125K Morgan Stanley Platinum card offer!


While we’ve seen some incredible Platinum card offers over the past couple of years, I can’t recall a time we’ve ever seen the offer on a co-branded Platinum card eclipse the “standard” offer on the “vanilla” Platinum card (When I say “co-branded Platinum” cards, I am talking about cards like the Morgan Stanley version or the Charles Schwab version or previous co-brands that no longer exist). If you have your eyes set on the Morgan Stanley version (and particularly if the news about the Access Investing angle has you considering it sooner rather than later as pointed out in the comments below, Access Investing is no longer available for new users), this is certainly good news to see.

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The Offer & Key Card Details

Quick Thoughts

For many months now, we have listed referral offers for the “vanilla” Platinum card that eclipse the offers advertised by most sites (we’ve been using links for the current offer from readers who have shared them in our Frequent Miler Insiders group since the best current offer has only been available via referral and only some people have the links to generate it). However, the “standard” offer on the vanilla Platinum card has been 100K points after $6K in purchases in the first 3 months for some time now. It is quite a surprise to see the Morgan Stanley version offering more points as I can’t think of a time when the offer on the co-branded Platinum cards (i.e. Morgan Stanley, Schwab, or the no-longer-available Ameriprise or Mercedes-Benz Platinum cards) have ever been higher than the standard Platinum card offer.

The timing here makes this especially interesting for many. Keep in mind that you are eligible to receive the welcome bonus on each flavor of the Platinum card one time — so if you have had the “vanilla” version or the Schwab version but not the Morgan Stanley version, you can still get this bonus.

A key reason why many like this card is because of the fact that the Morgan Stanley card offers one Platinum authorized user (who receives Platinum card perks like Centurion Lounge access, Delta SkyClub access when flying Delta, and various elite status perks) for free. Furthermore, it is possible to get an annual relationship bonus that helps mitigate the annual fee. See: Morgan Stanley Platinum Card Fee Free (how to earn the $695 Annual Engagement Bonus).

Again, the timing here is spectacular for those who wanted to get in on Access Investing before 12/1/22 and the bonus is quite respectable. Combined with the card’s perks, it is easy to come out ahead in the first year. Apart from the offers Amex ran last year that included additional points for dining or small business spend, I think this is the best offer we’ve ever seen for the Morgan Stanley version of this card.

H/T: Aaron

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I tried to open access investing account with link I found, but it said “reviewing documents” and when I called MS they said it would not be opened.


opened access investing 3 days days ago with 5500, opened the platinum card today instant approval, also holding personal platinum


I signed up for Access Investing and deposited the $5k back in September. Amex denied me saying that I didn’t have the proper account type with MS. However, calling MS and they said I did qualify based upon my Access account with them. I’ve called amex, given my account number several times and they keep saying they will investigate it, but Amex has never emailed or mailed me.


Uggg…signed up for this card litteraly like 8 days ago. Anyone think there is a chance they will match / honor this new bonus?


Signed 1 month ago. No DP found to match


Yeah…I chatted last night with AMEX about possibly matching. I pressed and pressed, was transfered and kept getting same answer. Not able to change the terms of the application. Super frustrating to miss out on 25k for 8 days.

Captain Greg

Now that Access Investing isn’t an option, what’s the best/cheapest MS account to open for this card?

Captain Greg

Ignore me, someone below said a $125-$150/year brokerage account would qualify. Meh, I’d consider doing it for the SUB, but I don’t think I’d hold it long term even with the free AU card.


Well MS is just trolling us now.


So for those of us with no Morgan Stanley relationship, and with the Access Investing option now gone, what do we do in order to get the MS Amex Plat? As stated in the article and comments, going for the annual engagement bonus has too much of an opportunity cost, so not worrying about that.
Additionally, it would be amazing if this offer sticks around until December in order to triple dip on the credits!


MS has a “regular” self-directed brokerage account that has a $125 to $150 annual fee that would qualify a person for the card. The opportunity cost of the annual fee rebate is more than the annual fee, so don’t obsess about that facet of the deal. Figure this account fee plus the card’s annual fee. Figure the statement credit coupon book. Is it worth going for the 125k welcome bonus? Heck yeah. So, do it.


What’s the link to the self directed brokerage account?


This is the only link I could find – wonder if this would work? https://www.morganstanley.com/what-we-do/wealth-management/cashplus


What is the name of this $125 account? It makes the most sense in current interest rate environment if there is no minimum deposit, but I had looked in the past for self-directed options and could not find anything.

Captain Greg

The link says that it expires 1/11/23.


Thanks, realized that right after commenting. Now I just need to convince myself (and P2) that it’s a good idea to pay nearly $1,000 for a credit card.

Captain Greg

If this is your first time getting a platinum, you should consider the regular platinum or the biz since those SUBs are 150k. Even if you want both of you to have a card, the fee for the brokerage account (assuming it is $125-150) basically washes out the fee for an AU card ($175 for up to 3 AUs on the normal platinum). At that point, I would mostly consider the SUB. Really it would make the most sense for both of you to sign up for big SUBs then cancel one after a year or two and become an AU on the other’s card.


lol Access Investing is already closed to new users. Only people who can still open/fund new accounts are those who started the process before the announcement