(EXPIRED) 10-15K United Mileage Plus miles with Clear enrollment (stacks with AMEX credits)

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Start warming up those Clear credits. United Airlines and Clear are back with another promotion that gives a boatload of miles to Mileage Plus members who sign up for Clear. Premier members will earn 15,000 United Mileage Plus miles when they sign up for CLEAR between 5/27/22 and 7/9/22 and, this time, non-elite Mileage Plus members can join the party, receiving 10,000 Mileage Plus miles when signing-up.

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The Deal

  • United MileagePlus Premier Members who sign-up for CLEAR will receive 15,000 United miles.
  • Non-elite Members who sign-up for CLEAR will receive 10,000 United miles.

Direct Link to Offer

Key Terms

  • Offer for new CLEAR members only.
  • Must be a MileagePlus Premier member or cobranded cardholder to qualify for 15,000 miles.
  • General MileagePlus members will receive 10,000 miles.
  • Offer valid from May 27, 2022 through July 9, 2022.
  • Members must enroll in CLEAR through the offer landing page in order to qualify.


  • You are limited to one promotion per MileagePlus account.
  • In past promotions it wasn’t necessary to go to the airport to finish registration despite what the t&c said.

Quick Thoughts

Mileage Plus members can sign-up for a year of Clear for $119, while elite members get an even lower price of $109/year. United miles are worth 1.3 cpp according to our RRV’s, so even with no credit, 15,000 miles for $109 is a pretty clear (no pun intended) win.  Delta and United cardholders also get discounted Clear memberships at $109/year which would stack with this offer, although 10,000 United miles for $109 isn’t nearly enticing as 15,000 for $109.

Where it gets really good is if you have an annual Clear credits through one of American Express’ Membership Rewards-earning cards:

  • Amex Platinum and Business Platinum get up to $189/year
  • Amex Green gets up to $100/year
  • Some people have a targeted AMEX offer for 50% off of a one-year Clear membership, which would bring the cost for co-branded cardholders and/or Mileage Plus members to $55-$60.

These credits will stack with the bonus offer, meaning that Platinum cardholders can get the mileage bonus at no cost after the credits are applied and Green cardholders get the mileage bonus for either $9 or $19, depending on whether or not the person signing up has elite status.

Remember, the AMEX credits apply even when you are paying for another person to sign-up for Clear. I can pay for a Clear membership for my wife (or son, daughter, brother, sister or neighbor) and get the cost reimbursed, so long as I haven’t used the credit already. The miles will go into that person’s account, however, so keep that in mind before standing in front of the Clear line at the airport offering to pay for strangers. Unfortunately, the miles post slower than molasses on a winter’s day; most people have found that it’s somewhere between 6-10 weeks. But they do post eventually.

This is an easy win for folks with Clear credits to burn and it’s great to see that both elite and non-elite Mileage Plus members are eligible this time. Maybe this will finally be the straw that brings Nick into the ranks of the retinally-scanned?

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Can I get the United offer if I signed up via Delta last year? Expiration is today my first year. I tried using the United link but Clear says I have to log in.


10k miles offer from United but my Bonvoy card says I must go through ClearMe link, price is $189 to get 50% discount. Anyone able to stack this with AMEX ?

Maestra K

Hey, Tim, can you still MS Staples g.c.’s at Safeway in your neck of the woods?


I think this offer was much better.
Register and spend at least $100 or more with your UnitedSM Explorer Card between April 15 and April 30, and you’ll receive a complimentary 1-year CLEAR subscription (a $109 value).*


I already signed up for Clear with my Plat credit. Could I sign a family member up but put my MileagePlus number in and get the points or does the person signing up have to match the MileagePlus account?


Hmmmm. I seem to have enrolled in CLEAR at some point using my Amex Plat but don’t see a charge anywhere for it and all attempts to recover password to supposed account have failed.

Called customer service who said it looked like I started the process in the past but never finished, so I did not have an account…according to the CSR.

I suspect I created glitch by enrolling via my Amex Plat card, but not finishing the application. Tried joining via Chrome, Edge and iphone and all get the same error message

Last edited 2 years ago by Gubmintmole

I keep getting “an error has occurred – please try again later” when I put in my info. Harrumph.


Anyone know if I can signup and get the miles without reaching the stage of giving too much personal info?


curious to know the same thing. I hold passports from one of the eligible countries but the whole process requires me to obtain a clearance certificate from my home country (where I don’t live currently), which will require a visit. The only problem is I am not planning a visit for the next 8-10 months at minimum.

I was wondering if I could sign up, pay the fees (and hopefully earn miles and credit with platinum) and let the application be in pending state for a year before I actually can get the clearance certificate.


I did a deal like this last ~September and got the bonus miles without ever doing the biometric part. At that time, I got the miles quickly enough that I could have cancelled during the no-fee intro period, but since I had it on my Platinum I let it charge anyway.


Still have not gotten credit for first time around!!!


Same — I did the last 15k on 3/29/22 and it hasn’t posted


I didn’t either. Called Clear and told to talk to United. Scam!


Same experience here! I signed up and they never award my miles.


Anyone have any idea how to get miles? Do you go to United or to Clear? Anyone successful, please post. Thank you!


I sent an email to mileageplus@united.com with documentation and got the 15K…