20% off Hyatt Gift Cards + 5x Rewards


Hyatt Gift Card Sale

CardCash is currently offering 20% off of Hyatt Gift Cards in a wide variety of denominations. Additionally, purchases paid for through PayPal with a Chase Ink Plus have earned 5x rewards in the past. Note: There have been widespread issues in the past with Hyatt gift cards purchased through CardCash being hacked/used and buyers being stuck with a $0 balance. CardCash guarantees their cards for 45 days. For this reason, we recommend only purchasing these gift cards if you have an immediate use for them.

The Deal

  • 20% off Hyatt Gift Cards

The Details

  • Expires at 2:00pm Eastern Time 3/21/17 (though cards may sell out sooner)
  • Maximum $3,000 per person
  • Guaranteed for 45 days — due to past hacking issues, we only recommend buying if you plan to use soon

Cardcash guarantee


The Bottom Line

Discounted gift cards can be a great way to save a few bucks on an upcoming stay (and potentially earn 5x). We wouldn’t buy them speculatively, but if you have plans to stay at a Hyatt soon, they can be useful. We’d also recommend checking the balance on them regularly — hopefully you will catch any irregular activity before you’re checking out.


H/T: Miles to Memories

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Brian B.

Is it normal to receive a Hyatt Gift card with no pin number attached to it? In order to check the balance online, it looks like you need a Pin # and the original email/phone number of the purchaser. Is there any other way to check the balance online?



You can call 866-784-0540. Just need the card number


Can anyone tell me if the issues with Hyatt GCs (being hacked) are only/mainly with the eGift kind, like for these via card cash? Or are physical/hard ones a problem as well? While the thought of a % discount off is appealing, I mainly want to purchase with my Chase Ink for 5X UR, so looking to obtain some for a future stay. If the latter are safe, where have folks found them? Thanks

As a side, I have twice had a problem with gift cards (Home Depot and EBay) not loading/activating when purchased at a office supply store. Most likely technical/IT issues. In both cases, I opened a case with Chase and got the funds credited back.


I’m a bulk buyer with Cardcash and buy around $10k a month there. They definitely don’t screen their sellers nearly as well as other places. I run about 25-50% of cards being bad. But the fact I’m able to use paypal + ink for 5x on top of their competitive discounts makes me keep coming back. Let’s me max out 2 ink cards for 500k miles every year. I’ve also never had issues with getting refunds for bad cards even if it is a hassle to do it so often.


Hyatt Gift Cards? Just say no. MASSIVE fraud issues. Time consuming (and stressful) to try to straighten out. Hyatt corporate will not help you unless you buy them from them. You’re at the mercy of whatever reseller you buy them from. I stay at Hyatt a lot and used to buy these gift cards a lot from resellers but after multiple issues decided it’s no longer worth it


Why’s everyone criticizing poor Nick? He warned us to only buy if you are going to use right away, and to keep checking the balances. Plus cardcash will refund you for 45 days, and if they don’t you put in a chargeback through your credit card. What’s the big deal? If it works, you save 30% between the discount and the 5x points, if not, you get a refund and probably still get to keep the points.


in this case the risks are not worth the rewards…there is a dollar in the highway fast lane, is it responsible to tell people to go get it? even if you warn them that unless they look over their shoulder, keep checking for traffic, and are very fast, they may be struck down by a truck….methinks not, and sensible comments echo that. If you want to try to be the exception, just remember that is god’s way of thinning the herd.



700+ complaints on New Jersey BBB site:

Card Cash ripped me off and hundreds of others. Why is this blog promoting a business that has so many negative reviews?

More negative reviews:


Why is this blog promoting the purchase of fraudulent gift cards?


Really….why would you promote a company with known issues at all…..the responsible thing would be to ignore this…no caveat needed…STAY AWAY…..it would be better to WARN people when a bad deal comes along instead of promote it….and being negative and blasting a crappy company or product instead of sucking up to them by finding something good to talk about, is acceptable.


The Hyatt Place Las Vegas won’t take them anymore. Seems like more properties are blocking the use of the Hyatt egift paper fraud “cards”

Mike U

I second the warning about CardCash gift cards. Out of my last 6 purchases from them, 5 have had a $0 balance, and 4/5 had a $0 balance immediately upon delivery. I have since stopped using them.