(EXPIRED) 10K easy Hilton points with survey [YMMV]

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I don’t normally bother with the emails that say “share your opinion and get some free points!” because the points are rarely worth the time investment, but this week Hilton sent out emails to some members advising them of the chance to earn 10,000 Hilton Honors points after completing a single survey. I tried and gave up on this and it turned out that I still earned 10K easy Hilton Honors points even though I didn’t qualify for any of the surveys I tried. I’ll happily take 10K Hilton points for 14 minutes of work that it required of me. Since my wife has now also completed it, that’s 20K easy points in my household.

The Deal

Quick Thoughts

I was initially annoyed because I spent 14+ minutes trying to complete 4 different surveys only to be told that I didn’t qualify for any of them. I had started with a survey that said it was 10 minutes long and didn’t qualify, then I tried one that said 12 minutes, then 15. When I got disqualified for that, I tried a 20-minute survey (each time I seemed to have different times showing for the surveys available to me). I gave up after filling out age / race / income / background information for the 4th time and being told that I didn’t meet the needs of the survey. However, shortly after giving up on that, I received an email congratulating me for completing my first survey and saying that my 10K Hilton points would post in the next 4-6 weeks.

That was 5 days ago and I logged in this morning to see the 10K points in my account already.

My wife then went to complete her first survey this morning (clicking through from the December 12th email) and successfully qualified for the first survey she tried. We chose the 8 minute survey….and it took 22 minutes and 51 seconds, so YMMV.

Overall, this was easy points for low effort. Given that Hilton points can easily be pooled, I’m tempted to help others in my family get this one done as well. Given that we value Hilton points around half a cent each, the points here are typically worth $40-$50. That’s not bad for the relatively low time investment, particularly if you have a few members in your household.

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Signed up P1, P2, and P3 last weekend. P1 and P2 had “no surveys available,” P3 had some available until you clicked on one, then there were none available. The three filled out different proportions of the profiles (zero to full). Still no surveys after a week. Will keep checking, but would welcome any advice to be eligible for one.


Did anyone try to transfer points received by a survey from one account to another? My transaction was canceled.

Carl WV

I wonder if they were smart enough to foresee people using multiple accounts to get the 10K multiple times, and then consolidating the points? If so, I’m kid of impressed,

Did the account you were transferring from have any other points or activity?


The account had 0 points recently but it is not new. It was active before.


Signed up for P1, P2, and P3 and did a few surveys on Saturday. All three Hilton accounts received the 10k bonus today.


I don’t usually do these except once a year to keep alive a stack of AA miles one of my kids seems to forget about.

Tried this, 10,000 points for about 10 minutes, not bad.

Thanks for the heads up.


Thank you, Nick!
Just created an account with them entered some employment info. Then the congratulation email came immediately before I had a chance to start any survey.

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One thing to keep in mind if you regularly want to do these after your initial 1st completion bonus….this program is notorious for having you take a full survey, complete and submit it only to find out afterwards that you didn’t meet the criteria to officially complete it and earn the full points. A lot of times, the personal demographic information is at the end which could be the cause for non-inclusion. And while you can question the validity of the data received through these surveys based solely on their quantitative analysis of how they select/keep or reject people that take them, the bigger issue for me as someone spending the time and energy to go through it all is having fully completed one only to find out I wasn’t eligible to earn all the points….yet they got all my answers and information as a survey taker which can be used as part of their study/findings. More often than not, you’ll most likely get the ‘partial reward’ by doing some of it before being told you’re not eligible. If you have time to kill, it’s OK, but it’s a hassle.

Carl WV

mathewsf -As an ongoing thing it’s only worth it to extend expiration dates. You’re doing this for way under minimum wage, A lot say they’re a certain length and they’re longer. Or, like you say, they go on a fairly long before saying you don’t qualify. At least the 5 point consolation prize also extends expiration. I think Caesar Rewards (Say and Play) uses the same people.

For 10,000 points it’s worth it, if I ever get it.


I received the 10k email. After creating the account I didn’t see any survey to complete.

“No surveys are available at this time.”

Carl WV

Nick – Did the points just show in the survey site or did they show in your Hilton account itself? I did this about 9 weeks ago. It says points can take 4 to 6 weeks in T&C to get points. When I didn’t see them in my Hilton account 6 weeks later I contacted Guest Survey, They said it was taking 8 weeks, so give it some time. When 8 weeks hit I contacted them again. They asked for screenshots with points, Hilton #, and name (although you would think they would have the info at their end). I sent them Friday. GO said they were contacting Hilton with the issue and would advise. Nothing yet,

Did anybody here actually have points hits their Hilton account? I did see them show quickly on the Guest Opinions site, but that doesn’t really do any good.

richard e

Still waiting since 10/15. They are not replying to my e mails.

Carl WV

Correction – It took me a week to hear back (not a day or two).

Carl WV

i had no increase in points, but it’s a good idea to check. I got the Guest Opinion email and all. I guess I’ll give it another week or so, and contact them again if there is nothing.

Glad to hear it’s working well for others at least.

Carl WV

UPDATE – I received the 10K last night, It’s about 10 weeks after taking survey and 10 days after most recently contacting customer service. So, there is hope for those that haven’t seen the points yet,,

Maybe they’ve worked out some bugs, as the people trying it lately seen to be faring much better,


Boom! Took about 5 minutes for 10K points. Thanks Nick!


I received the same email stating I would receive the 10,000 bonus points following the survey. That was on October 15 and still no points.

Evan F

I also qualified, took two surveys (completing the second one) and received the “Congrats on 10k” Email. Thanks for the heads up!


AWESOME! Thanks for this. I qualified as well. The first survey I took was about 5 min and I qualified fully for 500 points. I then saw one worth 1816 points and I also qualified for that. It was called “food and beverage” and was focused on meat brands. Took me about 15 min total and I also fully qualified. So 12000 or so Hilton points coming my way.

Dan Miller

A… “few members in your household”? <pokes up head>

Jason B

Wow, that was a long, boring survey which would have only earned me 150 Hilton points. Awful tradeoff without the bonus 10k.


Thanks Nick. After about 7 minutes of answering questions I got an email saying my account would be credited with 10,000 Hilton points. Well worth 7 minutes of my time!