(EXPIRED) $10 off $100 or more in Visa Gift Cards at Safeway / just for U stores

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Safeway (and presumably affiliates sharing the just for U loyalty program) is offering $10 off on $100 or more in Visa Gift Cards through 6/29/19 via digital coupon added to your just for U account. Terms indicate that it is one-time use, but according to reports at DoC it is working on variable-load cards, so it could be a good way to score some quick and easy points.

The Deal

Key Details

  • One-time use per household
  • Expires 6/29/19

Quick Thoughts

A promo like this can be a great way to rack up rewards if you’re using a card that earns one of the best category bonuses at US Supermarkets. The $10 coupon should mitigate the fee, so if your store sells $500 variable-load cards, this could be an easy few thousand points.

Keep in mind that this may not be offered in all areas and you need to add the coupon to your according before you make your purchase.

As always, we’ve added this to our list of current Visa and Mastercard gift cards.

H/T: Reader Ben

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Will Vons gift cards trigger 5X for Chase Freedom’s current supermarket bonus?


i guess i can make a second reward account with different address if i want to do multiple


This is old news. this was out from last week.


Yeah I commented this deal on the current mastercard and visa gift card deals page a few days ago and they finally updated it


In my area it is$2.00 per Visa Card!


if I buy them with my amex gold card I get 4x points but the gift cards don’t trigger spend requirements on a retention bonus. Wonder how amex knows or cares it’s a gift card in one case and not the other.


The acme supermarket near me allows only cash/debit cards to buy the gift cards…It doesn’t make any sense to me at all..Did anybody else experience this?


The acme near me gave me a hard time about needing the ccc and id (was using apple pay and didn’t have my wallet). Weird thing is that i’ve gotten them there multiple times is the last few months with no issues, also pretty sure there is a sign on the gift card kiosk that says “now pay with credit card” or something like that. Will look when i stop by tomorrow


Thank u matt


Do you have a good way to liquidate them after you buy them.