$100 Staples Gift Card for only $85


Today only, PayPal Digital Gifts is offering $100 Staples’ e-gift cards for $85 each.  Hurry, this won’t last long.

Staples 100 for 85


  • Staples gift cards cannot be used to buy other gift cards
  • Pay with your Chase Ink card to earn 5 points per dollar (Note: You cannot pay with a credit card directly. Instead, make sure your PayPal balance is zero and link your Ink card to PayPal, then pay with PayPal).
  • Shop through Splender to get an additional 2% cash back
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[…] This deal stacks with: $100 Staples Gift Card for only $85 […]


subscribe – pulled the trigger yesterday


Why would you want a staples GC – what would one buy with that? I don’t need office supplies and you can’t use them to buy GCs right?


With the 4/10 restriction, 10 gc limit per day and the never ending paypal verification loops I don’t expect this deal to die off until at the very earliest this evening. There’s currently 12k left. Hoping to push my luck and get an ebay bucks offer tomorrow.


You must have missed the memo. PayPal got rid of the 4/10 rule last week.


Nope. I’m heavily into buying gift cards and arbitrage and I assure you that I ran into either the 4/10 rule, a glitch, or something in between that was caused by trying to purchase PPDG. I met resistance and had the error message (same one I’ve hit before with the 4/10 rule) and had to stop buying PPDG on that account. I was able to buy other non-PPDG without issues directly after.

I’ve also met other velocity limit issues that resulted in the new rules that reset after midnight. I’ve had the pleasure of hitting every reported velocity limitation and paypal security issue that I’ve read anyone report over the last week (lucky me). There appears to be a lot that we aren’t in the loop about. Probably just where ebay/paypal wants us.

The only thing we know about the ebay/paypal fiasco is that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. A senior rep that I spoke with didn’t even know about the midnight reset rule until she had to investigate it further and appeared to be reading something back to me. If their senior reps don’t have a clue whats going on, good chance we won’t either.


I just want to make sure that.
Can we use Staples GC to buy Visa GC on Staples in store or on line?
Thank you.


No, you cannot use a Staples gift card to buy VGC in stores. I’ve tried and got no where. Many have been permanently banned from Staples dot com for trying to buy VGCs with their ecards.


about Spender, anyone here knows of a upper management contact I can submit my claim for his/her review? a denied $5 CB is nothing, but upset b/c of its principle & i felt cheated. TIA


Just confirming you can’t use Staples GC to buy Visa GC right?

FYI I’ve had no problem using Splender or TopCashback to get cb on ebay giftcards


be careful of splendor, they also denied a CB for ebay GC last week. Below is what their reply to my request:

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you.

I am very sorry that eBay has not credited your account with reward because they have deemed your second item ineligible per their terms and conditions stated on the website:

Not eligible for purchases on eBay-branded gift cards (physical and digital),


eBay Gift Cards are never eligible for cash back on any portals.


You cannot use Staples GC to buy any other gift cards (including VGC)


do be careful using splender portal co. as the co. wrongly denied my acct. for a valid bonus cash back as the co. wildly 1st claimed that i didn’t use the referral link; after i proved that i had had, splender then subsequently wildly perceived or wrongly accused that my referral & I are the same person. For a measly $5 bonus that i was qualified as splender clearly advertised in writing, i’m shocked that the co. made wild claims & poorly treated me or customers to not fulfill their written obligations


Hmmm not letting me used saved payment method only Paypal balance


This was the same for me – Can’t use CC for this purchase. Even using the PayPal federated login, it would only let me use PP balance or checking account. Still not a bad deal, but I would rather use CC for the points.