$50 Cash back using Discover with Android Pay [Targeted]


Discover is out with a great targeted offer for $50 back using Android Pay.

Discover Android Pay

The Deal

  • Get $5 back per transaction for the first 10 purchases made with your Discover card though Android Pay

Key Terms

  • Valid until July 31, 2017

Quick Thoughts

This promotion seems to be targeted – check your email for a message from Discover. The fine print does not indicate a minimum transaction to receive the credit but rather that you would receive a $5 bonus for each of your first 10 transactions. This is a great way to save a couple of bucks on things you would have purchased anyway. I was surprised when I recently checked the list of retailers that now accept Android pay — that list has really grown. Furthermore, it isn’t exhaustive. Many merchants that take Square now accept mobile payments and many Rite Aid pharmacy locations do as well. Android users should have no trouble taking full advantage of this promotion.

H/T: Tagging Miles

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Big Kevin

Email Title: Earn up to $50 Cashback Bonus with Android Pay and your Discover card until July 31, 2017


How can you confirm that you card was targeted for this offer?