$120 back on $599 at Dell w/ new Amex Offer [enrollment required]


There is a new targeted Amex Offer out for Dell.com: get $120 back on $599 or more [enrollment required]. While I didn’t find this offer on a Business Platinum card, Dell makes it easy to split payment online so that you could split payment between a Business Platinum card (for that card’s semi-annual Dell rebate) and whichever card has this $120 offer synced in order to stack both discounts. See our Current Amex Offers database for a ride range of other new offers out today.


The Deal

  • Spend $599 or more at Dell.com, get $120 back with a new targeted Amex Offer

Key Terms

  • Expires 10/28/22
  • Valid at Dell.com US website, mobile app, and phone orders
  • Excludes all e-gift card and gift card purchases
  • Does not apply to refurbished items
  • See your offer for full terms

Quick Thoughts

Dell offers are always popular since the site sells a wide range of technology items. Since the Business Platinum card now comes with $400 in rebates per year at Dell ($200 from January to June and $200 from July to December, enrollment required), I had hoped to see this offer on that card. Unfortunately, I did not find it on the Business Platinum.

However, as noted at the top, Dell allows you to easily split tender online. It would be easy to pay $600 on a card loaded with this offer and $200 on a Business Platinum card to stack for $320 back.


If you do have this offer and you plan to use it and the item you want isn’t on a terrific sale right away, I recommend waiting a few weeks. As you’ll see in the best rate history at CashBackMonitor.com, we’ve seen Dell reach as high as 16% back during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend (we also typically see a double-digit payout via Rakuten, which could be great for those earning Membership Rewards points).

This is sure to be a popular offer and we have sometimes seen offers like this one fill up and disappear from Amex Offers, so it is worth syncing this one right away if you’re interested.

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How does Amex know if I made a $600 transaction if I split the payment in 2 so I can stack offers to get $320 back? Wouldn’t they see 2 separate $400 and $200 charges?

Joseph Giorgianni

0/5 here. Suggestions on Dell item to use my $200 credit on and resell? Thanks.


Frustrating weekend, no delta gc offer and no dell offer on 8 cards between P1 & P2 ;(


seems a recent trend that offer not appearing on Biz Plat.
Marriott offer also didn’t appear on Brilliant sucks a lot.


What’s the max number of ways Dell will let you split a payment? Already have 2 Biz Plats and Amex has repeatedly emailed / printed mail for a THIRD.

Jan W

0/14 here. Which cards is it being found on? I’d be glad to clear a card if I knew there was a chance…


Be careful with the offer. We ordered a laptop on the last offer for the same amount and since they don’t charge until the laptop is put together, it was shipped and charged a month later. No $120 back and Amex and Dell both blamed each other, but no rebate in the end so I would not wait long if its a pc or laptop that must be built..


I had that happen because I waited till June 20th to order. I was watching it for a week and the ship date varied between July 1 and July 4th. Finally ended up with a second order of a ready ship item* on June 29th which was charged to Amex (split between two Biz Plats) on June 30th and the 2nd order on July 1. Used up H12022 and H22022 credits on both cards.

*not sure if I really needed it but couldn’t go wrong with an additional latest Intel processor office desktop for net $180.