(Update: Now available on desktop) 6% back at GiftCards.com via Capital One Shopping app


Update 8/1/22: This deal is now available as a Capital One Offer to Capital One cardholders without having to go through the Capital One Shopping app. In order to find the offer, log-in to your account, go to “Capital One Offers” in the bottom-right corner and click-through to the display of all of the offers. Type “giftcards.com” in the search bar and the offer should come up.

The Capital One Shopping app, which is open to anyone (regardless of whether or not you have a Capital One account), is offering 6% cash back at GiftCards.com. It is possible that this deal is targeted or that you must sign in to the app to activate it. Either way, this can be a solid deal if it tracks properly.

The Deal

  • The Capital One Shopping app for Android and Apple is offering 6% back at GiftCards.com. This promotion may be targeted.
    • Link to Android app
    • Link to Apple app

Quick Thoughts

Six percent back on some brands could be a good deal on its own, though I imagine that most interest will be in Visa or Mastercard gift cards. Whether or not this tracks as expected is anybody’s guess. Some comments at Doctor of Credit indicate difficult with tracking. Most of my own purchases (not for gift cards) through the Capital One Shopping portal have tracked without issue. Keep in mind though that cash back earned via Capital One shopping can only be redeemed in the form of 3rd party gift cards, not actual cash back.

H/T: GC Galore

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6% in app, 3% online for me

[…] Update 8/1/22: Deal is now available on desktop as well. Hat tip to FM […]


please put warning that many transactions do not track. i learnt the hard way and bought more then i should have assuming will get cashback.

Last edited 9 days ago by slaven

i’ve been using their shopping portal for cashback on & off over past year and most transactions do not track.


It’s definitely targeted.


this is killing me… I just place a (barely under) $2000 order YESTERDAY with them so that I could get my (almost) 6000 AA Loyalty Points.

6% back would have been nice.


Is this stackable with the AA shopping portal? I thought you have to go through the Capital One portal.


Yes, exactly.

BTW… a tip:

Doing this monthly is working out well, and I’ve already made AA EP status for FY2023 using this and some other purchases that are multiplied (and a few flights too).

BUT… when purchasing at giftcards.com, make sure that you ONLY purchase $1925.00 in cards.

WHY: They charge fees and shipping… and those bring you up to $1980.35

So, you qualify, and you get your 5915 Loyalty points on the 3x bonus, and then an additional 1980 Loyaty points if purchased on an AA affiliated CC, for a total of 7895 loyalty points. Per month.

Doing this monthly means 94740 Loyalty Points per year.


HOWEVER… if you DO buy $2000, AND they charge fees and shipping THEN you are over $2000… and you get NOTHING.

So, as always, read the fine print.


Thank you for the warning about the $2000 limit… but
$664 (2.875%) in fees and nearly $24,000 in gift cards just for EP status? Can I ask which gift cards you buy? It would obviously need to be something you can immediately spend/redeem. Visa/MC generic cards?

Last edited 5 days ago by Sean

Actually, that’s “… just towards EP status”. EP is 200K.

I have found two options that I use:

1) Virtual Visa card – Delivered by email immediately
2) Physical Visa CC – takes about a week.

The max per card (either virtual or physical) is $250.

You can carry the physical Visa card(s) and use it as you would at any place that takes Visa. I have done that in person (grocery stores, gas, etc), and gave the numbers over the phone (when getting an RV repaired), and I had no problems with it being accepted.

The virtual Visa is great for loading up my Amazon account. Since we have Prime, it’s easily used and that way everything I buy on Amazon gets me 4x.

You could use either to prepay any of your utilities or other regular monthly spending and ensure that you get AA LP’s.

Finally, if you use the physical card, you will rarely make exactly a $250 purchase. If you have $$ left on the card, you can first validate what you have left on giftcards.com, and then throw that small amount onto Amazon, or make your favorite tax deduction.

And no, I didn’t make EP on just that. I’ve taken a few flights as well… but using simplymiles and aadvantageeshopping. really helps. Especially if you use these cards to make the purchases that get you additional multipliers or really big rewards (example: AT&T fiber was cheap, got me 6500 LP’s and has no required contract / fulfilment)

Once you start this you think you won’t get 200K quickly, but it was surprising how fast it all added up.