New hope for breaking free of 5/24 after all?


This morning, Greg posted about his latest attempt to bypass 5/24. In that post, he details the process of applying through a BRM (Business Relationship Manager) and the outcomes of the process as he faced initial rejection and filed for special consideration. Some readers questioned whether or not his rejection could be considered yet again or whether the key reason was in fact 5/24. Maybe Greg will take it back up with Chase when he returns from his current trip — but even if he gets another rejection, there may be new hope in getting past 5/24 for those with Chase business cards.

The Green Check Mark

As many readers know, in Chase’s new online interface for personal cards, the menu bar includes a section labeled “Your offers” as shown above. Notice the green check mark? That has meant that an offer has been selected for you. Within that section, if there is an image of credit cards with a green check mark, it seems that the offer for that particular card will likely bypass 5/24 based on many reports. See this post from The Travel Sisters for some detailed screen shots.

However, while Chase rolled out that updated interface for personal cards last year, those with Chase business cards (or with their personal cards tied to the same login ID as a business card) have been stuck with the old interface that does not have this offers section.

Business cards are now migrating to the new design

However, over the past couple of months, Chase has been migrating business accounts to the new web interface. My wife’s Ink Business Preferred account is still on the old interface. However, I logged into my Ink Plus account today and was surprised to see the new interface:

Stefan at Rapid Travel Chai reported yesterday that he had received an email indicating this change was coming to his account. While Stefan’s lack of enthusiasm for the new interface is understandable, Doctor of Credit looks on the bright side: This new interface may (at some point) provide access to the “Your Offers” section, thereby giving new hope to pre-selected offers that bypass 5/24 — both for those individuals who have been stuck with the old interface (because their personal accounts were tied to a business log in ID) and perhaps for business card holders in general. While I have not closely followed the offers that people have reported seeing with a green check mark, I suspect that they have all been for personal cards. Perhaps with the new interface, Greg will have new hope for a green check mark next to an offer for the Chase Ink Business Preferred :-).

But offers aren’t showing yet

All that said, I don’t see a “Your Offers” section yet, and I haven’t yet seen reports of any offers on a business log in ID. But at the very least, I imagine that those with both business and personal cards in a single log in will now eventually have access to these offers. Hopefully the offers will extend to business cards as well.

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