(EXPIRED) 100% / 100x back on LifeLock via Rakuten

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Shopping portal Rakuten is offering 100% back / 100x Membership Rewards points for LifeLock subscriptions today. If you’re able to stack the Chase Offer for LifeLock, you’ll end up paying under eight tenths of a cent per point to buy 10,000 Membership Rewards points (and get a LifeLock subscription to go with it). That could easily be an excellent deal.

The Deals

  • Earn 100% cashback or 100x Membership Rewards when purchasing a LifeLock subscription after clicking through from the Rakuten shopping portal.
  • Earn $20 back as a statement credit on LifeLock purchases with a targeted Chase Offer.

Key Terms

  • Rakuten
    • Cash back is not available on free trials and automatic renewals.
    • Cash Back is not available when using coupons/promotional codes not found on Rakuten.
    • Cancelling a subscription within 60 days of sign up will void Cash Back.
  • Chase Offer
    • Expires November 27, 2020.
    • Must spend $89.99 or more.
    • Offer valid one time only.
    • Payment must be made directly with the merchant.
    • Offer not valid on third-party delivery services.
    • Payment must be made on or before offer expiration date.

Lifelock Chase Offer 11.12.20

Quick Thoughts

This can be a great deal as 10K Membership Rewards points are easily worth more than the $80 or $100 net cost involved here (the price of a LifeLock subscription).

If you don’t have the Chase Offer, you’ll pay $99.99 and get 9,999 Membership Rewards points — a cost of $0.01 per point (assuming you don’t value the LifeLock subscription at all).

If you do have the Chase Offer (keep in mind that it expires tomorrow), you’ll pay $99.99 and earn 9,999 points, but you’ll get $20 back for a net cost of $79.99 (or 0.79cpp). That’s pretty objectively excellent. That could me more than enough Membership Rewards points for a short one-way domestic flight wiht the right Membership Rewards sweet spots, which in many cases could be an excellent deal for eighty bucks.

On the other hand, Greg and I recently talked on the podcast about why we haven’t previously done the LifeLock deal. I was teasing him about how he’s not really a buyer of Membership Rewards points at 1cpp because if he was he’d have hopped on the previous LifeLock deal. But secretly, I knew why he hadn’t: we’ve both gotten the impression that cancelling a LifeLock subscription is kind of a pain. It might be worth a small headache given the deal here — and we could be wrong / LifeLock may have improved the cancellation process. But it’s worth noting that I think you have to call to cancel, which inevitably means dealing with a pitch to keep you on.

Still, I could see this being totally worth it for readers looking to juice their Membership Rewards balance at an attractive cost. If you live in a household with multiple eligible LifeLock members, you could click through Rakuten to sign each person up and easily put together a more significant number of points in a single Membership Rewards account.

If you have done one of these deals and successfully cancelled LifeLock (after the required 60 days have passed), let readers know your experience in the comments. Also keep in mind that new Rakuten members should be able to stack this with the 4K bonus for joining, making it an even better deal.

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Do they give 100% back including the tax?


I do not see the option to pay for a full year, only month by month. What am I missing?


As you click through the purchase there should be a month to month option and an annual option. A little confusing because they give a “Per Month” cost (trying to show the customer the discount they get by paying for a year up front), but it is an annual cost of approx $99.


Ugh. I’m still a little confused on how to earn MR points on Rakuten. I’ve linked/input my AE Platinum card to Rakuten but the only payout options showing are Cash Back or PayPal. I went and read Nicks Oct 2019 Rakuten article on the steps necessary for earning MR points and my understanding is I should see another option allowing me to chose MR rewards as a payout option. Am I missing something? Thanks!


It seems (at least for some accounts) you need to close your account, and make a new one


Thanks. For me, I determined I could set up the MR option via a laptop but not via the Ratuken App.


so for those of us who is interested in buying MR for 1c, we should pay for the most expensive annual plan? the whole family deal?


yes, charge as much as possible.
i’ve read read break up family members in order to pay/get more.
looks like they are having 15% sale, what;s the price for family plan?


Pulled the trigger and signed up. The Rakuten Pop up did not happen but I was using the Edge browser. It shows a shopping link connection and I got an email stating You’r on your way to Cash Back. Hope you enjoyed shopping at LifeLock. If you made a purchase, Cash Back will appear in your account soon. It may take a few days. Can anyone confirm this is correct as it does not show on the Rakuten site that it linked the shopping cart… Thanks!


BTW, there is a way to cancel renewal subscription right on the web site when logged in.


Don’t you mean ultimate rewards?


No, you would go through the Rakuten portal to the LifeLock website. Buying the one year $99 LifeLock subscription with your targeted Chase card (mine was linked to an INK card) will cause you to get a $20 statement credit on your Chase card, either 100 or 80 Ultimate Rewards points (I’m not sure if it will be based on the cost of the Lifelock subscription or the net cost after the $20 rebate), and 10,000 AMEX points.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mark

Is the Rakuten 100%/100 provided on the first months subscription price or over the course of the year? It’s not clear from the description on the Rakuten site. Assuming you purchase the $26.99 Plan, and need to keep it for 3-4 months to receive the cashback (plus you need to spend $89.99 for the chase deal). I don’t see a way to pay for a yearly plan vs. the monthly plan which makes the entire cashback situation here confusing. Any ideas?


you have to select a plan, put your info, and just before confirming at the end it gives an option for annual which gives another 8% off, making it $98.90 for the first year on their cheapest plan


Thank you Kosta! That’s exactly what happened. All signed up!

Points For Four

not sure if it’s going to be worth the headache having to cancel in a year


I had cancelled one account after 1 year, easily done online .

Questuon is can you do it again (and getting points/cash) after cancellation using same ssn?