1750 Southwest points per order at 1-800-Flowers. Buy miles for 1.3 cents each.


Offer valid through 2/15/2016


1-800-Flowers is currently offering 1750 Southwest Rapid Rewards points per order for orders of $29.99 or more.  Bonus points will not count toward A-List, A-List Preferred or Companion Pass Qualification (if you want to earn points that count towards the Companion Pass, use code RR22 to get 1,000 points per order).

To get this deal, use code RR82 when checking out.

This deal does stack with:

  • 1800Flowers gift cards with the exception of those purchased from sites like Groupon where there is sometimes a restriction against combining the gift card with promo codes.
  • Amex Offers: Check your Amex account for the Spend $50, get $15 back 1-800-Flowers offer
  • Amex OPEN Savings: Get 5% back when you use your Amex business card at 1-800-Flowers
  • Free shipping from the Celebrations Passport program

This deal does not stack with:

  • Portal offers
  • Free shipping from ShopRunner

Buying Miles for 1.3 cents

If you have an Amex card registered for the 1-800-Flowers offer and a subscription to Celebrations Passport (for free shipping), you could place two $30 orders and get a total of 3500 Southwest Rapid Rewards points:

  • Cost: $60
  • Rebate: $15 (from Amex Offers)
  • Final Cost (if item is shipped to state that doesn’t charge sales tax for these orders): $45
  • Cost per mile: $45 / 3500 = 1.3 cents

Since Southwest points are worth about 1.5 cents each towards Wanna Get Away fares, this is a good deal even if you don’t ascribe any value to the flowers.  This is not a great deal if you have to pay for shipping though.  It’s also not a way to qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass.

Hat tip toomanybooks on Flyertalk via Carol

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I placed a total of 7 orders, four of them for flowers, two for chocolates, one for popcorn. Four times, 1750 miles hit my account shortly after flowers were delivered. The remaining points, presumably for chocolate and popcorn, have not posted. I’ve emailed, and called 800 Flowers and they say they are working on it. I called Southwest, and they sent an inquiry to 800 Flowers last week. Probably giving up, and only sending flowers for future promotions.


How shortly? It’s been 4 days now …


I placed 7 orders and 6 of those posted to my WN.

I enquired about the missing one and the agent told me she fixed it.

3 weeks later, nothing posted. I emailed again citing the old emails. Now the agent responded that since I paid with a GC, I am not qaulified.


I am getting the same response. They will not award me the miles on my orders that were paid either partially or completely with a gift card. I have spent hours and hours calling and emailing asking for documentation on the promotion that gift cards void the offer. They keep replying with random crap (like Celebration Rewards verbage) that makes no sense. I’m so infuriated!

I haven’t received any points from my 14 orders yet either.

Terry R

1-800-Flowers will NOT let you use a gift card and this promotion on the same order. That is just wrong. Isn’t that against usury laws? They are basically telling me that my gift card is just a promotion. I have argued this extensively with them and they will not budge.

Terry R

Yeah, I got it off of a 3rd party site and it was represented as a gift card. Being a $40 gift card, I bet it did originally come from LivingSocial. So, basically, 1-800-Flowers knows which ones came from Groupon and/or LivingSocial, but since I purchased via a 3rd party, I can’t tell if it is a true gift card or a “promotional” gift card.

Terri M


“This deal does stack with: …
Free shipping from the Celebrations Passport program.”

I joined Celebrations Passport for $29.99 on your advice, to get free shipping for a year. However, now that the site is recognizing that I’ve joined, it DOES NOT allow for the Rapid Rewards Promo Code to be entered. It gives an error message, stating that my order is not eligible for this promotion. I called 1800Flowers and they said that others had been calling with the same issue. The woman I talked with agreed to take my order by phone and then she would submit a form to allow me to get my Rapid Rewards points (although she forgot to ask me my RR number, I had to remind her). It took a lot longer to take my order by phone that it took to enter it online. Of course I need to do this a second time now to get the next 1750 RR points and to get my AmEx amount above $50. I’ll try to do this tomorrow. But I’m now very unhappy that I paid for that Celebrations Passport because I wanted to be able to stack these deals. It is rare that I send flowers. There was no indication that I would be unable to enter Promo Codes when I joined!

