$25 Small Business Saturday credit for NorthOne customers


Update 11/27/20: NorthOne has sent an email confirming eligibility for those who used their debit cards but noting that the $25 credit will take 1-2 more business days to post because of a technical glitch. The good news is that you should receive confirmation that you can expect the credit, though the bad news is that it sounds like it won’t arrive in time for small business Saturday.

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If you recently opened a NorthOne account (we wrote about a $300 bonus offer here that has since expired), be sure to activate your debit card and have it on hand for Small Business Saturday: NorthOne has sent an email today noting that if you use your debit card to make any purchase by 11/21 and you’ll receive a $25 credit to use on Small Business Saturday (Saturday, 11/28).

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The Deal

  • Make any purchase with your NorthOne debit card by 11/21/20 and get a $25 credit to use on Small Business Saturday

Quick Thoughts

There doesn’t appear to be any minimum purchase requirement to trigger the $25 bonus, so based on the wording I would expect that even a purchase of a couple bucks should trigger this $25 credit. It isn’t immediately clear to me that you actually have to use the $25 credit on Small Business Saturday – it may just be a cash credit that you can use as you please.

That said, since my wife and I each opened NorthOne accounts for that Swagbucks offer, and I think this is a pretty awesome way for NorthOne to encourage supporting small businesses while also encouraging you to use their card, I think we’ll let NorthOne buy us dinner on Small Business Saturday this year and use the entire $50 between us to support a local restaurant.

Of course, I still can’t see keeping the NorthOne account long-term given the unavoidable $10 monthly fee, but so far so good between the Swagbucks and this offer.

It is possible that this offer is targeted and perhaps only something being offered to new customers, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for the email as I would bet it should be widely available. If you don’t have a NorthOne account, I don’t know whether or not this offer would apply to a new account holder who opens now. The $300 offer has since expired. NorthOne has a referral program, but the better deal if you don’t want to wait an hope for a return of the $300 offer (which seems unlikely), the current Swagbucks offer is for 15,000 Swagbucks (enough for $150 in gift cards), which is still a solid bonus considering that the only requirements are to deposit $50 and keep the account open for 32 days. See my previous post for more information.

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Brandon Lee

I love cash app, but I can’t talk to anyone that is american.


Thanks for this post! Lightly skimmed this email and snoozed it until the day before SMS. That would not have worked out.