Wyndham Rewards Changing To 3 Tiers *tomorrow* (7.5k, 15k & 30k) & Other Changes


Update #2: Unfortunately, it looks like it may already be too late. Upon trying to log in to the site as of 10:48pm Eastern time on 4/2/19, we’re seeing this message:

a close-up of a sign

Update: Reposting as a reminder that these changes take effect tomorrow, 4/3/19. Not much time left for 15K redemptions at places going up to 30K. As a reminder, we don’t know which places will go up, but it’s safe to assume that the best ones will.

Wyndham Rewards has announced some upcoming changes to their reward scheme which fundamentally changes their value proposition. If the plan for your points was to use them at their nicer properties in premium locations, you have about 6 weeks to make your reservations before the price will likely go up as these changes will take effect from April 3, 2019.

Wyndham Rewards 7,500 15,000 30,000

You can find their announcement here, but here’s a summary of the changes.

Category Changes – 7,500, 15,000 & 30,000 Points

Back in 2015, Wyndham Rewards went from having several category levels for award nights to one flat rate of 15,000 points at every property. From April 3, 2019, they’ll take a step back towards the old structure by implementing three category levels – 7,500, 15,000 and 30,000 points.

Close to 2/3 of their properties will remain at 15,000 points, about 1/3 will drop to 7,500 points, while about 200 of their hotels will increase to 30,000 points.

Go Fast rewards (the Wyndham Rewards version of Points + Cash) will in turn be available for 1,500, 3,000 and 6,000 points per bedroom plus cash.

Elite Earning

At the moment, Platinum members earn 3,000 points per year and Diamond members earn 6,000 points. Those bonuses will be removed and in their place new earning bonuses will be introduced:

  • Gold – 10%
  • Platinum – 15%
  • Diamond – 20%

New Earning & Redemption Options

Wyndham Rewards will also be introducing several different methods for earning and redeeming points. Partners will include Marathon gas stations, DoorDash orders, activities booked through Viator and a new Wyndham Rewards shopping portal.

La Quinta Transfers

Wyndham bought the La Quinta chain a year or two ago and have allowed points transfers between the two for some time on a 1:1 basis. You can continue transferring La Quinta points to Wyndham on a 1:1 basis up until April 3, 2019. After that date, Wyndham will automatically transfer any remaining La Quinta points but on a 2:1 basis, halving their current value if you neglect to initiate the transfer yourself beforehand.

Check out this post where we go more in-depth looking at what these changes mean and suggestions for how to maximize your points before the changes go into effect on April 3.

h/t View From The Wing

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I saw this coming last year Hotel points are Rubbish I transferred all I could to Air .

Carl P

I talked with a Wyndham account representative, She took my name and number and assured me if the required points changed the old requirement will be honored. She said she would call me tomorrow or I could call and ask for her.

I would call and have something on record. After midnight may be too late to complain about site being down and affecting your attempt to get it under old requirements.

I now see on the site there was an increase to 30K for the property I want.

Brett Haines

Trying to book at Wyndham site just now and you are unable to login. I think the ship has sailed on bookings

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Kind of unsurprised that the 15,000 point/every single hotel thing was unsustainable. Plus their basically flat rate “earn at least 1000 points per stay thing. Earning 15,000 points with their masterpass promo at 2 $40 hotels and then using that money for a $400 hotel in New York? Yeah, that couldn’t last. And while Wyndham really didn’t have too many aspirational hotels, 15,000 in new york for some of their decent properties was a steal. Sad but unsurprised to see this go.

Thanks for the PSA about converting La Quinta points, as well. Just did that.


I guess it was good while it lasted. I supposed it’s not worth it to keep the $69 AF Wyndham card to get the 15,000 points a year anymore, right?


Would like to see this 200 properties list…will probably 2x next year! The PR news release just oozes with BS. Probably all their Dolce (10), Wyndham Grand (Soon to be 45), and that leaves 150 or so to gut the best of the best at other brands. So probably most Wyndhams…..partner hotels – Caesars? So much for accumulating WR points…I see a cancellation on the horizon.



Anticipating (but hoping not) that the 30k list will also include the Wyndham Viva all-inclusive fare. Some of these locations are in countries were currency and other tourist issues are significantly … depressed. e.g. Mexico… so maybe that will spare them. (wishful thinking no doubt)

Carl P

Site now showing new numbers (maybe not all). Ceasars, Nobu, etc. up to 30K. Some Vegas properties like Flamingo still 15K, Super 29 around Freemont down to 7,500.

When I talked with Wyndham account rep she said she didn’t know which were going to 30K. Dolce likely.