(EXPIRED) $40 back on $200 at Dell with new Amex Offer [targeted, Enrollment required]

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A new targeted Amex Offer came out earlier this week good for $40 back on $200 or more at Dell (enrollment required). Unfortunately, I didn’t find this offer on any of our Buisness Platinum cards nor on cards that have been targeted with the offer for $120 back on $599 or more. However, I did find this on some other Amex cards in our household that were not targeted for the $120 back on $599 offer, so if you didn’t get that offer you may want to check for this one.

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The Deal

  •  A new targeted Amex Offer is out this week that’s good for $40 back on $200 or more at Dell [enrollment required]

Key Terms

  • Expires 10/31/22
  • See offer for full terms

Quick Thoughts

This offer doesn’t seem particularly useful for those shopping for a new computer since most of the computers sold by Dell cost a bit more. However, this deal could be useful under a couple of circumstances:

  1. You want something else that Dell sells. They do sell a pretty wide variety of stuff.
  2. You mostly want Xbox Gift Cards because those can be useful. Note that some people get Xbox gift card orders cancelled without explanation or notification.
  3. You want to split tender with other cards that receive credits at Dell. Dell allows you to split payment over up to 3 payment methods when you check out online.

To that last point, if you have this on (for example) an Amex Gold card and you also have a Business Platinum card, you could put $200 of your charge on the Business Platinum card (to receive that card’s twice-annual $200 rebate for Dell purchases, valid once from January to June and once from July to December) and then put $200 of the charge on your Amex Gold card to trigger this offer (either charging the balance to one of those two cards or putting it on a third card with another offer). That could work out to be useful depending on how much you’re spending and how many other cards you have.

Overall, I don’t find this offer as appealing as some others they have recently had, but it can work out OK in the right situation. Remember to click through a shopping portal before making your purchase. At the time of writing, TopCashBack is offering 9% cash back, but check CashBackMonitor for rates at the time you’re shopping.

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