CONFIRMED: More 5X – $15 rebate on $300 in Visa Gift Cards coming to Office Depot/Office Max on Sunday


Update: We have confirmed this deal will be live in-store starting today.

We have a report from a reader that a cashier showed them this coming Sunday’s ad with an offer for a $15 rebate on $300 in Visa Gift Cards and we have confirmed that this deal will be live in-store today.


The Reported Offer

  • $15 instant rebate on $300 or more in Visa Gift Cards

Key Details

  • One instant rebate per transaction
  • One transaction limit

The Math

This deal is best maximized by paying with a card that earns 5x/5% at office supply stores, such as the Chase Ink Plus, Chase Ink Cash or Amex Simply Cash Plus Business.  To maximize rewards and minimize activation fees as a percentage of cost, you would want to buy two $200 Visa Gift cards. Alternatively, you could buy one $100 gift card and one $200 gift card (or any other combination to reach $300 in gift cards), but activation fees will cumulatively make up a higher percentage of your purchase price and decrease or eliminate your profit.

$413.90 (2x $200 Visa Gift Card + activation)
$398.90 + 1994.5 Ultimate Rewards OR $19.95 cash back

These Visa gift cards should be PIN-enabled, with the PIN being the last four digits of the card. For more information on these cards, see our Beginner’s Guide to Buying & Liquidating Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards.

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bo knows

went to another store and was told cash only on variable amount VGC

bo knows

today, I went to 2 office-depot store I visited last week. in both stores, cashiers told me for variable amount VGC, cash only. I argued that I used credit card last week to buy them, they said they were not supposed to do that. I asked for the manager in the first store, she said they received a memo from corporate loss prevention department a while back to no allow cc payment for variable amount gift cards. not sure if she lied or not.


Anyone go today to see if the $15 rebate is working?


How did you personally confirm this? Did you see the sign go up at the end of shift yesterday or was it just from a reader? I don’t doubt this because it’s Easter Weekend and these promos are in a number of chains (regionally).

The one transaction per person hurts this deal for many because of the time it takes to drive to locations for only $300 worth. Most locations will be on high alert for hoarders due to last week’s fiasco. Last week’s promo hurt this week. Would have been much better if it was the old way of 2 bonuses per transaction. If it’s hard coded then buying $600 will still only give you $15 off plus cc points. There’s better promotions this week to spend my time on, but I’ll stop by my closest location to verify transaction limits.

[…] CONFIRMED: More 5X – $15 rebate on $300 in Visa Gift Cards coming to Office Depot/Office Max on Su…: We have confirmed that this deal will be live in store starting today. While it will be scheduled to end on Saturday, we don’t know if it will be pulled early like last week’s deal. Limit 1 per transaction, 1 transaction per person. […]


Hey – does anyone want to buy some cheapass Nieman Marcus gift cards?


If reports come to fruition on Sunday, I will buy the FiveBacks even with $6.95 fees because I can bring them to next door Lowes to buy the DE/GE VGCs. The add’l $2 I’ll pay with be offset by the instant discount and INK+/SimplyCash rewards. Then I’ll drain them to MOs at the neighborhood market across the street.

Crossing my fingers we got a deal this Sunday : )


sounds you live in a MS friendly area. how nice!


It’s common for some of us to do that round about time consuming way to ms stack (we’ve been at it a while so nothing new). But, it’s not for everyone depends on location, cashiers, mo friendly area and time on your hands.


I just saw next week’s ad and it is not in there. This is a rumor started by another blog who also questioned it since it came from a reader who claimed an employee showed them the ad (could have been an old ad that had the promotion in it = late April Fools joke.) We shall see.


I agree. I also took a look at next week’s ad and there is nothing in it about the Visa gift card deal. The ad is on their website for all to see.

[…] according to Frequent Miler, a reader has been tipped off that the company will be running a Visa gift card promotion beginning […]

John P

current deal was great. 100-20+5.95=85.95 for 100.
Bought this several times on Monday – Wednesday using Chase Ink.
Best deal I have experienced yet. 14.05 per 100 plus 5x miles x ten transactions in total!


you are real green if this is the best deal youve ever experienced


His previous best deal ever was a Groupon.


Pay no attention to the dickwads John – “Nice Catch” on the Office Max deal!


OD sells Visa gift cards that are “dining”, “apparel”, “grocery” , “apparel” everywhere, etc. These cards are 4.95 each and can be used anywhere. not just for the designated spending.
I bought them the last time just offer was in place. They worked just fine to get money orders at a grocery store, regardless of where the “everywhere” spending was suppose to take place.




Definitely be wary with those “everywhere” cards, buy a single one with a small amount and test it at your liquidation place before going all in. I have used mass amounts of Grocery & Dining Everywhere cards at Walmart loading serve/bb as well as money orders successfully. Style Everywhere on the other hand does not work. Never seen the apparel ones before.


neither does apparel or movies.

Jonathan S

I wonder if they pulled the recent MasterCard 10 off of 50 promo because of all the fraud going on. A lot of people were buying cards that didn’t have any remaining balance.

I’m hoping that the Visa prepaid cards are more resilient to that kind of fraud.


If the Visa card offer begins this upcoming Sunday, it would likely expire on April 15, not April 22 (as mentioned in the article).


I guess we’ll have to see. Not a good sign that they prematurely pulled the Mastercard promo. If they did that, logic suggests they won’t like the sales results of a Visa gift card promo, and that one would be pulled before it even begins.


This promo is very typicall and we see it all the time and will have nothing to do w the mastercard promo of $10 of $50 which is much more rare. So this will not get pulled as you predict.