Wow: Pittsburgh to Vegas $40 round trip nonstop


There is an incredible round trip airfare right now from Pittsburgh to Las Vegas for just $40 round trip nonstop. Yes, it’s on Spirit Airlines. I’ve never flown Spirit, but if I lived in Pittsburgh, I might just put it all on red for $40 round trip.


Note that I did not find the best price on Google Flights. Google Flights is showing the best price at $83 on many dates this month and next.

However, when putting those dates in at, I get some as low as $40 RT. Other dates are a bit more, but still under the Google Flights prices. For example, here is August 18-22nd for $61.19 RT:

Bottom Line

Spirit Airlines isn’t known for being a glamorous, high-roller experience, but nobody in Vegas will know how you got there. At this price, it’s worth rolling the dice. Head to and check for more cheap dates this month and next month. And if you’re looking for a suite deal while you’re there, my vote is for Delano.

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Mark D.

I think you can actually shave another $8 off this if you wanted. If you buy your ticket at the airport, I don’t think you have to pay the Passenger Usage Charge. That is another $7.98 off the price.If you click more info on flight price you will see it.

It takes ~$23 off those $61 flights.


I am on flying spirit. Not ok coming anywhere close to Pittsburg.


If you mean Pittsburg CA, then I’m in agreement. But if you mean Pittsburgh-with-an-h, then you don’t know Pittsburgh. The air is clean – no more steel mills – the beautiful Ohio River starts here with the best city entrance in the country, we have interesting museums, world class symphony, great new restaurants, friendly people, Steelers, Penguins, and the Pirates (who are finally no longer abysmal), and the summers are lovely with warm weather that’s not too humid. I live 20 minutes from downtown, don’t lock my doors when I go out, and my kids got to come home for lunch during elementary school. And to top it off, I sit outside in the evenings on my front porch with no mosquitoes. (Look at an old map of malaria on the east coast and you’ll see it didn’t get to the Allegheny Plateau).

Las Vegas?



Ssshhh we gotta keep it a secret! The wait for a table at Täkō was too long last night

Billy Bob

Maybe if they paid me $40 I’d consider it.

I’d rather walk to Pittsburgh than fly them.

A. Nonymous

Spirit charges extra to use the rest room on the plane. 🙂

Not really, but they charge extra for just about everything else. And A LOT extra, not just a few pesos.

But hey, they get the job done.


Ehh I’ll pass. It’s still spirit.


ehhI’ll pass, its still pittsbugh