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[…] very briefly offered a 30,000 Swagbucks bonus (worth $300 in PayPal cash or gift cards) for signing up for a NorthOne business checking account. […]


What happens if you don’t put in $50 but you still open the account, will they take back the Swagbucks after 30 days?

[…] you recently opened a NorthOne account (we wrote about a $300 bonus offer here that has since expired), be sure to activate your debit card and have it on hand for Small Business […]


SwagBucks also has an offer of 10k SBs for signing up for a Chime bank account.

About Offer
When you open a bank account online with Chime, you get a Chime Visa® Debit Card, a Spending Account, and an optional Savings Account. Get started today!
1) Enroll with Chime between 10/5/20 and 10/31/20.
2) Download the Chime App.
3) Access your account number and routing number from the app.
4) Add your account number and routing number to your payroll contact or service.
5) Receive your first direct deposit by 11/30/20 to earn 10,000 SB!

Mark W

Missed out on this because they wouldn’t approve me thanks to a damn Equifax extended fraud alert that I’ve been trying to remove for months.

Pro tip: Never, ever place an extended fraud alert on your credit report if you like to chase bank bonuses, even if you were really a victim of identity theft (like I was). Nearly all banks will refuse to open an account for you unless you go in person; which kills most deals or makes them too much effort to be worth it. Thankfully, TransUnion and Experian make it relatively easy to remove an alert but Equifax’s customer service is utter garbage.


Thanks for the HU! Got in this time!


“Offer Unavailable”
I tried different browsers and incognito window. Seems to be dead again.


seems to be dead again 10/18 less than an hour after repost :/


I have been getting the not available expired message for about the past 30 minutes. Tried a few crepes red – same message.




Just did it. Swagbucks pending instantly as noted. How can money be so easy? Thanks!

Captain Greg

Ugh, missed it again!


Success. Thanks!


Okay so this is kind of BS. I signed up, 30000 Swagbucks appeared immediately. Go through exact same thing with my wife’s account, nothing pending after an hour. Not sure how to proceed.


I had similar thing happen. Tried to contact swag bucks support but they wouldn’t let me contact them about the clickthrough to Northpoint until a few days go by. I’m assuming it’s a list cause.

Adam Hansen

Thanks! Worked like a charm this evening. 🙂


Still worked for me as of 13:20 CST. It asked me to enter my email address to send a download link. The email contained instructions for completing the offer and a link to the app.


FYI this deal seems to have returned today (10/18) in case anyone’s interested!


When I sent the link to my email , then clicked on the link, got the message ‘You may not be eligible for this offer, may have already completed it, or the offer has expired.’ 🙁 17:00 EST


Denied with 2 year old sole prop resale business. Reason was..
The decision to decline your application for an account could be due to one or more reasons, including but not limited to: the inability to verify your identity based on the information you provided, missing or incorrect documentation, a particularly high risk type of business, limited time in business, a prohibited type of business or information provided from 3rd party vendors


I started my sign up when Nick mentioned it on the Chicago Seminars and it said my account setup was pending and they would email when it was ready. Still no email…here’s hoping.


Looks dead to me

Julie J

It is saying the offer has expired, or I am not eligible.


The points are not pending immediately for me although i do see the shopping activity in my history. The account was opened immediately


Is there a bonus for signing up for Swagbucks saw 10$ on SD

Larry K

Seems to be too late.

Larry K

I see the offer but then it tells me to send myself a link and when I click on link from email it says no longer available. Is there another way to sign up?