(EXPIRED) [Update: Likely not targeted] $10 DoorDash credit for some Freedom / Freedom Unlimited cardholders

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Update: Two key updates:

  1. did not receive the targeted email about the $10 credit toward my next order, but I signed up for DoorDash today and added my Freedom Unlimited. When I added the card, it prompted me to activate my free 3-month DoorDash membership. That screen noted the $10 credit toward my first order. It appears this may not be targeted.a screenshot of a credit card
  2. The $10 discount on my first order noted in this post caused the $15 Summer of DashPass promo not to show up. I placed an order with the $10 discount for activating my DoorDash membership and then immediately went to place a second order from the same restaurant and the $15 off Summer of DoorDash promo was available to apply. I was therefore able to save $25 on dinner by signing up and splitting it into 2 orders (actually, my wife placed a third order from her account to save another $15, so we saved $40 total). As a reminder, that $15 off Summer of DashPass promo ends Sunday.

Original post follows.


Chase is sending out targeted emails to some Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Unlimited cardholders prompting them to register for 3 free months of DoorDash’s DashPass by 9/30/20 and get a $10 credit toward their next order. One comment we received earlier indicates that this credit may be conflicting with the Summer of DashPass promo (which includes $15 off of $15 this week), but YMMV.

a wallet with a credit card inside31

The Deal

  • Chase is targeting some Freedom and Freedom Unlimited cardholders to activate their complimentary 3-month DoorDash DashPass subscription by 9/30/20 and receive $10 off their next order

Key Terms

  • DashPass provides unlimited deliveries with a $0 delivery fee and reduced service fees on eligible orders over $12.
  • After 3 months, you are automatically enrolled in DashPass at half off for the next 9 months.

Quick Thoughts

While free DashPash into 2022 for Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Sapphire Preferred cardholders stole most of the headlines when Chase announced the DoorDash benefits a few months ago, they had at the time simultaneously announced a 3-month membership for Chase Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, and Slate cardholders (then half off for nine months after thatWho s). The DashPass membership Requires registration and does not begin until a cardholder has registered. It seems that Chase / DoorDash is encouraging members to register for the free 3-month membership by offering a $10 DoorDash discount.

As noted at the top, we had a reader who commented earlier indicating that this $10 credit may be interfering with the $15 off of $15 “Summer of DashPass” deal that we reported earlier today. I’m not sure whether that may be true and/or if you can get both discounts but are limited to one per order. YMMV.

Personally, I don’t have a Sapphire card but do have a Freedom Unlimited. I had not signed up for DashPass because my wife has the longer complimentary membership on the Sapphire Reserve and the $60 credit this year and next year (which we haven’t yet used up for this year since there are no participating restaurants in our area). However, I may have a chance to use this for pick up. Unfortunately, I did not yet receive an email about the $10 credit, so I’ll hold off and see if I get targeted before activating DashPass.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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It looks like I was able to use both the $10 and $15, I had both applied (unless I had a $10 credit previously for some reason)


Annoyingly if you don’t select the Freedom as the default card to pay with, they’ll charge you for the delivery (7.99 in my case). I wonder if paying with a doordash gift card will waive the delivery.


Has anyone with dashpass already through CSR and also has a Freedom figured out a way to get the $10? I added my Freedom card and changed it to my primary card and it didn’t seem to trigger it.


You may have to go to the box to add a promo. Maybe it will be listed. Also you might have to select the Freedom as the default card for that order.

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