroplan points. So this is a free card that earns 2 Aeroplan points per dollar, unlimited. Aeroplan points convert it US DM with a 15% haircut on, so if you prefer DM, you can think of this as a card that earns 1.7 DM per dollar spent.


my navel lint grosses out my fiance.