If anyone has a remedy, other than calling in your order manually, please post it.

K. Patel

Just a little Chime in. I did not use this Promo code, but I was able to use RR22 for 1000 miles after just purchasing Passport a day before. I did not get physical delivery of documents in mail and still I was able to use that Southwest Promo code with passport right away.
Try login out of Shoprunner and 1-800 both and try, I guess it should work


confess I’ve read both this post and your rube goldberg posts multiple times, and I’m really confused…. Why would you mention the one Southwest promo here (RR82 — for 1750 points for orders > $30) and in the RG post, mention a different Southwest promo (RR22 — for just 1,000 points for orders > $30) … Why would I want to use the latter?

Secondly, where are ya’all finding the 800-Flowers roses or flowers for just $30? Anytime I manage to find anything $30 or less, it then tells me that this deal won’t work with promo codes. (then it gives me option to go to page with flower deals that will work with codes — and those prices start at $40 and up)


I think I read that the lower offer for 1000 miles counts toward the companion pass.
Peruvian lilies (in a box, not with “free” vase) cost 29.99, as do many popcorn and candy choices.
I’ve had a few things delivered already, none of the points have posted yet but the code RR82 shows as applied to all of them that I placed from the 800 flowers website, including candy and popcorn.


Do you mean I can get 1000 points with RR22 which qualifying to companion pass?

Terri M

I clicked on the posted link, and I’m only seeing 1000 SWA bonus points. Did this promotion already end?


Does anyone know how long it takes for the points to post to my Southwest account?


Glad to see someone reporting on this. I’ve used the hell out of this promotion for 3 years. Very sad that the promotional bonus points do not count towards Companion Pass any more. BUT, accessing 1800 Flowers website via the SW shopping portal nets you even more points.
Thus, if you purchase $29.99 flowers [~$33 after tax] and utilize the SW shopping portal, you will end up with ~1993 SW points (1750 + 210 [7 x 30] + 33 [points earned by using CC to purchase].
1993 SW points = ~$30 – 36 (depending on what point valuation you go by). Of course, this assume you have purchased the yearly 1800 flowers “Celebrations Passport” membership which gets you free shipping for a year. Additionally, you get “1 Celebrations point” per $1 spent, and after earning 200 points, you get a $20 gift card.

[…] Also see: 1750 Southwest points per order at 1-800-Flowers. Buy miles for 1.3 cents each […]


Staples has $50 gift cards for $39.99. Can I stack these gift cards with the Southwest promo?


It says it stacks with gift cards, I’m glad Arley asked because I thought I was done after using my Amex (and Serve) offers…..but now there are more people to whom I can send flowers. I’ve done a couple popcorn and candy offers (via the 800 Flowers website) and the order said the RR82 promotion was applied, though no points have yet posted.


Does this offer work with 1800basket, fruit bouquets.. too?

[…] 1750 Southwest points per order at 1-800-Flowers. Buy miles for 1.3 cents each. by Frequent Miler. Points don’t qualify for the companion pass unfortunately and need some targeted offers but still might be useful for some. […]


Did Southwest change up what points qualify for companion pass because in the past these qualified?


AMEX offer is $15 off order of $50 or more, so will two orders of $30 each trigger the $15 credit?


iConsumer offers 3.2% for Raise. Raise has 1800flowers GC’s @ 35% discount. Under details @ Raise for 1800flowers GC’s, it states only one GC can be used per transaction & GC cannot be combined w/ other promotions. I’m not sure that is the case. I’ve used GC’s in the past in combination w/ promos and never had an issue. I bought a few $40 cards so I’ll give it a shot. The Peruvian Lilly’s @ 1800flowers for $29.99 last a long time and everyone I’ve sent them to really liked them.


I just tried using code RR22 with a gift card I purchased off of Raise and they system would not let me use both. Bummer 🙁


Hoping Alaska also bumps their promo to 30 miles per dollar for Valentine’s Day again.


Is there a limit on how many times you can place an order and get the 1750 points? ie…If I have multiple Amex cards where I have saved the offer, can I scale this offer up to say 6 separate orders and get 6 different 1750 promos?


The deal says “1750 pts/$ for orders of 29.99…” I think it should be 1750 pts for orders. (or 1750 pts rather than 52500 for an order of $30). 🙂