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FAA could ban lap infants, JetBlue/Spirit merger finally dies and real-life “Snakes on a...

The FAA might finally ban lap infants in the US, the JetBlue/Spirit merger is killed for good and passengers on an an Air Asia...
Spirit airplane (image courtesy of Spirit)

(EXPIRED) Spirit sale: Save up to 85% off base fare with promo code 85PCT;...

Spirit is out with a two-pronged promotion today. The headline offer is that you can save up to 85% when using promo code 85PCT,...
a plane with a man in the window

Can JetBlue capture my loyalty?

Thanks to JetBlue's generous status match for Delta elites, I now have near-top-tier Mosaic 3 elite status with JetBlue, and my wife has top-tier...
a man with a beard covering his eyes with his hand

American Express clawing back points, JetBlue hiking Spirit fares by 40% and American Airlines...

The American Express Rewards Abuse Team (RAT) is on the prowl, JetBlue accidentally tells the world that it plans to hike airfare on Spirit...
a screenshot of a web page

(EXPIRED) Spirit Airlines Launches a New Status Match Program (Ends Sunday)

Update: Spirit has announced that this program will end on Sunday, April 23rd at 11:59 Pacific. Last call for those who are interested. Spirit Airlines...
Spirit Savers Club Discount

Save 30% On Spirit Saver$ Club With Capital One Spring Deal

I never thought I'd have a need to be writing about two Spirit deals in the same day, but here we are. In addition...
Spirit Status Match Challenge

Spirit Offering Status Match Challenge

Spirit launched a status match challenge last week that could be useful if you have plans to fly with them in the next few...
a yellow airplane on a runway

Spirit Mastercard offer increased to 60K + companion voucher

The Spirit Airlines Free Spirit Travel More Mastercard is now offering 60,000 miles and a $100 Companion Voucher after spending $1,000 in the first...
a man wearing a mask

Delta vs. Spirit [On Greg’s Mind]

After many, many years of avoiding flying Spirit, I finally gave them a try last month.  I was happily surprised by how pleasant the...
a close-up of hands holding a puzzle piece

Shopping for status: Airline edition (inspired by “Passing the GUC”)

Elite status in the right loyalty program can make a trip smoother, more comfortable, or sometimes save you money. Ordinarily, earning elite status requires...
Card-linked program network

Card-Linked Programs & The Networks They Run On (AKA Which Programs Stack)

There are tons of card-linked programs out there and it can be hard to know which ones stack with each other as some run...
a man holding a box

Free Spirit: Surprisingly good, but still suspicious

Spirit Airlines Saver$ Club is a terrific value today and Spirit Airlines Free Spirit points can be worth far more than you might expect,...
a yellow and black card with black text

Free Spirit Travel Mastercards

Along with Spirit's new Free Spirit loyalty program, there are now two new Free Spirit credit cards: Free Spirit Travel Mastercard (fee free) and...
a black mug with a liquid in it

Now live: Spirit goes revenue-based, makes elite status easier with new Free Spirit program

UPDATE 1/21/201: Spirit's new Free Spirit loyalty program is now live. Details can be found on Spirit's website here.  We will soon follow up...

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