1800Flowers discount on Celebrations Passport


If you are familiar with the ins and outs and Extreme Stacking for 1800Flowers, you’ll know that it’s really handy to have Celebrations Passport free shipping to stack the biggest discounts possible. For a limited time, 1800Flowers is offering the Celebrations Passport 1-year membership for $19.99.

The Offer

  • Celebrations Passport (free shopping / no service charges at 1800Flowers family of brands) for 1 year for $19.99
  • Direct link to promotion

Key Terms

  • One year membership starts immediately, membership fee refundable within 30 days. Automatic one year renewal for $19.99 (cancellable at any time).
  • Complete Terms and Conditions

Quick Thoughts

This service usually costs $29.99 for a year, so the discount is $10. Remember that the Celebrations Passport gives you free shipping at the variety of brands under the 1800Flowers umbrella — not just free shipping on flowers. If you plan to use our stacking techniques for big savings on a range of gifts at the 1800Flowers family of brands, and you don’t yet have a Celebrations Passport, now is a good time to pick it up. If you go through a shopping portal, you may additionally get 15% back for a net cost of about $17. As long as you order at least a few times a year from 1800Flowers, that’s a pretty good value.

H/T: Miles & Money

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1800flowers is lame. Still haven’t posted my AA miles, more than 8 weeks past order.

[…] 1800Flowers discount on Celebrations Passport by Frequent Miler. IMO 1800flowers isn’t as attractive as it once was. […]


When I went to purchase at mothers day, I clicked to purchase celebrations. It didn’t go through, but it still gave me free shipping. I kept expecting it to change at the end, but I ended up getting two orders without shipping costs. Weird… It threw me off, was trying to use Amex offer.


@chuck – Same experience here as well.

LV Mike

“One year membership starts immediately, membership fee refundable within 30 days. Automatic one year renewal for $19.99 (cancellable at any time).”

I don’t understand this statement. If I currently have an active Passport membership, can I prepay for renewal at 19.99, or is this only for new members?




I noticed that since they added ShopRunner, this seems pretty pointless.

Everything that I’ve ordered recently would have gotten free delivery anyway.


Yeah, I was wondering about this as well. I used to get Passport every year for all the stacking deals, but I used Shoprunner this time and it worked perfectly. Anyone care to explain the advantages of Passport over Shoprunner?


Ah, ok…that makes sense. No, I’ve never tried that. I’ve always just gone through CB portals, but I guess if you’re chasing SW miles or something you’d need Passport. Thanks for clarifying…


It’s also important to note starting June 1st you can no longer use Passport free shipping for Fannie May purchases.


Anybody noticed that 1800flowers no longer offer miles for the portion of payments using gift cards? My recent order which consists of 2 x $50 gift cards and $$9.99 credit card payment only earned me 300 UA miles. Their customer service told me “We only award miles per dollar you pay out of pocket, since you only paid 9.99 (10 dollars) with your actual money, we can only award you with 300 points/miles. The rest of the order was paid with a 100.00 gift card. We do not honor points for gift card part of purchases.”


Yeah, same thing happened to me… which is BS, because they don’t award miles for BUYING the gift cards either, even though we are using “actual money” there as well… so we basically don’t earn any miles for using gift cards anymore… I think they are on to us 🙁


Their terms never specify any type of payment (paypal, masterpass,amex checkout or credit card directly etc) qualifies for earning miles. Simply not giving out miles and declaring their gift cards are not “actual money” is ridiculous. Any idea to fight back?

Peter T

Same thing happened for me, I purchased in Feb and contact them in Apr, they sent me this:

Airline miles are awarded based on merchandise value and also rules and regulations set up by the Airline companies as well. Here is a link for terms and conditions for orders with rewards and airline programs: https://www.1800flowers.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ContentDisplay?c=pop-fresh-rewards-terms&t=d&storeId=20051&catalogId=13302&langId=-1

Relevant terms from the link above are

“Merchandise Value” is defined as the gross sales price of the product or service less discounts, gift certificates, gift cards, promotional gift certificates, gift codes, Celebrations Rewards passes, savings passes, promotional offers (e.g. airline miles, points, e-money, etc.), credits, charge backs, refunds, discounts, and rebates, and excluding any and all applicable taxes, service, relay, shipping and handling charges


Still no word on why the gift cards are supposedly “out of stock” ? Do you think they are simply waiting for the AMEX offer to expire so that people can’t take advantage of the stacking deals that you often blog about?